Welcome to the Chartered Accountancy course. You are Registered for the most reputed course in the commerce section. Every student who registers for this course has an aim to become a successful Chartered Accountant and the journey begins with CA Foundation. And if you dream big from the beginning then you will achieve definitely something biggest. The journey is not so easy in this course.

Kuch jee jate h, aur kuch bikhar jate h……

If you want to score good marks in CA Foundation Result, then you really need to work hard. Because friends we all know that entrance level CPC (Common Proficiency Course) is replaced by CA Foundation. Earlier CPT was considered quite easy while the remaining levels in CA Course were always tough. So, in order to fill this gap, an initiative has been taken by ICAI by introducing CA Foundation in place of CPC. However, CA new syllabus has been introduced at every level, but the major impact could be seen on the entrance level i.e. CA Foundation. CPT is an objective-based entrance test and conducts at 200 marks. But the introduction of CA Foundation brings changes in the paper pattern along with the syllabus i.e. in CA Foundation two of the papers will be subjective while the other two will be objective. Also, two new subjects have been introduced in CA foundation Syllabus.

Student, we are giving you a wonderful strategy by which you can hold a fantastic score in CA Foundation. After successfully filling the CA Foundation Application Form students can implement these tips. But this is just a plan, implementation will always from your side. So, without wasting time, let’s start –

Divide your time between two subjects –

 Friends do not read only one subject during the whole day, rather than this you should cover two subjects. It will increase your coverage on the syllabus which you can cover in the meanwhile. If you read only one subject for the whole day it will be a little bit boring. So, you should cover at least two subjects during a day and try to maintain one practical with one theory.

Don’t be overconfident –

We all know that CA Foundation is quite similar to your 11th and 12th standard. So friends , don’t be overconfident that you will need a revision only to clear this exam. As there are also some subjects which are newly introduced and also Corporate Laws from which you have never gone through. So, you have to read these subjects thoroughly. Besides this, if you think that Accounts or Maths is your stronger point and you can easily cover this then don’t waste your time. You can increase your percentage in these subjects. And last but not least this is not 12th std paper, these are CA Exams. Paper will not be at the same level.

Grab a command on using calculator-

Friends, you are new on this journey, so the use of the calculator is also new to you. But friends we all know that calculator is permitted in the CA exams(12 digit calculator).And the paper in CA exams are always lengthy unless you are not aware how to utilise such, what is ICAI expecting from you.  Institute does not want you to do calculations by your hand. It does not want to waste your precious time in such labor work. So, you should know the proper use of the calculator. You should know how to use M+, M-, G buttons. These few buttons can save your very crucial time in the exam.

Do not refer more than one teacher notes-

Best material to study is the only material provided by the ICAI but all the students do not seem comfortable with the ICAI material. In such a scenario, you should not refer more than more teacher’s book. Instead of referring many books you should revise the syllabus many times from the same book. Referring 10 teacher’s book for the same subject can make you confused. So never ever do this.

Cover the Entire syllabus-

Friends you are not reading just to crack this exam. You want to hold a great score in CA Foundation. So, cover each and every topic. Try not to skip any topic. Any single topic can push you back from the highest to lower position.

Improve Presentation-

Yes!!!! Now you will have to improve your presentation skills. This is CA Foundation, not CPT. The only correct answer is not enough, besides giving the correct answer you also need to present your answer in the best possible manner. Because presentation matters a lot in CA Examinations. And two of its papers,  Principals and Practices of Accounting and Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting will be subjective. So, be ready for that.

Revise thoroughly-

Remember friends, that you will be able to perform only up to that portion which you have revised thoroughly. So, give your last two months only to the revision. That means, you have to complete the syllabus at least two months before. Revise minimum two to three times the entire syllabus.

Prepare your notes in Chart Form-

It will be very useful if you prepare your own notes in Chart form. Cover the entire syllabus in those charts. Because you will get a day only to revise before the exam. And these chart will help you a lot to revise the complete syllabus in a single day.

Attempt maximum questions in objective papers-

One correct answer will give you one mark while a wrong answer will snatch your only 0.25 marks. That means one correct answer can cover your 4 wrong answers. So, if you have a doubt in some questions then also try to attempt them. Maybe your guesswork would help you. But always attempt those questions first for which you are confident.

Mock Test Papers-

We would suggest you to attempt at least five past attempt papers. Or if possible to give the mock test papers conducts by ICAI. You will get a feel that you are actually appearing in the exam. In this way, you can find the areas where are you lacking. Get to know about your speed, can work on time management in final exam. Don’t afraid to fail in the MTP’s. Because facing failure in the mock test papers is better than facing failure in the Final examination.

Also, See ICAI CA Foundation Papers.

These are few tips that can push you towards success so that you can score well in your CA Foundation Result.  But as I already said friends we can only suggest you, implementation or execution is always your part. Open up your books and start your studies.

Download the latest CA Foundation Exam Time Table June 2023 Exam and start your preparation for sure success now! Students can also refer the CA Foundation Course Study Material before the examination.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who was the highest score student in the previous CA foundation exam?

Garvit Jain was the topper of the CA foundation exam Dec 2022 by scoring 93.5 percent in the exams.

Q2. How much do CA aspirants score in the CA foundation exam to clear the exam?

CA aspirants should score at least 40% marks in all of their subjects and should score 40% altogether. 


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