Hello Friends, are you going to appear for CA Foundation 2023 Exams. Quite nervous, quite scared. Facing different emotions. And of course, you will face such emotions because Chartered Accountancy is considered as one of the toughest courses. here we have shared some with you very useful subject-wise CA foundation preparation strategies to help you out in your exams.

Your next few months going to be a successful Journey, You have to set your mind like this If you want to clear CA foundation with 100% certainty and also remember you are not the only one who is on this Journey. So always keep these 10 success tips in mind. These tips will always keep you on track and will help you get a positive score in your CA Foundation result.

CA Foundation will help to select the students in a more better manner than earlier. And there will be very less probability that students who entered in this course could not get the CA degree.

Currently, CPT is an MCQ-based paper pattern. However, CA Foundation will be partially subjective and partially objective.  Now, your presentation and writing skills will also play an important part in the upcoming exams. The last date for registration in CA Foundation exams is 31st December and 30 June. Let’s start preparation from this date assuming you get registered in this course on the last date.

Now, you have four months to prepare for CA foundationexam. No doubt, there is no substitute for hard work. But guys, hard work will not work if it is not accompanied by a good strategy. You have four subjects and 120 days. Below we have provide ca foundation papers preparation plan which is followed by CA Foundation Toppers also.

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CA Foundation Subjective Wise Preparation Plan

Paper 1

Subject – Principles and Practices of Accounting 
Exam Type – Subjective
Maximum Marks – 100

From the four subjects, you must be very familiar with “Principles and Practices of Accounting”. This is the first paper and basic subject if you are from the commerce background.

The best part is that it conducts for the full 100 marks. You can score high on this subject and make this subject as much strength as you will not have to bother with your aggregate percentage.

You can practice this subject on a daily basis. And if you are a commerce student then its practice on daily basis will also help you to get a good score in 12th  standard also.

Paper 2 

Subject – Business Laws, and Business Correspondence and Reporting
Exam Type – Subjective
Maximum Marks – 60+40

The second paper is divided into two parts business laws and business correspondence and reporting.

If we talk about the first subject, that is Business Laws, it will be a new subject for the students who are appearing in CA Foundation directly after 12th. But don’t worry, because this gives you a basic understanding of the General Laws prevailing in our country. And whether you are appearing for CA course or not, you should have a basic idea of these laws. This Subject is part of paper -2 and will carry 60 marks.

This is a complete theory subject and very interesting to read. As we already told you this gives you a basic idea of the general laws prevailing in our country.

And this will be going to be subjective paper, so you will have to work hard on your presentation. Otherwise, the learning part is easy. But you need to revise it on a daily basis.

Next subject we will discuss Business Correspondence and Reporting. In general terms, we can call it by “General English”. This subject is newly inserted by the ICAI in CA Foundation as per the revised scheme. This is introduced after seeing the demand for Good Communication Skills of CA’s in Today’s Era. It is also a general Subject, basics of what we studied in our school life.

This is a part of PAPER – 2 and will carry 40 marks in  2nd paper.

The score in this paper could be high as much as you want and if you are from the English medium, it will be like butter in your milk.  You can practice this subject on alternate days. Minimum 3 days you should give on this subject in a week for at least 2 hours.

Paper – 3

Subject –  Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, Business Statistics
Exam Type – Objective
Maximum Marks – 40+20+40

The First subject came around is Business Mathematics. This is a part of Paper -3 and carries 40 marks. However, the course in this subject is also similar exactly to what you have gone through in 11th and 12th standards if you were a Maths Student either in Commerce and Science.

But if you are not Maths student then this subject can be really challenging for you. However, this will be an objective type paper, so you can score on this subject by more and more practice. ICAI will provide you the MCQ based books along with your study material of CA Foundation. From that, you can analyze yourself by doing one paper on a daily basis.

The next part of the paper -3 is the Logical Reasoning which will carry 20 Marks. The course in this part is very general and similar to what we have studied upto 10th class. Scoring in this part is far easy compared to the above part.  More and More practice of the MCQ based questions can flow you in a perfect direction.

Next part you will have to deal with is Statistics in Paper-3. This also contains a general part what you have studied upto 10th standard. However, there is a big probability that your calculation will go wrong in the secondary classes. But, in CA exams with the use of the calculator, you can easily solve such sums.

The students who are from the Non-Maths background can score in this subject by scoring in Logical Reasoning and statistics.

Paper 4

Subject- Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge
Exam Type – Objective
Maximum Marks – 60+40

The next subject came across is Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge.

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Business Economics will carry 60 Marks. You have already undergone its complete syllabus in your senior secondary classes if you are from a commerce background. Scoring in this subject will also be easy. As this will be objective paper so you can practice the questions from the ICAI module papers.

The next part of this subject is Business and Commercial Knowledge. This is a newly introduced subject by the ICAI in CA Foundation course. This will give you a basic understanding of the business. This Subject will carry 40 marks in Paper – 4.

If you are good in Business studies in your senior secondary classes or you have chosen subjects like entrepreneurship in senior secondary classes, then this subject can help you in scoring good marks in CA Foundation.

As this is a very much theoretical part, so you can start this subject at the last and clarity of the concepts is essential. Learning work is not much required.

Friends, one thing you should always keep in your mind that last month is all about revision. Do the revision at least three times before exam. And one month is more than enough only for the revision purpose.  Apart from the last month, you still have three months that means approx 22 days for each subject.

You can start reading with the subjects which are new for you like Business Laws or Business and Commercial Knowledge. And you should daily practice one paper of either Accounting or Business mathematics, statistics, logical reasoning. So, that you can grab a command on these subjects. These are very much scoring subjects.

Guys, if you stick to only one subject for the whole day or the for the whole 20 days. Then, this will be wasting your time. You can start with 2 subjects or more and try to complete them within the above mention time. By switching over the subjects in a single day, will have you to complete the course much faster and you will also not get bored with the same subject. And if you take regularly all the subjects, then its revision would also not consume much time.

So, try to complete the subjects on alternate days basis. Two on MWF and the remaining two on TTS basis.

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