Hello Friends!! 12th Board exams are on their way CBSE has released the class 12 date sheet. Are you ready for it? Only one month has been left. You must be worried about how to revise such a vast course in just one month. Or should we utilize it for practicing the past exam papers instead of completing the remaining topics? Or how can we make ourselves study for long hours? Or How can we score 80% and above marks in 12th Boards? Being an average student, is that possible to achieve merit on boards?

There must be so many questions roaming in your mind. Hence, We have prepared this content which can give you the best possible study tips for the last month to score high in your 12th board exams.

Before starting the study tips let me clear that if you are targeting to score 80%, prepare yourself for 90%, or want to score 90% then prepare yourself for the first rank. Your efforts should always be higher than your target so that if you could not achieve the result according to your hard work, you won’t regret seeing your result in the future.


Let’s start with the study tips for the last month of your Board Exams –

1. Prepare the Timetable –

Are you thinking about the study timetable? Ohh No..No..No!!! We are talking only about the revision timetable, just for the last month. Last month is the most crucial time for any of the exams. Here, you will be going to face a “Do or Die” situation.

Plan a timetable that covers the revision of each and every subject in an accurate manner. Allot a number of days for each subject. Pick the subject and complete it. Also, revision should be very smartly planned. Such as, pick the last subjects at first and the first subject at last. So that you will retain the topics for a long and perform better.

2. Cover Your Syllabus Books First –

Well!! We are not saying “no” to your reference books but the syllabus books should always be on the top priority. At the board level, the examiner usually asks the questions from your prescribed textbooks only. Hence, assure yourself that you have to cover each and every aspect of your syllabus books.

3. Practice Past Exam Papers –

The only way to succeed is to Practice, Practice, and Practice. Understanding and Reading the concepts is not enough to get you a high score in the 12th Board Exams. “Knowledge is of no value until you put it into practice”.

In the last month instead of going for the new topics, you should try to solve the past 5 examination papers. Solving such papers can prepare you for the Final exam.

It can increase your writing speed which is required in your Final Exam. Understand the type of questions usually asked in the 12th Board and the best part is that you will find a number of questions repeated over the years.

4. Figure Out the Important Topics –

Don’t conclude that I used to do a selective study. This is your board exams so everything is important but still, there are some topics that need to be more focused on than others.

As this is the last month of your exam, therefore, each moment is crucial for you and you can’t afford to waste a single minute on irrelevant topics. Hence, figure out certain topics, formulas that are important for your Exam and prepare them by heart. Either your mentor can guide you about such topics or you may refer to past year papers for such.

5. Pick your Weak Points First –

Let me share with you a student’s experience, he was good in Accounts but missed a few classes of Partnership Accounts and resultant leave that topic in his 12th Board Exams. But, you won’t believe that he found a 10 marks question from that chapter, and because of that, he loses the highest scorer tag in his school.

So, never ignore your weak topics. Instead, we should cover our weak topics at first because it boosts our confidence that if I can do this, I can do anything.

6. Take Short Breaks –  

We always prefer and advise my students to take short breaks while studying. Because continuous sitting can make your preparation boring and decrease your efficiency to grab the things. So, take a break of 5 minutes after every 25 minutes of the study period. This will increase your efficiency to learn things quickly.

Simply take a walk or listen to short music without lyrics to relax your mind.

7. Keep the Theory for Early Morning –

Early morning time is considered the best time to learn things because you are fresh and study without any interruption. You can amazingly concentrate on your studies better than rest of the day.

So, try to sleep early and also wake up early.

These are some of the exam tips which can help you to attain a good score in your 12th board exams. Hope you find it useful so stay in tune with us for more such useful articles. Students can also drop their queries in the comment box given below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is NCERT enough for the preparation of the CBSE class 12 board exams?

Ans:  Yes, NCERT is the best book for the preparation of the CBSE class 12 board exams. NCERT book covers all the topics of the updated syllabus and provides detailed information on each topic. Also, the language of the book is easy to understand. 


Q2. How can a student score a good percentage in their board exam?

Ans: if students follow the above-given tips then they can easily score a good percentage in their board exams. 


Q3. How can I prepare for the board exams in the 30 days before the board exams?

Ans: Tips are given above on this page to prepare for the board exams in the last 30 days of the exam. 

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