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CBSE Accounts Project Class 11 Guide (2023-24)

CBSE Accounts Project Class 11

Students must submit an Accounts Project Class 11 at the end of session 2023-2024, as directed by new CBSE board guidelines. It is obligatory and forms part of their academic studies. Students must submit the project to their respective Accounts teacher and the examiners evaluate their projects out of twenty marks. It consists of 6 marks on research work, 3 marks on topic relevance, 8 marks on viva, and 3 marks on presentation techniques.

VIVA will take place based on accounts’ project class 11 and the same topics of the 11th accounts curriculum for the current session 2023/2024. If you are in class 11 and pursuing a commerce stream, you must also prepare a project file. This post will mention all the essential details about the account project class 11.

CBSE Class 11 Accounts Project Guidelines 2023-24

The Accounts Project Class 11 is divided into three parts- part A, part B, and part C. This includes the written exam, viva, and project report, and the project reports total 20 marks for the project, 12 marks for the written part, 04 marks for viva voce, and 04 marks for the project report. In March, students are expected to hand in their project reports before the exams commence.

Students must collect data, prepare vouchers, and document transactions using collected vouchers to prepare their project reports. The students will be required to carry out a project on a business in single ownership. It comprises recording journal entries, posting them into ledger, and preparing trial balance. The project report should include balance sheets, trading, profit and loss, accounts, income and profit, expenses, liabilities, and assets. 

Marking scheme of CBSE class 11th Accounts Project Work 2023-24

Below is the marking scheme for the Accounts Project Class 11 so that students can prepare the project accordingly:

Written Exam12 Marks
Viva04 Marks
Project Report04 marks

Viva of Class 11th Account Project 2023-24

The practical exam also needs students to prepare for viva or the oral exam. The school will schedule a practical exam for the students in March, and they should hand over their Account Project Class 11 before the finals. The project would serve as a source for viva questions that students would answer and appear for the written exam per the syllabus their respective teachers mentioned. The project’s main objective is to empower students to comprehend and be knowledgeable in accountancy. 

Objectives of CBSE Account Project Class 11th 2023-24

The objectives of CBSE Accountancy Project Class 11 are:

  • The project report will assist students in understanding and gaining knowledge of financial statement analysis. They will understand the purpose, meaning, and goal of it.
  • It empowers students to come up with transactions in business that do not yet exist. To accomplish this, they will have to go over each topic in accounts, helping to familiarize them with the topics.
  • Students will acquire knowledge of ledger and balance sheets and understand bank books, cash books, and other accounting proformas. It will also help students understand other important aspects of corporate accounts.
  • Making a project will assist students in understanding the goals, benefits, and limitations of accounting.

CBSE Account Project Class 11 Work Ideas 2023-24

Students must select a topic that is both known and intriguing to them. If students understand the subject matter well, creating the project for themselves becomes simple and enjoyable. When considering project ideas, students can choose a company and consider the following things:

  1. Preparation of Trial balance
  2. Trading and Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet
  3. Depict assets and liabilities using pie chart / bar diagram

How to Prepare the Class 11 Accounts Project 2023-24?

Here are a few things to consider about how to prepare the Account Comprehensive Project Class 11:

  • Understand the purpose of preparing the CBSE accounting project for class 11.
  • Review the CBSE board’s requirements for preparing an accounting project for class 11.
  • Choose a project topic from a ratio analysis report to a segment or cash flow report. They must be prepared for collecting and organizing data for the project.
  • They must create a common size and comparative statement for the project and answer some important questions.

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FAQs regarding Accounts Project Class 11 2023-24

Q1. How to prepare for the Class 11 Accounts Project?

Ans: To prepare the comprehensive project of accounts for class 11, you must check the CBSE’s guidelines, understand the project’s objective, format, and then prepare your report.

Q2. Can we get a Class 11 Accounts Project Topic Idea from the NCERT Books?

Ans: You may take reference from the NCERT books for Class 11 Accounts Project ideas, yet it is wise to do your research and then prepare a project report.

Q3. Is it compulsory to prepare for the CBSE Class 11 Accounts Project?

Ans: Yes, the project report is 20 marks out of 100 marks for your final Accountancy exams. Hence, they must submit a project per the CBSE’s guidelines. 

Q4. How to prepare for Class 11 Accounts Project Viva-Voice?

Ans: Students must understand what project they are preparing, be well-versed with all the accounting concepts, and remember and understand the application of various formulas and concepts. 

Q5. What are the important questions for Accounts VIVA?

Ans: The Viva questions will be related to the project report. Hence, understand the requirements thoroughly and then work on the file. 

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