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How to Clear CA Foundation With 100% Certainty

CA foundation exam is scheduled in forthcoming months. Most of the students will prepare for foundation but few will clear the exam. Why?… Surely, there is no shortcut to hard work but an apt blend of hard work and smart work can definitely make it possible for candidates to prepare effectively, perform efficiently and score meritoriously in CA foundation.

Here we will be discussing some key points that will make sure you clear CA Foundation with 100% certainty if you follow those points honestly. The article is very detailed and contains lots of useful information so we request you to read it completely.


An effort is an important ingredient for preparation, but knowing where to make an effort makes all the difference.It is good-for-nothing if you have missed 20% of the ca foundation syllabus that is likely to carry 80% weightage in exams. Earlier in the school, we would have come across students who put in a lot of hard work but did not get the expected result. These students used to study the entire year, prepared notes and put in hard work. On the contrary, a student who followed smart approach along with hard work used to complete the urgent and important task in the first instance and leave the rest for later. Moreover, he used to follow other mantras for success. Hard work may enable you to complete your study but you may not be able to do so efficiently, and that’s where smart work comes into play. Students following smart approach are more focused towards the final goal and consequently, they clear the examinations with flying colors by spending less time, energy and money than students doing only hard work.

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What exactly is Smart Work Here

Smart approach encompasses following techniques

Priority to Most Important Topics

The weightage that each topic carries should enable you to identify the detail with which the topic should be studied. Many students waste time getting into details that are less relevant and carries less weightage in exams. Moreover, Study the most important topic at a time when you are most productive: might be early in the morning or some other suitable time when you are most productive.

Always keep syllabus, and previous year papers and study material of CA foundation on your study table.

Consult Previous Year Question Papers

Solving previous year question papers can help students to a great extent to get acquainted with the pattern of paper and general difficulty level of the exam. Practicing the past years’ papers also helps students refine time management skills and implement a successful strategy which is the major decisive criteria for cracking CA Foundation exam.

Know What to Study and What Not to

The root concept of smart work for cracking CA foundation lies in knowing what to study and what not. Consequently, what matters in CA foundation is not only the quantity (volume) of materials one had gone through but the quality of learning and revision undertaken scientifically.

Further, considering personal strengths and weaknesses aspirants should develop personalized strategies as general strategies might not work in individual cases.

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Learning by Writing

Proper answer writing practice is important to learn effectively.

As per recent survey only reading does not prepare you for exam. When you write down the important points you read in a notebook, it helps you retain even more information. Always write important points along with reading.

Revise Scientifically

Don’t forget to revise what you have already studied. Otherwise, you may know everything but cannot recall it at the time of the exam. As per a recent study, if you revise the content you have learned in the last 24 hours and then revise it again within a week, you have better retention of concepts and it is easy to recall them during exams.

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Attempting Mock Tests

Practice makes a man perfect. Attempting Mock Tests is part of Core Strategy for performing well in CA foundation. If you are not taking mock tests, it is almost half battle lost. Reason being, mock test simulate the exam environment and help you get familiar with the test-taking environment. They simulate the real look and feel of the examination. Consequently, exam fear is reduced to a considerable extent and there are other more advantages also. Attempting mock tests is important for following reasons:

  1. Helps in devising the strategy for cracking the exam To perform well in CA foundation, you need to devise a strategy in which you would attempt different sections and the time you would spend on each of them.
  2. Assesses performance By attempting these tests, you explore the strong and weak areas. Mock test scores helps in analyzing the effectiveness of your preparation and provide an input on areas that need improvement.
  3. Attempting mock tests of CA foundation helps you cope up with the stress experienced during the exam and to stay relaxed throughout the exercise.

Time Management Tips for CA foundation

One of the most important elements of preparation for CA foundation exams is to possess apt time management skills.

Following are some of the important time management tips to be well-prepared for CA foundation exam:

  • Setting Small and Realistic Targets Everyday

    You don’t have to win battle in one day and relax for other days. Small goals should be set each day and achieved every day. Set small targets for every day but make sure you achieve them by the end of the day.

    Most students tend to look at the complete course material and then start panicking about enormous syllabus. Avoid this practice. It is very important to divide the overall syllabus into smaller sections and sub-sections and then make targets accordingly. Further, Focus on one chapter at a time rather than studying many chapters randomly without any depth.

  • Do Not Procrastinate

    There is nothing magical in preparation. If you procrastinate today, you will avoid completing the part of study tomorrow as well and this will go on.

  • Don’t Study More than Two Hours at A Stretch

    As per a recent survey, The optimal period of continuous study is 2 hours. Then break period of 2 hours into slots of 25 minutes followed by 5 minutes of break. If you need to continue studying, take longer breaks of around 20 minutes after every 2 hours.

  • Plan Your Next Day

    Prioritize your “to-do” list in the previous night. This will prioritize your work and keep your mind focused on the most important task.

    Be sure to set deadlines for each topic. Otherwise, your study may wander and your study may not be productive

  • Keeping Watch While Studying

    Always use a timer to keep yourself on time with each task. This will eliminate wastage of time and keep your studies on track.

    In the present era of ICT, keep your mobile switched off while studying.

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Core Material and Elaborative Material

The entire Study material of CA foundation can be divided into core material and elaborative material. Core material consists of important principles, theorems, formulae, important diagrams and graphs whereas elaborative material consists of examples, quotes, illustrations etc. Most probably, 80 percent of the questions asked in an exam are likely to come from the core material. So, if you are course is not finished, concentrate on the core material to crack the exam.

Use visual techniques for better retention

Prepare a chart of important concepts and formulas and put it on your wall. Reading the charts daily for few minutes will help you learn them more easily than mugging them.

Plan specific times for studying and study at the same time each day

Study important topics when your energy level is highest. Moreover, doing Studying at the same time each day fixes the biological clock of your body. Consequently, just like sleeping and eating, fixed schedule of study becomes a regular part of your life.

Managing exam stress

Limited stress is favourable and pushes the performance of student. However, stress becomes a problem when it is out of control and has negative effects on the performance of students.

Everyone gets stressed during exams but it’s important not to let it get out of control.

De-stressing tips

  • Exercise

    Exercise boosts energy levels and relieves stress. Nothing de-stresses the brain faster than any physical activity. So make exercise a part of daily life. Exercise produces chemicals in the body that relieves you from stress and consequently you perform better. Exercise includes walking, gym, cycling, swimming, dancing and any other physical activity.

  • Breathing exercise

    When you are panicked use breathing exercise. Deep breath in and out through the nose, counting to five each way.

  • Sleep well

    Sound sleep before exams is crucial for better performance otherwise you may lose exams. Sound sleep before exams improves thinking and concentration.

  • Eat nutritious food

    Eat right. Avoid Junk food. Fuel your brain by eating fresh fruit and vegetables and taking proper breakfasts. Too much high-sugar, high-fat and high-caffeine foods and drinks (such as cola, sweets, chocolate, burgers and chips) make a person hyperactive, irritable and moody.

  • Talk Therapy

    During times of high stress, chat with your well-wisher. It reduces stress.

  • Make a realistic timetable of studies

    Unrealistic plans unnecessarily increase stress and do not benefit you. Quit the bad habits. Cigarettes and alcohol give temporary relief. However, you are caught in a vicious circle.

Happy Studying!


In the article, we have covered all the tips, tricks and habits on how to clear CA foundation with 100% certainty in the first attempt.

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