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Download Free CBSE Class 11 Sample Papers English

English is also a significant subject in class 11 and has equal weightage in your final results, like the rest of the other subjects. You may need to pay more attention to other subjects, but English is not a subject you should completely ignore. To maintain a good percentage and results, you should practice for the English exam as well.

So, here CA Wizard brings to you free CBSE class 11 sample papers English. You must download and practice them after you complete your syllabus. You can also see the marking scheme, books, and preparation tips for extra help in exam preparation.

CA Wizard aims to help you find the right and essential resources for senior secondary classes. You can build a strong base for future career options. We also help students of 11th and 12th pick the best career choice like the CA course for a successful career. 

CBSE Class 11 Sample Papers English

Solve the CBSE class 11 sample papers English provided by CA Wizard to evaluate your preparation level for the annual exams.

Also, note that as the CBSE class 11 syllabus is reduced for the 2020-21 exams, you can avoid the sample papers’ questions, which are from the deleted topics. 

Download CBSE Class 11 Sample Papers English

Below are the nine CBSE Class 11 Sample Papers for English. You can download them for free. Start practicing once you are done reading them.

CBSE Class 11 Marking Scheme for English

Below is the marking scheme, which will help you understand the question paper pattern. The detailed marking scheme can be checked in the syllabus. Go through it and know what you should expect in the exam. 

English Core

PartsChapters wise Marks
PART AReading:

  1. Unseen passage (10 marks)
  2. Unseen passage (8 marks) 

MCQs on Gap filling (Determiners, Tenses)

MCQs on re-ordering/transformation of sentences

Literature Section (MCQs on Extracts)

  1. Poetry from Hornbill (3 marks)
  2. Prose from Hornbill and Snapshots (6 marks)
  3. Prose and Poetry (5 marks)
PART BNote Making: 5 Marks 

Summary: 3 Marks

Writing Section:

Notice writing up to 50 words (3 marks)

Poster up to 50 words (3 marks)

Letter writing (5 marks)

Writing Composition- Speech/Debate (5 marks)

Literature Section (Short and Long Answers):

  1. SA from Prose and Poetry from Hornbill (4 marks)
  2. SA from Prose from Snapshots (2 marks)
  3. LA from Hornbill (5 marks)
  4. LA from Snapshots (5 marks)
Internal Assessment20
Total marks 100

English Elective

Chapters wise Marks
Reading Comprehension (Two unseen passages and a poem)25
Creative Writing

Essay Writing (5)

Article Writing (5)

Speech Writing (5)

Literature Textbook (Comprehensions)15
Literature Textbook (Short and Long Answer Questions)15
Fiction (Short and Long Answer Questions)10
Total100 marks 

Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 11 Sample Papers English

English may seem like an easy subject which you can study a few days before the exam. But just like scoring is easy, losing marks in English is also very easy. Even small mistakes can make you lose marks. So here are the preparation tips to help you score high marks in the English exam.

  • The written exam for English is 3 hours long, so manage your time well. While you solve CBSE Class 11 Sample Papers English, try to increase your speed and plan how you should distribute your 3 hours to finish the complete paper.
  • Follow the general instructions given in the English question paper. In many short and long answer questions, a word limit is given, so write your answers accordingly. 
  • If there are internal choices, follow them and attempt the questions where you can write better.
  • Always mention the correct question number with your answer.
  • Follow the correct formats in the writing section. 
  • Focus on correct spellings and grammar throughout the paper, not just the grammar section.
  • Before reading the unseen passages, read the questions asked. Then read the comprehension passage and mark the answers.
  • The grammar portion doesn’t take much time, so that you can give more time to other sections. 
  • The literature section questions depend completely on your understanding of the chapters and characters. So while learning, try to interpret the meaning of every line.
  • You should solve CBSE Class 11 Sample Papers English after you finish learning your syllabus.
  • Be strict when evaluating your solved sample papers. Mark every small mistake. Sample papers are a tool to understand areas where you need more practice.
  • You will also understand how to write effectively in the answer copies. 

Books for English Syllabus

All the CBSE class XI students should use the NCERT books for English and other subjects. The CBSE books prescribed for English are given below. 

SubjectDownload PDF
English coreHornbill


English electiveWoven Words

The question papers in class 11 2020-21 exams may be easier than in previous years because the  COVID-19 pandemic has made the learning environment challenging. But you should be prepared to give your best and answer the most difficult question papers. The given CBSE Class 11 Sample Papers English will help you raise your preparation level.

CA Wizard wishes you all the best for the Class 11 exams! 

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