Few Avoidable Mistakes Most CA Students Fail to Avoid

Few Avoidable Mistakes Most CA Students Fail to Avoid

Hello Friends, worried for the CA exams. Definitely you will be, after all CA is  not an easy course. It needs a lot of HARD WORK and patience. After exams, only few students clear this exam. Result of Final generally lies upto 10% (max).


With the increase in levels the difficulty level also increases. Entrance exam CA Foundation is very easy. However, CA Intermediate and Final are very difficult. And maintaining your study which the practical training is also Damn tough. If you were even a topper in your school or college, then also you might have faced failure in CA exams.  Still there are some students who clear this exam in first attempt.  

But friends, these are not exceptions. What they did which made them exception? You have also studied a lot. Still result was not in your favour. But may be your friend cleared this exam. Why???? So many such type of questions are moving in your brain.

Many students have a thought that ICAI has a power to redirect your marks.” But friends may i know one thing, that there was not a single student who become Chartered Accountant in your exam. If your answer is no, that means there was even a single student who become Chartered Accountant in your exam till that day you can’t blame ICAI. Because that was also part of your crowd once. So, stop criticizing ICAI, open up your books and double your efforts”.

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May be this is your 2nd attempt or 4th attempt or may be 10th attempt. Still don’t loose hope, you are not alone in this journey, many students are facing more worse situations than yours. May be they have to do the job to support their families, or to continue their studies, possibly some are housewives, they have to manage their studies along with their household works. But think, still they are working hard to achieve this degree. If they can do this then you can also do this friends. Everything is possible. What is impossible is JUST NOTHING.

We are sharing with you few things which most CA students fail to avoid-

  1. Dummy Articleship Never ever do this. Articleship is most important part of entire CA career. This is also called as Golden period in a journey of a CA student. Practical Knowledge is important as much as studying the books or even more important. CA papers especially Auditing or Direct Tax are designed in such a way that it test your practical Knowledge. And if you had a dummy training then you cannot gather this knowledge from books.
    So, be regular in your articleship.
  2. Not Managing study with Training–  This situation has seen most of the times. Students think that they have ample time of three years. They will easily prepare. But friends it is not necessary that you will get time tomorrow. As the time passes, you will be a senior article in your office, resultant your work load increases, your timing increases. You have to start from today, and make a schedule so that your entire course will get complete during your training period. Set your goals and whatever the situation will be, strictly fulfill them.  And when you will get the preparation leave, only revision should be left.
  3. Not regular in the classes- Most of the students commit this mistake. Skipping your classes can drop you in a big trouble. You are joining classes for your own sake. There is no such compulsory attendance criteria.It has been seen many times, students thought let complete the classes first, after that we will start studying but it is not even possible. The concept can remain in your mind if you revise it within 24 hours. You will get a huge problem if you start the subject after completion of the classes. You will not even recall the concepts.So, it would be better to be regular with your classes. Daily revise the things, and also solve the questions related to them.
  4. Ignoring the ICAI Practice Manual- Friends, as an when you are completed with a chapter. Start practising questions from the practice manual. You must have completed the questions given in your compilers provided by the coachings but still you should go through the practice manual provided by the ICAI. It not only makes you practice a lot questions but also gives you presentation idea. Seeing the past attempts more than 50% of the paper in AMA covers from the practice manual. Financial Reporting, SFM practice manual also covers a major portion in paper.  Audit, DT, IDT, Law, ISCA helps you in presenting the answers in exam a lot. I am not asking you to go through the entire study material, RTPs MTPs, or past 8-10 attempt papers. Obviously, it is not possible for everyone. Just go through the practice manuals.
  5. No proper execution of plans- Problem with everyone. We all are good in planning. Every next day we prepare a new and efficient plan. But what actually lack is its execution. This is the main reason of our failure. Until you don’t strict to our plans, you cannot achieve the success. Do not leave anything on tomorrow. Unless it is impossible try to complete it today. There is no such thing tomorrow and impossible itself says i m possible.
  6. No proper Presentation of answers – Presentation matters a lot in CA exams. May be, you will not be able to attempt the full paper but what you are writing and how you are writing, it matters.  The answers you are writing must show its quality.
  7. No proper self analysis – This happens with many students although after covering the entire course they could perform well in exam. This happens because they appear directly appear in exam not analysing themselves. This should not be done friends, You should attempt at least three  papers at home. By doing this you will able to know where are you weak at, you can improve your silly mistakes, manage your as papers in CA Final are very lengthy.
  8. Not solving the question by writing  – Guys please don’t do this. Due to lack of time, what major people actually do is they do not solve the questions in writing, they solve the entire question on their calculator.  Biggest Mistake, if you do not solve the questions at paper you will get confuse how to present the answers. In your theory subjects, you can grab the presentation skills by reading more and more questions. But if you are going to solve the practical part you have to do them at least thrice at paper.
  9. Too much stress – We can understand friends that how failure makes you feel. And in passion to clear the upcoming examinations you are so stressed. Stress upto a level is good. If you do not take a load then it would be difficult to clear the exam. But stress beyond a level is harmful. Due to the stress there will be chances that you may get ill or not perform the questions even you have read them. So, be cool and confidently give your paper.Give your 100% then ICAI will give you 50% and we need only 50% to crack this exam.
  10. Not clear between the Single group and Both group –  It depends on you and your caliber. How much you can handle, how much time is left with you. Nobody can analyze you better than yourself. Many times it happens that students after getting leaves for their final exams start preparation for both groups even if they had not completed it before and shift to single group just a month before the exams.. Taking the advices that 2 months are enough for one group. But friends it is not true, they must have completed their course at least once before availing leaves and only revision part is left. Or possibly they have completed the entire course in such short duration, but these are exception. Every student can’t do this. Take your time  and decide whether you can attempt both the groups and if not, then strictly focus on single group from the first day. You will definitely crack this exam.
  11. Analyse your Mistake – Again and again you are repeating same thing cannot take you to success. Analysis your mistakes is very important. Read the suggested answers. Compare your answers with them. Is still  you are not clear then you can call your answer sheets for inspection. Either analyse it by yourself or get help of some teacher.

I am sure friends that above points will definitely help you in clearing this exam. And also there are some students who got RANK after facing taste of FAILURE. If they can do it, you can also do it. The only thing you have to bring inside is PASSION. Do not let it be just a course or a dream. Make it your passion. And CA is not your life, it is just a part of your life. Still so many things are waiting for you. You have a long journey and this is just a beginning.

There are so many examples like Bollywood actress Arshin. She is a Chartered Accountant, and had also taste the failure in CA Exams, but she did not quit because of a thought in her mind that once she quit, she will always quit in her life due to the fear of failure.

Another example in this list is SHAILEE CHOUDHARY. She is 1st rank holder in MAY 2015 examinations. But this was not her first attempt. She actually failed in NOV 2014. And also she cleared her first group of IPCC with very average marks and second group in 5th attempt. But what she has never done is QUIT. She never gave up. And create an example for every student and become an inspiration of thousands of students.

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