CA Foundation Maths 2022- Syllabus, Weightage and Study Tips

CA Foundation Maths 2022:Are you getting the problem in your CA Foundation Business Mathematics Papers? Don’t worry after going through this article you will clear all your doubts regarding CA Foundation maths 2022, below we are going to discuss the CA Foundation Maths subjects, CA Foundation Maths papers, CA Foundation maths exam pattern, CA Foundation Maths marking scheme along with we will also give you assistance in your CA Foundation Maths 2022preparation by providing you CA Foundation Maths previous year question papers, CA Foundation Maths mock test papers and scanner which will help you to score excellent marks in your CA Foundation Nov 2022 Maths examination.

CA Foundation is the first milestone that a Chartered Accountant student has to achieve. After clearing CA Foundation Examination students are entitled to appear in the CA Intermediate Examination. CA Foundation examination is divided into 4 different subjects based on the objective and subjective type of 100 marks each. Among all the 4 subjects of CA Foundation Maths is considered as one of the toughest subjects. Maths required a lot of focus concentration, although maths is a new bee to those who skip maths in class 11th and class 12th. Maths is a subject where most of the students commit the major mistake and it is the main reason for getting low marks in your CA Foundation Examination.

You can even get the details about the CA Foundation Maths 2022 Examination and for those who are thinking that the CA Foundation maths is difficult. Don’t worry after reading this your misconception will be clear after going through this whole articles.

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CA Foundation Maths: Subject Overview

CA Foundation Business mathematics paper is divided into 4 subjects, one of the interesting subjects among them is Maths, Logical reasoning, and Statistics. This particular subject is divided into 3 subsections of the different subjects.

  • CA Foundation Business Mathematics: 40 Marks
  • CA Foundation Logical Reasoning: 20 Marks
  • CA Foundation Statistics: 40 Marks

Why you should study Maths in CA Foundation?

CA Foundation Maths plays a vital role in the Foundation Paper. It helps the students in getting an overview of the topics which they find in CA Intermediate and CA Final Examination. Some of the topics of Maths give supports to stats and logical reasoning.

You will also learn the different types of formulas and methods which are pretty useful for your business finance and help you in boosting your logical reasoning aptitude.

CA Foundation Maths 2022 Paper Pattern

Below are all the details about the CA Foundation Business Mathematics Exam pattern 2022 examination

CA Foundation Maths paper type: Objective

CA Foundation Maths Paper marks: 40 Marks

CA Foundation Maths No. of question: 40 MCQ

CA Foundation Maths negative marking: 0.25 Negative marking

CA Foundation Business mathematics, statistics and logical reasoning is objective type paper. Students have to fill the answers on the OMR sheet.

CA Foundation Maths Syllabus 2022

Click Here to Download CA Foundation Business Mathematics syllabus 2022.

Below are the latest syllabus of the CA Foundation Business mathematics issue by the ICAI.

Every year ICAI made some changes to their Syllabus. We have updated it. Students can download CA Foundation Maths 2022 Syllabus PDF from the above link.

CA Foundation Maths syllabus
CA Foundation maths syllabus

CA Foundation Maths weightage 2022

It is necessary for the students to know the Chapter wise weightage of the CA Foundation Examination. It will help students to know where they have to give more focus and which are the topics they need to concentrate on.

Below are the CA Foundation Maths Marks distribution of Business Mathematics, Logical reasoning and statistics.

CA Foundation Business Mathematics Chapter-wise weightage -Check Now

ChapterCA Maths TopicsCA Foundation Maths weightage
Chapter 1-3Ratio and Proportion, Indices and Logarithms Linear Inequalities: Linear Inequalities in one variable and the solution space and optimal solution20% to 30%
Chapter 4Time Value of Money30% to 40%
Chapter 5-8Permutations and Combinations Sets, Relations and Functions Sequence and Series Basic applications of Differential and Integral calculus40% to 50%

CA Foundation Logical Reasoning Marks Weightage 2022

Below is subject wise marks weightage for CA Logical reasoning.

ChapterCA Foundation Logical reasoning chapterCA Foundation Logical reasoning marks weightage
Chapter 9-11Direction Tests Seating Arrangements Number series coding and Decoding and the odd man out60% to 70%
Chapter 12-13Blood relation, syllogism10-15%

CA Foundation Statistics marks weightage 2022

ChapterCA Foundation Statistics ChaptersCA Foundation statistics marks weightage
14 and 15Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion: Mean Median, Mode, Mean Deviation, Quartiles and Quartile Deviation, Standard Deviation, Coefficient of Variation, Coefficient of Quartile DeviationStatistical Representation of Data, Diagrammatic representation of data, Frequency distribution, Graphical representation of Frequency Distribution –Histogram, Frequency, Polygon, Ogive, Pie-chart45% to 50%
16 and 17Probability: Independent and dependent events; mutually exclusive events.25% Total and Compound Probability; Bayes’ theorem; and Mathematical Expectation Theoretical Distribution: Binomial Distribution, Poisson distribution–basic application and Normal Distribution – basic applications25% to 30%

CA Foundation Maths Study Material

Click on the below links to download Study Material for CA Foundation Maths 2022. CA Foundation Study Material helps students a lot during their Examination.

CA Foundation Study Material give guideline to the students. It also helps them to know what the chapter and topics which are going to appear in the examination.

Students are advised to through their CA Foundation Maths Study Material thoroughly before starting their Preparation.

CA Foundation Study Material also help you in preparation for your Examination.

Download Business Mathematics Study Material 2022

Chapter 1: Ratio and Proportion, Indices, Logarithms (Click here)

Chapter 2: Equations and Matrices

Chapter 3: Linear Inequalities (Click here)

Chapter 4: Time Value of Money (Click here)

Chapter 5: Basic Concepts of Permutations and Combination (Click here)

Chapter 6: Sequence and Series – Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions (Click here)

Chapter 7: Sets, Functions and Relations (Click here)

Chapter 8: Basic Concepts of Differential and Integral Calculus

CA Foundation Maths- Previous year question paper/Mock test Papers and revision test papers

Solving previous year Question papers help a lot in scoring good marks during the examination. Previous year question papers help you in understanding the types of questions appearing in the examination. Solving previous year question papers help you in increasing your performance through which you can score good marks in your CA Foundation Examination. For those who thing CA Foundation maths paper is hard tuff they must definitely try solving previous year question answers.

CA Foundation Maths Mock test paper, Revision test paper help you in handling real-life exam situation students. You can start solving your CA Foundation Maths mock test papers, Revision test papers which will definitely makes your CA Foundation Examination preparation strategy strong.

Click on the link to Download CA Foundation Mock test papers, Revision test paper and previous year question papers with answers.

CA Foundation Maths Tips and Tricks / Strategy 2022

Scoring in CA Foundation Maths 2022 is not that difficult as it looks. You just have to follow the Correct study plan if you want to score better.

Follow the below CA Foundation 2022 Tips.

  • Consistency over your preparation is one of the main factors to score good marks in CA Foundation May 2022.
  • Jot down all the important formulas and shortcuts on a chart that help you to remember them every day.
  • For all three subjects, CA business mathematics, CA logical reasoning, and CA statistics are different. Give equal amounts of time to all the subjects.
  • Make yourself familiar with calculators, yes you are allowed to use Calculator in CA Foundation Maths examination.

CA Foundation Maths 2022: Frequently Asked questions

Q1. Is CA Foundation Maths Difficult?

Ans: Yes, CA Foundation Maths is difficult, but at the same time it is scoring. Students just need to give proper time.

Q2. Which subject is most difficult in CA Foundation?

Ans: Obviously, the Law is the most difficult subject in CA Foundation.

Q3. How many marks are for the CA Foundation maths 2022 paper?

Ans: CA Foundation Business Mathematics and logical reasoning & statistics paper is of 100 marks in which CA Foundation Maths paper is of 40 Marks.

Q4. What are the tips for preparing CA Foundation Maths 2022 Examination?

Ans: To clear CA Foundation Maths 2022 Examination students have to be consistent during their preparation. Regularly revising your Formula is one thing a student has to follow. They really want to score marks in CA Foundation maths examination.

Q5. Are calculators allowed in the CA Foundation Maths 2022 Examination?

Ans: Yes calculator is allowed in the CA Foundation Maths.

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