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Grab the Amazing Opportunity with the Fabulous Job for CA in India

Chartered Accountancy is one of India’s overall pursued purposes for living. In any case, subsequently, it is moreover the most extreme calling. Essentially, to stand out from the gathering, you might require a divine blessing that will help you with getting selected for a prime optimistic opportunity after completing the CA course. As such, if you have truly completed CA, and are thinking of making your dream career big, then you glance through the article and follow the magic of “Seven Heaven” steps.  Yes, for the prospective job offer and prosperous opportunity knocking with a few clues to get picked in

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Current Top Technology Trends in Education- CA Wizard

Technology plays a major role in education. There are numerous technology trends that have surfaced in this new decade like video learning, Artificial Intelligence and BlockChain Etc. Some of the major technology trends in education are Big Data, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Although now distance learning or e-learning has taken a front seat and will be a major trend in 2022. Many students could not go back to college and schools, leading to online distance learning as the only option available. Any hardware and software advancement in technology for modern education is Educational Technology. Edtech is

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How to Concentrate in Studies for Long Hours

Are you facing trouble in concentrating on your studies? Well, don’t worry! It happens with most of the students. To know how to concentrate on your studies, read this article. Students need to work on their study patterns to concentrate on their studies; just try to study in a place free of distractions, try some new technique, etc. Students must try to come up with an effective study plan. They must experiment until they find what works for them. With the right study set up, concentrating should be easier for students. Therefore, to know how to concentrate on studies for

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Commerce Vs Science: Why Choose Commerce Over Science

Commerce vs Science: The question of commerce or science, which stream to choose amongst them is very debating. And, a definite conclusion of which stream students must choose after completing the 10th exam is yet to decide. Science is defined as the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiments. Whereas, Commerce is a study of trade and business activities such as the exchange of goods and services from the producer to the final consumer. In the recent era, most of the students prefer to opt

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What is Commerce As A Subject and Its Benefits?

After clearing the 10th board exams, students must have faced a very prominent question to select a particular stream. The Higher Secondary class 10th board opens up possibilities for students to select your option for their career plan. Students therefore trying to find the best courses for themselves after completing the 10th exams then they would opt for commerce as a subject. Commerce stream is one of the well-structured courses for students to start their career plan. The main factor of the Commerce stream is the diversity that it offers. If students are excellent at dealing with big numbers, data, have

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Top 5 Strategies To Know How To Revise For Upcoming Exams 2021-22

How to revise for exams is a very big question for every student. Exam time is very difficult for students. Studying and then revising the entire syllabus is the easiest way to avail success in the examinations. However, for students is it difficult to know to revise for exams, how to manage time to prepare for exams, etc.  CA Wizard, therefore, offers the top five strategies to know how to do revision for exams, based on experience and expert opinion to help students to do revision for board exams, competitive exams, government exams, etc.  From this article, students will get

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Best Career Guidance After 12th Board Exams 2021-22

Once class 12 board exams are over, students have to clear another big hurdle for them. They had to choose the best career after the completion of class 12th. Students face tough times in choosing their career after their 12th. Students get confused about whether they should go for their passion or stick to the guardian’s advice. Students must choose a career which will provide them a good salary, growth prospect, job security, and many more such benefits.  CA Wizard is an online educational platform that provides the best career guidance after the 12th board exams. There are various high

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How to Prepare for Class 12 Board Exams 2021-22

“The earlier you start working on something, the better you will see results.” How to prepare for class 12 board exams is very stressful for students. Class 12 board exams are one of the most important exams for students. It gives an impactful impression on students’ mental health. The key to success for class 12 board exams is to study smarter and in a proper manner. Studying not in a focused way or just grasping the lessons will not help students to prepare well for the class 12 board exams.  CA Wizard is an online educational platform that is a

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Top 10 Study Tips for Students To Study Smarter in 2021-22

Preparing for exams 2021-22? Here we have study tips for students to become smarter for their exams. Students can not just study a night before the examination day. Students should develop good study habits. The soon students will get into a study phase, it will make the study easier and increase the chances of getting good marks in the exams.  Educators and researchers have researched the study tips for years. CA Wizard has come up with the top 10 study tips for students to study more in an efficient manner. Students who follow the CA Wizard study tips and methods

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Benefits of Online Classes for Students in 2021-22

The Covid-19 pandemic has made a major impact in the education sector during this session. Due to this situation, students were forced to sit down at their home and lose their valuable time in their education. A most important factor for a student’s life is that they must have a set routine including their school, coaching or tuition classes, co-curricular activities, homework, and many more. But due to the pandemic, the entire routine of the students has been disturbed.  Students of school or colleges, or students preparing for any competitive exam, government exams, etc can now avail the benefits of