Class 12 is an important academic journey in every student’s educational journey, where they prepare to embark on new paths and make important career choices. Recognizing its significance, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released the Class 12 Physical Education Sample Paper for the academic year 2023-24. 

The CBSE Class 12th Physical Education Sample Paper released by the board serves as an essential way for students to assess their readiness for upcoming board examinations. By practicing with this sample paper and consulting its solutions, they can better grasp exam patterns, marking schemes, and question types, as well as develop problem-solving abilities and boost confidence for the actual examination.

In this post, we mention the link to the sample paper of Physical Education class 12 with solution 2023-24. Also, you can find links to the past five-year question papers. So, download these question papers and start your preparation. 

CBSE Class 12th Physical Education Sample Paper Important Details

Every year, CBSE releases the Physical Education class 12 sample paper with solution PDF. This sample paper serves as a great tool to help you prepare for the upcoming board exams. The sample paper 2023-24 is as per the latest CBSE guidelines and the marking scheme. Hence, students can practice a question paper before they can appear in the main exam. Here are some important details about the Physical Education class 12 sample paper:

Exam NameCBSE Class 12 Exam
Conducting BodyCentral Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
CategoryCBSE Sample Papers for Class 12

CBSE Class 12th Physical Education Sample Paper 2023-24 

Below, students can find the link to the CBSE Class 12th Physical Education Sample Paper 2023-24. The sample paper will help you to understand the question pattern and also the marking scheme. Also, you will improve your writing skills and master time management. Check the link below:

Physical Education Sample Paper Class 12 2023-24Marking Scheme

CBSE Class 12 Marking Scheme for Physical Education

The marking scheme for Physical Education helps students understand the weightage of every chapter and help them prepare accordingly. So let’s check:

Unit No.Unit NameMarks
Unit 1Management of Sporting Events05 + 04b*
Unit 2Children and Women in Sports07
Unit 3Yoga as Preventive measure for Lifestyle Disease06+01 b*
Unit 4Physical Education & Sports for (CWSN)04+04 b* 
Unit 5Sports & Nutrition07 
Unit 6Test and Measurement in Sports08
Unit 7Physiology & Injuries in Sport 04+04 b* 
Unit 8Biomechanics and Sports10
Unit 9Psychology and Sports07
Unit 10Training in Sports 09
Practical (Lab)Including 3 Practical 30
TotalTheory 10 + Practical 3Theory 70 + Practical 30 = 100
Note: b*are the Concept based questions like Tactile diagram/data interpretation/case base study for visually Impaired Child.

Download CBSE Class 12 Physical Education Previous Year Sample Paper with Solutions

To excel in your Class 12 Physical Education board exam, practise with the previous year’s Physical Education Sample Paper Class 12 with solutions. These papers provide valuable insight into the exam pattern and the types of questions you can expect. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the last five years question papers to help you prepare for the upcoming board exams. So, you can easily download the question paper and start your preparation:

CBSE Class 12th Physical Education Sample PaperLinksMarking Scheme
Sample Paper Class 12 Physical Education 2019-20DownloadDownload
Sample Paper Class 12 Physical Education 2017-18DownloadDownload
Sample Paper Class 12 Physical Education 2016-17Download
Sample Paper Class 12 Physical Education 2015-16Download

How to I download the CBSE Class 12 Physical Education Sample Papers?

  • To download the sample paper, you need to visit the official website of
  • Next, in the header section, you will find the option of Sample Question Paper. 
  • Now, hover over this option and find the SQP 2023-24 option. 
  • Now, upon choosing that option, you will find Class XII. Click on that. 
  • Next, you will be redirected to a new page where you can find links to all the subjects. Find Physical Education, and now you can download it. 

Benefits of Solving Physical Education Class 12 Sample Papers 2023-24 

Solving Physical Education Class 12 Sample Papers for the academic year 2023-24 has several advantages that go beyond scoring high marks. Here are some advantages:

  1. Exam Familiarity and Reduced Anxiety: By practicing sample papers, students become intimately acquainted with the format and structure of board examinations, helping reduce anxiety levels while building confidence levels. Being informed beforehand of what lies ahead will reduce stress while improving overall performance.
  2. Time Management Skills: Mastering time management is key to being successful in any examination. Sample papers offer timed exercises that enable students to practice allocating enough time per section and question in preparation for taking an actual examination, optimizing time utilization so all questions are completed within their designated timelines.
  3. Comprehensive Self-Assessment: Sample papers provide students with an excellent opportunity for comprehensive self-assessment. By comparing their answers with those provided solutions, students can quickly assess both their strengths and weaknesses to better focus study efforts on areas that require improvement.
  4. Improved Problem-Solving Proficiency: Physical Education examinations often cover a variety of theoretical questions, making sample papers invaluable in helping students increase their problem-solving proficiency. Hence, solving the Sample Paper of Physical Education Class 12 gives students exposure to diverse question types and complexities that strengthen problem-solving capabilities. Hence, this helps them approach questions methodically for improved responses during real exams.
  5. Concept Reinforcement and Revision: Solving sample papers provides an engaging revision exercise, consolidating all of the knowledge and concepts gained throughout the academic year. Hence, this will help you recall your answers better, and you will remember everything for a longer period. 

Tips for Preparing for Physical Education Exam 2024 

Preparing for your Class 12 Physical Education exam in 2024 requires a structured approach and dedication. Here are a few tips to help you excel in your exam:

  • Understand the Syllabus: Start by thoroughly understanding the syllabus provided by your school or educational board. Hence, this will help you identify key topics and allocate your study time effectively.
  • Create a Study Schedule: Develop a realistic study schedule that allocates sufficient time for each topic. Consistency in your study routine is crucial for retaining information.
  • Use Quality Study Materials: Invest in good textbooks, reference books, and study guides that cover the entire syllabus. Make sure to consult materials recommended by your teachers or board.
  • Practice Past Papers: Solving previous years’ question papers is an excellent way to understand the exam pattern and gain confidence. It also helps you identify areas where you need improvement.
  • Take Notes: While studying, make concise and organized notes. This can serve as a quick revision tool before the exam and will help you retain information better.
  • Focus on Practical Skills: Physical Education often includes practical assessments. Practice the required skills regularly, whether it’s a specific sport or exercise routine. Seek guidance from your physical education teacher if needed.
  • Revision and Mock Tests: In the final weeks leading up to the exam, focus on revision. Take mock tests to assess your progress, and don’t forget to solve the Class 12th Physical Education Sample Paper 2023-24. This will help you manage time during the actual exam and reduce anxiety.


Q1. Is CBSE Sample Paper of Class 12 Physical Education 2023 – 24 Available?

Ans: Yes, it is available on the official website of the CBSE.

Q2. Where Can I Download the CBSE Class 12th Physical Education Sample Paper 2023 – 24 in PDF for Free?

Ans: Visit the official CBSE website or refer to the links mentioned above to download the sample paper.

Q3. Will Solving Physical Education Class 12 Sample Paper Help Me Score Better Marks in Physical Education?

Ans: Yes, solving sample papers helps you understand the exam pattern and improve your preparation, potentially leading to better scores.

Q4. Why Solving Sample Papers Before the Examination Is Necessary?

Ans: Solving sample papers familiarizes you with the exam format, helps you manage time, and identifies areas where you need improvement.

Q5. What Are Some Excellent Reference Books for Physical Education for Class 12?

Ans: Some recommended books include Saraswati Physical Education, Dr. V.K. Sharma’s Physical Education, etc.

Q6. From Where Can I Download the Physical Education Class 12 Sample Paper?

Ans: You can download it from the official CBSE website or educational resource websites.

Q7. Is Physical Education a Scoring Subject?

Ans: Physical Education can be a scoring subject if you prepare well and understand the concepts. Practical assessments can contribute significantly to your score.

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