CA Foundation is the entry level examination for the CA student. Students who are appearing for the CA Foundation examination have to clear four examinations of CA Foundation Accounts, Economics, Maths and Business Law. Business law is one of the important examinations where students have to keep their focus on. ICAI keep on updating their Law amendments as per the Changes. Along with the ICAI students also have to keep them updated.

Below we are going to talk about all the important topics and information about CA Foundation Law. After going through this article you will able to understand and get all idea about CA Foundation Law Study Material, Paper, Pattern, Syllabus, Study Material along with CA Foundation Law Previous year question paper, CA Foundation Law revision test paper, Mock test paper, Sample paper after going through all this students can start of their CA Foundation Law preparation with and study plan.

We have also mentioned the CA Foundation Law Preparation tips before the examination, which will help you to perform well in your CA Foundation Law Examination.

CA Foundation Law 2022- An Overview

CA Foundation Business law and business correspondence and reporting is the second paper of CA Foundation Subjects which comes after the principle and practice of accounting. CA Foundation Business law paper is of 60 Marks and Business correspondence paper is of 40 marks.

CA Foundation Business law ecompasses all the law, amendments and rights which are required to run a business. It contains all the acts through which students have to thoroughly go through. Some of the most important topics of CA Foundation business law are Indian contract act 1872, The sale of good act, Indian Partnership Act and Indian Companies act.

Why is CA Foundation Law an Interesting Subject to study for?

CA Foundation Business law seems too lengthy but if you understand all the concepts of Business law it is one of the most interesting topics to study for. A deep knowledge about the Business law helps you to understand how the company works and it helps you in understanding how the core concept of business.

CA Foundation Business law is divided into five core topics of indian contract act 1872, the sale of good act 1930, the indian partnership act 1932, the limited liability partnership and the companies act 1932.

Students will be able to develop a good understanding of business law and its legal network area. How every decision in business leads to these paths of business law.

CA Foundation law Paper pattern 2022

Below is the latest CA Foundation Business Law Paper Pattern.

CA Foundation law Paper TypeSubjective
CA Foundation Law No. of question in paperTotal 100 Question
CA Foundation law Exam duration( 2 Hours )
CA Foundation Law Marks100 Marks ( 60 Marks Business Law) ( 40 Marks Business Correspondence and reporting)
CA Foundation difficulty levelModerate

How to Start Study For CA Foundation Business Law?

CA Foundation Business law and Business correspondence and reporting is of 100 marks in which 60 marks paper is of business law. The whole paper is a subjective types question paper. The exam duration of CA Foundation law paper is 2 hours.

Students are advised to preparate the notes of CA Foundation Law examination. Since you will come across alot of amendments and dates and it is necessary to revise them all time to time. Makes notes will help you to remember the Acts and laws and avoid confusion. CA Foundation Business law required. Students are required to solve the aptitude based on case study of CA Foundation law.

Students should start preparing for a case study and mock test papers once they complete their subjects. ICAI will soon release the CA Foundation June 2022 Exam Date sheet/Time Table.

CA Foundation Business Law Syllabus 2022

Click here to Download CA Foundation Business law Syllabus PDF

CA Foundation syllabus revolves around mainly five topics of different business acts. Below are the CA Foundation Law 2022 syllabus.

CA Foundation Law Indian Contract Act, 1872 – An overview of Sections 1 to 75 covering the general nature of the contract, consideration, other essential elements of a valid contract, performance of contract, breach of contract, Contingent and Quasi Contract.

CA Foundation Law The Sales of Goods Act,1930 – Formation of the contract of sale, Conditions, and Warranties, Transfer of ownership and delivery of goods, Unpaid seller and his rights.

CA Foundation Law The Indian Partnership Act, 1932 – General Nature of Partnership, Rights, and duties of partners, Reconstitution of firms, Registration and dissolution of a firm.

CA Foundation Law The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 – Introduction- covering nature and scope, Essential features, Characteristics of LLP, Incorporation and Differences with other forms of organizations.

CA Foundation Law The Companies Act, 2013 – Essential features of the company, corporate veil theory, Classes of companies, types of share capital, Incorporation of company, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Doctrine of Indoor Management

CA Foundation law Weightage 2022

Below we have mentioned CA Foundation Business law weightage according to the Chapter wise. After going through CA Foundation Business law weightage students can start their preparation for the Examination. ICAI has divided chapters and topics according to the different weightage depending upon that you can give more to the more important chapters.

CA foundation business Law 2022 ( 60 Marks)

CA Foundation SectionCA Foundation TopicsWeightage
1The Indian Contract Act, 187225%-35%
2The Sale of Goods Act, 193020%-25%
3The Indian Partnership Act, 193220%-25%
4The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008:5%-10%
5The Companies Act, 2013:15%-20%

CA Foundation Law Papers (RTP/MTP/Previous year Paper)

Students who are appearing for the CA Foundation Law examination can score well by solving CA Foundation Business Law previous year question paper, revision test paper, mock test paper etc.

Many of the question papers in the business law are totally based on case study. Solving these question papers will help you to understand the concept better.

Students can also download the CA Foundation previous year question paper.

CA Foundation Business Law Previous year Question Paper with solution

CA Foundation Business law Nov 2019 Question Paper- Download Now

CA Foundation Business law May 2019 Question paper- Download Now ( Solution )

CA Foundation Business Law Nov 2018 Question Paper- Download Now (Solution)

CA Foundation Business Law June 2018 Question paper- Download Now

CA Foundation Business Law Question Mock Test Paper

CA Foundation Business Law May 2020 Mock test Paper- Download Now ( Solution)

CA Foundation Business Law Nov 2019 Mock test Paper- Download Now ( Solution)

CA Foundation Business Law May 2019 Mock test Paper- Download Now ( Solution)

CA Foundation Business Law Nov 2018 Mock test Paper- Download Now ( Solution)

CA Foundation Business Law May 2018 Mock test paper- Download Now ( Solution)

CA Foundation Business law revision test paper

CA Foundation Business Law Nov 2019 Revision test Paper – Download Now ( Solution)

CA Foundation Business Law May 2019 revision test paper – Download Now ( Solution)

CA Foundation Business Law Nov 2018 Revision test paper – Download Now ( Solution)

CA Foundation Business law may 2018 revision test paper- Download Now ( Solution )

CA Foundation Law Study Material 2022

Students can download CA Foundation Business law study material from the given link below. CA Foundation Business law study material contains all the topics which are going to appear in the examination. Just click on the below links to download your CA Foundation Law Book PDF.

In case you will any difficulty in topics students can refer to CA Foundation Business law Notes and CA Foundation Business law books.

Download Business Law Study MaterialChapters
Initial Page
Chapter 1 The Indian Contract Act, 1872Unit 1: Nature of Contracts
Unit 2: Consideration
Unit 3: Other Essential Elements of a Contract
Unit 4: Performance of Contract
Unit 5: Breach of Contract and its Remedies
Unit 6: Contingent and Quasi Contracts
Chapter 2 The Sale of Goods Act, 1930Unit 1: Formation of the Contract of Sale
Unit 2: Conditions & Warranties
Unit 3: Transfer of Ownership and Delivery of Goods
Unit 4: Unpaid Seller
Chapter 3 The Indian Partnership Act, 1932Unit 1: General Nature of a Partnership
Unit 2: Relations of Partners
Unit 3: Registration and Dissolution of a Firm
Chapter 4 The Limited Liability PartnershipThe Limited Liability Partnership
Chapter 5 The Companies Act, 2013The Companies Act, 2013

CA Foundation Law- Frequently asked question

Q. No-1 Where to Download CA Foundation Law Study material?

Answers- Students can download the CA Foundation Study Material from the official website of ICAI.

Q.No 02 CA Foundation Law paper is of how many marks?

Answers- CA Foundation Law paper is of 60 marks.

Q.No 03 How to do 30 days preparation of CA Foundation law in 30 days?

Answers- Students are advised to go through mock test paper, revision test paper for the last month. You should complete all the important topics and start revising your notes which you have prepare earlier.

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