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CBSE Class 12 Economics Project Guide 2023-24

Class 12 Economics Project

Class 12 marks the end of the senior secondary journey for students, and apart from gaining theoretical knowledge, students also need to work on practical projects to put their knowledge to the test. Students studying the Class 12 Economics subject must submit a Class 12 Economics Project. This project is not just a task; it’s your opportunity to delve into the intricate world of economics, applying the theories and concepts you’ve mastered throughout the year.

Moreover, the Economics class 12 project is a means of assessment and a platform to showcase your understanding and creativity. Projects aren’t just about scoring marks; they’re about exploring real-world scenarios, analyzing economic trends, and presenting solutions with in-depth research.

Students appearing for the Class 12th Economics exam must submit an Economics Project of Class 12 work that is a part of the evaluation. 

The project is worth 20 marks, based on the class 12 economics syllabus and must be made per the CBSE’s guidelines. In this post, we will discuss the Economics class 12 project work.

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CBSE Class 12 Economics Project Guidelines 2023-24

The Class XII Economics project holds a position as it enriches your understanding of principles and their real-world applications. CBSE provides guidelines for the economics class 12 project on its website. 

When working on the project, students should keep the following points in mind:

  • Students will complete one project per academic session.
  • The project must consist of 3,500-4,000 words (excluding diagrams & graphs), handwritten preferably. 
  • This project should represent an independent piece of study.

Additionally, here is a checklist for the Economics Project of Class 12;

Expected Checklist:

  • Introduction of topic/title
  • Identifying the causes, consequences and/or remedies
  • Various stakeholders and the effect on each of them
  • Advantages and disadvantages of situations or issues identified
  • Short-term and long-term implications of economic strategies suggested in the course of
  • research
  • Validity, reliability, appropriateness and relevance of data used for research work and
  • for presentation in the project file
  • Presentation and writing that is succinct and coherent in the project file
  • Citation of the materials referred to in the file in footnotes, resources section, bibliography, etc.

Marking scheme of CBSE Economics Project Work of Class 12th 2023-24

Your Class 12 Economics Project evaluation is extremely important in determining your overall score. Several important requirements are made clear in the CBSE marking scheme. A complete table of the mark distribution for the Economics Project file is as below:

S. NoHeading Marks Allotted
1.Relevance of the topic chosen 3
2.Research Work & Data6
3.Presentation Technique3

Viva of Economics Project Class 12th 2023-24

According to the marking scheme, the Economics Project viva session of Class 12 is an important part of the assessment process because it allows students to verbally articulate and convey their projects’ approaches, conclusions, and insights. This interactive session aids the evaluator in determining student comprehension. 

Also, vivas seek to develop critical thinking abilities while boosting communication and delving deeper into the topic matter for an in-depth evaluation of every student’s understanding and skills.

Objectives of 12th Economics Project 2023-24

The objectives of the 12th Economics Project are to:

  • Deepen their understanding of theoretical concepts covered in classes XI and XII; 
  • Analyze real-world economic scenarios using theoretical constructs;
  • Demonstrate learning of economic theory;
  • Follow aspects of economics that spark learners’ interests;
  • Developing communication and logic-based debating techniques.

CBSE Class XII Economics Project Work Ideas 2023-24

A list of 12th Economics project topics is available on the CBSE website. Students must check the class 12 economics project PDF to check the topics and have a discussion with their particular teachers. A few topics are as follows:

  • Micro and Small Scale Industries  
  • Food Supply Channel in India
  • Contemporary Employment situation in India 
  • Disinvestment policy of the government
  • Goods and Services Tax Act and its Impact
  • on GDP
  • Health Expenditure (of any state)
  • Human Development Index  
  • Inclusive Growth Strategy
  • Self-help group  
  • Trends in Credit availability in India
  • Monetary Policy Committee and its functions  
  • Role of RBI in Control of Credit
  • Government Budget & its Components  
  • Trends in budgetary condition of India
  • Exchange Rate determination – Methods and Techniques
  • Currency War – reasons and repercussions
  • Any other topic

How to Prepare For the Economics Project of Class 12th 2023-24?

After each academic session, students must present their research work to examiners from within and outside the institution for evaluation. Examiners will ask questions about the student’s Research Work/Project File during the viva. Learners must submit their work for evaluation; if there are any doubts, teachers must verify its authenticity.

Now let’s understand how to prepare for your Economics Project:

  • Choosing a Topic: Select a topic from the class 12 Economics project topics that aligns with the curriculum. Additionally, it’s crucial to be interested in the topic as it fuels research and analysis.
  • Conducting In-Depth Research: Engage in research by gathering data, case studies, and scholarly articles for your project. A researched project forms the foundation for analysis.
  • Following a Format: Students must adhere to the presentation format, which typically includes sections like introduction, methodology, analysis, findings, and conclusion. Organizing your presentation in a manner that ensures clarity while showcasing your skills.
  • Include Visual Aids: Improve your project report by incorporating aids like graphs, charts, and tables that visually represent data. This demonstrates our commitment to presenting all information in a manner.
  • Preparing for Viva Session: Anticipate questions regarding your project well, such as general economic concepts. Practice expressing your ideas and prepare to present your thoughts and research approach during the viva voce session. This will help you boost your confidence and deliver your project file in a project file.


Q1. How to prepare for the Economics Project Class 12?

Ans: Prepare methodically by selecting a topic that is both relevant and interesting. Conduct thorough research, follow the project format, incorporate visual aids, apply original analysis, and prepare for viva questions. Practice your presentation skills for completing a well-structured and complete project.

Q2. Can we get a Class 12 Economics Project Topic Idea from the NCERT Books?

Ans: While NCERT texts give fundamental information, try extending your look for project topics beyond them. Aim for current topics or themes that are relevant to the curriculum. Because originality is encouraged, use NCERT books as your foundation but extend your research.

Q3. Is it compulsory to prepare for the CBSE Economics Project Class 12 ?

Ans: Yes, the Class XII Economics Project is a compulsory part of the CBSE curriculum. 

Q4. How to prepare for Class 12 Economics Project Viva-Voce?

Ans: Prepare for your viva voce by considering all possible questions about your project and other economic concepts. Practice confidently expressing your thoughts, highlighting your project’s methodology, findings, and implications.

Q5. What are the important questions for Economics VIVA?

Ans: Viva questions may cover your project’s objectives, key findings, methodology, economic concepts related to your topic, challenges, solutions, etc. 

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