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CA Foundation Sep 2024 New Bactch 26May

How to Convert CA Old to New Syllabus for May 2024 Exams?

Convert CA Old to New Syllabus

The CA New Scheme and CA New Course have been effected by the ICAI from July 1, 2023. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has recently come up with the CA New Scheme of Education and Training 2023, which was published in the Indian Gazette on June 22, 2023, and was effected from July 1, 2023. So it is essential for all the students to convert CA old to new syllabus.

There will be significant modifications with respect to the CA Course curriculum and duration for practical training. ICAI has given its last date for conversion from the old syllabus to the new syllabus for the upcoming 2024 examinations. In this post, we will cover the entire process of how to convert CA old to new syllabus brief. So, let’s check. 

CA New Scheme

Convert CA Old to New Syllabus

The procedure to convert CA old syllabus to new syllabus is to check your eligibility criteria, pay the requisite fees for conversion, and after that, ICAI will dispatch the study materials. 

Conversion of CA Final Old Syllabus to New Syllabus

Initially, ICAI has offered the students an opportunity to convert CA Old to new syllabus. ICAI set the cut-off date, which implies that CA Final old scheme students must convert to the revised scheme. March 13, 2022, was the last date for conversion from the CA Final old syllabus to the CA new syllabus for the May 2022 exams. Students have to fill in the conversion forms at the SSP portal and pay the conversion charges of 1000 or $50.

ICAI has now announced that the old scheme students will be converted from the old scheme to the revised scheme automatically.

Normal Route Students

Case 1: Students who are registered with the Old Course and eligible to appear in the Examination or appeared but couldn’t pass any group yet

Students need to complete the conversion as ICAI has announced the last date for students to convert to the new syllabus if they want to sit for exams in May 2022. The conversion fees that students need to pay is Rs 1000/- (US$50).

On completion of such conversion, ICAI will send the study material to the students at no cost. However, the students will incur the cost of transportation.

Case 2: Old Course Registered Students and Passed Group -1

Old Registered students who have passed through Group 1 under the old course and wish to Convert CA Old to New Syllabus need to undergo ICITSS (ITT), ICITSS (OC), or ICITSS (ITT and OC).

Conversion was completely optional till May 2019, but for May 2022, you cannot sit for your exams unless you converted. They would also have to pay conversion charges of Rs 1000/-(US$50) to switch to the Revised Scheme. ICAI shall thereafter despatch the study material to the students free of cost. However, the students shall bear the transportation costs.

Case 3: Old Registered Students Passed Group – 1 and Commenced Practical Training

Old registered students who have passed group 1 and also started practice can continue their practice and appear in the number of attempts provided for group 2 with the old course.

Or else, they can pay the conversion charges of Rs 1000/- (US$50) and convert CA old to new syllabus. ICAI will send out the study material free of charge, and only students need to pay the transportation cost.

Case 4: Old Registered Students passed Group – 2

Students registered under the old course to the ICAI can write under the old syllabus till May 2019. Moreover, after that, they must necessarily change to the new schedule.

Currently, this is completely voluntary, whether or not they wish to convert into the revised scheme. After switching to the new course, students undergo ICITSS (ITT)/ ICITSS (OC) if they did not take them in the old scheme.

They can opt for the new scheme, paying Rs 1000/- (US$50) as conversion charges, and thereafter, ICAI will mail them the free study material. They will only have to pay for the shipping charges.

Direct Entry Route

Students who did not pass the entrance test or the CA Foundation exam conducted by the ICAI can still enroll in the CA Intermediate level through the direct entry scheme under two options. One is a graduate or postgraduate with the minimum percentage required, and the second option is clearing the Intermediate level of ICSI or ICWA.

Conversion of CA IPCC (Old) to CA Intermediate (New)

Below, we mention the process of how to convert CA old to new syllabus for CA IPCC to CA Intermediate course:

Case 1 – Old registered students who are eligible to appear in the IPC Exam or have appeared but have not passed any group yet.

These students who are provisionally registered with ICAI before July 1, 2017, and presented their mark sheet or mark statement after 1st will be considered as registered in the old scheme.

These students will reappear in the numbers of the old attempts. But now they have to convert with the new scheme upon payment of a conversion fee of Rs 1000/- (US$50).

Subsequently, students will get the study materials at their address and they need to pay the shipping costs.

Case 2: Already registered Students and passed either Group 1 or Group 2

These students can sit for the IPC examination with the old course up to the number of attempts allowed or to the new scheme. Since the attempts for the old course are over, they should convert CA old to new syllabus by paying the conversion charges of Rs 1000/- or US$50.

Subsequently, the ICAI will post the study material for free to the students, and they will pay for the shipping charges.


Q1. What is the latest notification from ICAI say about the conversion procedure? 

Ans: As per the latest notification from the ICAI, it states that all the old scheme students are automatically converted to the revised scheme of education and training.

Q2. What was the last date for the conversion from the CA Final Old scheme to the New scheme for Nov 2022?

Ans: The last date for conversion of CA final old to new syllabus was March 13th 2022 (Nov 2022 exams).

Q3. What is the fee to convert from the CA Old syllabus to the New syllabus?

Ans: The fee is Rs 1000/- or $50 for completing the conversion procedure.

Q4. What is the last attempt at the CA Final and CA Intermediate old syllabus?

Ans: The last attempt for CA Final old students and Intermediate old students was the December 2021 ICAI exam notification.

Q5. How to convert CA old syllabus to new syllabus?

Ans: To convert CA old syllabus to new syllabus, students must visit the SSP portal, fill out the conversion form, and pay a conversion charge of Rs 1000/- or US$50. Students will receive the study material at their address free of cost, but they need to pay the shipping charges. 

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