Is it Mandatory to Write Section Numbers of Acts in CA IPCC Law Paper ?

is it mandatory to write section numbers

I have seen plenty of students getting confused whether to quote section number on paper or not. How to make a correct approach for IPCC law paper presentation?  Whether ICAI made quitting section number mandatory in the paper? Or does it help in scoring good marks? Does it impact your presentation?  What about when you are not sure about section number? Should we write or not?

Well, you are not alone who are looking for such answers. Through this article, we are sharing you the answer to all such questions. and clearing the confusion about whether you should write the section numbers of acts in CA IPCC law paper or not. 

Q1. Whether ICAI made it mandatory to quote section numbers in the IPCC law paper?

Ans. At the IPCC level, ICAI did not make it mandatory to quote section number or name of case law along with the answer. But at the CA Final level, ICAI guidelines clearly states it is mandatory to quote section number with the answer.

Q2. Does writing section numbers in the CA IPCC law paper help in Scoring good Marks?

Ans. It is not mandatory to quote section number in the answer but it impacts your score. Writing answer along with section number reflects your knowledge and it helps in scoring better marks. If you want to score higher than others then you should present your answer with the section number and case law.

Q3. What if, when we are not sure about section number?

Ans. Teachers suggest that if you are not sure, then don’t dare to quote section number along with the solution. It irritates your examiner and the chances of losing marks are higher than scoring. Either, you can start with “ As the relevant section of “Act Name”……

Q4. How to remember section number?

Ans. You may find it a bit difficult to learn section number in starting but trust me, friends, as soon as you started understanding the relevant provisions it will be so easy to recall sections along with the provision. After 2 – 3 proper reading you will be confident enough to write the answers in exam along with section number.

Q5. What should we refer to the correct law paper presentation?

Ans. These are CA Exams so everything is important, you can’t skip a single topic but I personally observed that at the IPCC level, ICAI has a tendency to ask many questions directly from the Practice Manual. So, if you want to learn minimum answers along with sections you can refer Practice Manual.

Conclusion –

ICAI has not made it mandatory to quote section numbers in the exam paper so if you are not comfortable in writing section number then skip it. Nobody is going to deduct your marks in respect of not writing section number. But if you want to score high or better then others then you should definitely quote section number as it leads a very positive impression on the examiner which helps you in scoring good marks.

However, where the CA Final students are considered, it is mandatory for them to write section numbers as well as case laws along with the solution.

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