Aspiring CA students have already registered for the CA final course, and undergoing Practical training is required to do compulsory ICITSS. The meritorious student is required to complete it during their studying for 2.5 years of Practical training before appearing for the CA Final Examination. The CA Final students must undergo a plan to execute and pass the courses ICITSS/ MCS so that it doesn’t coincide with each other. Students are required to plan for the ICITSS course compulsory, otherwise, they’re not permitted to sit in the CA final exam.

Beware, students, you have the guts, so go for mandatory Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (ICITSS) for approximately a month, so that it turns to glory at some point of time in making your precious career.

Download the CA Final Paper with suggested answers.

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Registration for ICITSS

For registration purposes, there are 2 courses in ICITSS. First, Management & Communication Skills Course (MCS) and the next, Course on Advanced Information Technology. You have to register via., an online portal for registration separately for specific courses. Never wait, take a firm decision that you will have to complete it within the stipulated time frame before the final CA Examination. Enrolment is done on a ‘First come, first serve’ basis.

Abide by the steps to registration:

  • Login with your full particulars in any portals online as you like:  

Follow the instructions as guided by the Authority

  • Register for a particular batch for authentic registration issued by Programme Organising Unit (POU).
  • Make Online Payment using Debit or Credit Card.
  • You’ll receive an Acknowledgement Slip after all completing payment for Registration, keeping a printout for your record, and obtaining an Admit Card.
  • Submit the Acknowledgement Slip along with related documents. mentioned in it to the concerned POU prior 4 days before commencing the batch.
  • On verification, the concerned POU will finally issue a confirmation of your genuine registration for ICITSS.

You have an option to transfer the batch as per your choice. As shown above courses, you’ll obtain the completion certificate online, you may take a printout from your local cybercafé if you desire.

Also Check CMA Salary in India and download the CA Intermediate Paper with answer.

ICITSS Training Centres

There are various ICITSS training centres all across the country. Choose one that’s nearest to you, of course!

 2 Mandatory Courses of ICITSS

The two are also equally mandatory courses in ICITSS are given below, you’ll have to register and pass out for both courses.

  • Management and Communication Skills Course (MCS)
  • Course on Advanced Information Technology

Synopsis of Advanced Information Technology Course

The fundamental of the course is

  • Development of practical skills in understanding the ERP environments using IT in Auditing.
  • Understanding the significance of IT General Controls (ITGCs) and the importance of assessment of application controls with access rights in ERP controls.
  • Focused training is provided in Tally usage based on application software for a growing professional accountant.
  • Functionalities of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), MS Excel as Audit Tool and advanced features of Electronic Spreadsheet, DBMS, and Auditing in ERP Environment, etc.

The above course is taught in class. These classes are for 6 hours per day for 15 working days.

The total fee allocated per student is Rs. 7500/- (inclusive of necessary study materials and refreshment).

Now about the Syllabus of ICITSS.

Unit-1 Auditing in an ERP Environment

  • Chapter-1 Auditing in ERP Environment-Overview
  • Chapter-2 Information Technology General Controls (ITGCs)
  • Chapter-3 Automated Application Controls
  • Chapter-4 Segregation of Duties and Sensitive Accesses
  • Chapter-5 System-Generated Reports
  • Chapter-6 System implementation and Data Migration Review
  • Chapter-7 Non-Standard Journal Entries

Unit-2 Database Application Using MS-Access

  • Chapter-1 Advanced SQL Queries
  • Chapter 2 Designing Forms and Reports
  • Chapter-3 Building Criteria Expressions
  • Chapter-4 Macros and Switchboards

Unit-3 Advance Excel

  • Chapter-1 Working With XML
  • Chapter-2 Advances in Macros
  • Chapter-3 Applied Financial Analysis & Forecasting Financial Statements
  • Chapter-4 Mathematical & Statistical Tools for Financial Analysis
  • Chapter-5 Application of MS-Excel

Unit-4 MS-Excel as Audit Tool

  • 1st Chapter – Introduction to MS Excel as an Audit Tool
  • 2nd Chapter – Useful Functions for Auditing
  • 3rd Chapter – Formula Auditing
  • 4th Chapter – Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables

Unit – 5 Enterprise Resource Planning

  • 1st Chapter – ERP Overview
  • 2nd Chapter – ERP Implementation
  • 3rd Chapter –
    • i) ERP Control & Audit -Part – A
    • ii) ERP Control & Audit – Part – B
  • Chapter 4 E -Filing


Yes, Final Year students make an optimistic decision on the right way to complete the course on ICITSS before your final examination. Everything about Chartered Accountancy will become crystal clear with the growing knowledge and your experience and expertise in the subjects will put you as a frontrunner in building a solid career either in business consultation or in service. ICITSS will make your dream come true as a vivid Chartered Accountant in the country.

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