Cost Management Accountant (CMA) Salary in India 2024

Cost Management Accountant (CMA) Salary in India
CA Foundation Sep 2024 New Bactch 26May

The average annual salary of a CMA in India is 10 Lakh INR. Hence, a CMA Earns around Rs 83,000 per month in India. Furthermore, the Highest CMA Package given by the top companies is Rs 22 Lakhs per annum.

However, the Salary of a CMA increases as per their Knowledge, skills and experience. The average package of CMA in India depends upon many factors such as job profile, Location, expertise, and industry in which they work. However, the students who get the best CMA results in their course get a higher salary than the average salary.

In this article, we will mention the starting to highest salary of CMA in India in 2024 based on different factors.

CMA Monthly Salary in India 2024

CA Foundation Sep 2024 New Bactch 26May

According to the ICMAI, the average salary of a fresher CMA in India is Rs 10 Lakh. However, in the year 2024, we have seen CMA’s salary rise by 30%.

Further, check the table below to find the highest, lowest, and average salaries of CMA in India.

ParticularsCMA Salary per AnnumCMA Salary per Month
Starting SalaryRs. 6.5 LacsRs. 54,000 per month
Lowest SalaryRs. 2 LacsRs. 16,000 per month
Highest Salary of FresherRs. 22 LacsRs. 183,000 per month
CMA Average Salary in IndiaRs. 10 LacsRs. 83,000 per month
Highest CMA SalaryRs. 55 LacsRs. 458,000 per month

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CMA Salary in India Based on Different Factors

Cost management accountants’ pay is based on a variety of criteria, including their position, location, industry, level of experience, and company. You will learn about a CMA’s earnings based on many aspects in the section that follows.

CMA Salary in Various Job Profiles

The income of CMA varies according to their job profiles. In the table below, check the salary for various job profiles.

Job RoleAverage CMA Salary
Senior Financial Analyst₹7.73 Lacs
Financial Analyst₹5.45 Lacs
Senior Finance manager₹20.48 Lacs
Finance manager₹11.22 Lacs
Chief Financial Officer₹36.33 Lacs
Accountant₹3.08 Lacs
Cost Management Accountant₹05 Lacs

Top Paying Industries for Cost Management Accountants in India

Every industry offers different packages to their employee. Now, your salary depends upon which industry are you working in. Here is the list of top industries with the compensation they offer.

Top Paying Industries for CMA in India
IndustryCMA Salary
Oil & Gas₹ 19 Lakhs
IT services & consulting₹ 10.1 Lakhs
Engineering/Construction₹ 7.8-8.5 Lakhs
Education & Training₹ 6.3-8.1 lakhs
Analytics/KPO₹6.6 Lakhs
FMCG companies₹ 5.7-7.3 Lakhs
Clinical research₹ 3.9 Lakhs
Financial Services₹3.5 Lakhs

Average Salary Offered to CMA in Different Indian Cities

As said above, job location plays a significant role in the salary of a Cost Management Accountant in India. The average package in India depends upon the cost of living in that country. Check the table below to find the salaries of CMAs in different cities in India.

Indian CitiesSalary Per Annum
CMA Salary in Mumbai₹2.5-14 Lacs
CMA Salary in Kolkata₹6-10 Lacs
CMA Salary in Bangalore₹6-9 Lacs
CMA Salary in Kerala₹6.5Lacs
CMA Salary in Jaipur₹3-6 Lacs
CMA Salary in Delhi₹6.5 Lacs

Average Salary Package of CMA in Other Countries

A CMA’s workplace has a significant impact on their salary. The Middle East and the USA are where CMA is most common, even though over 100 nations now recognise it as a profession. The United States is the best place to work as a CMA because the average pay for employment after completing the course is very high.

Let’s now examine the best-paying nations for cost management accountants:

CountryCMA Average Salary
USAUSD $109,119
DubaiUSD $111,000
CanadaUSD $100,000
United Kingdom (UK)USD $69,426
European countriesUSD $81,403
Asian countriesUSD $40,354
The Middle EastUSD $40,722

Further, if you work in a market with a huge demand for CMA’s, you will make more money. Before deciding which country you want to work in, check the demand for CMA in that country, then only start working.

Annual Packages of Cost Management Accountants in Government Jobs

Government positions are also open to cost and management accountants. The government positions available here pay CMA salaries.

Government CompaniesJob ProfileCMA salary
NAFEDManager of Accounts₹6.5 Lakhs
Regional Centre for BiotechSenior Accounts Assistant₹8.5 Lakhs
IWAICFO₹12 Lakhs

Role of a CMA in India

As a CMA, he monitors the business’s finances, including revenue and outgoing costs. He may work for public, private, or governmental organisations. Strategic planning, decision-making, budgeting, keeping track of finances, and data preparation are daily responsibilities of a CMA.

Roles of CMA in India

The different duties of a CMA include:

  1. Cost management – They are in charge of managing and controlling the budget as anticipated. They support firms with their expenses, keep them under control, and lessen the chance of going over budget.
  2. Performance management – Examining the financial industry and a company’s performance in the market and making improvements. Their responsibility is to distribute tasks under the organisational structure.
  3. Internal Control – They are in charge of assuring fiscal accountability and integrity and preventing fraud. The CMA is responsible for overseeing compliance with rules and regulations and preventing staff members from stealing or engaging in fraud.
  4. Examine Profitability – A CMA must carry out assessments by choosing particular ratios. They arrive at profitability by dividing equivalent values or profits by assets, expenses, and revenues. Understanding profit margin, equity return, asset return, and capital return is essential.
  5. Investment Decision – They also choose how much money to spend on various business and investment prospects. Their task is to hunt for investment proposals that will be advantageous to the business over the long run while assessing the proposal’s possible risks and level of uncertainty.

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Top CMA Companies in India

Many companies hire CMA in India. The big 4 Companies or the top 4 leading firms for CMA are:

  • Deloitte
  • EY India
  • PwC
  • KPMG 

Some other tier-A companies that hire CMA Professionals are:

  • Amazon
  • HPE
  • Accenture
  • Larsen & Toubro
  • Wipro
  • Cyqurex


CA and CMA are fascinating courses with their place and value in the corporate world. However, both courses are considered to be the toughest. If you choose between CA and CMA, you must be interested in numbers.


Let’s see the fundamental difference between CA and CMA in the table:

Course Structure3 Levels
CA Foundation
CA Intermediate
CA Final
3 Levels
CMA Foundation
CMA Inter
CMA Final
DurationThe total duration of the course is 5 YearsThe total duration of the course is 3 years
Course FeesThe total course fee is 2-3 lakhsThe total course fee is around 50-60 thousand.
Market DemandThe market demand for CA is very high and still increasing.The market demand for CMA is limited but can have high scope in the future.
Average Salary7-8 Lakhs (Fresher)3-4 Lakhs (Fresher)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the salary of an experienced CMA in India?

Ans: The average salary of an experienced cost management accountant is 4 to 8 years, or 21.8 lakhs.

Q2. Is CMA in demand in India?

Ans: In various sectors and government agencies both in India and overseas, there is a constant need for cost accountants who are qualified, skilled, and experienced.

Q3. Can CMA earn in crores?

Ans: Yes, a CMA can earn crores. However, you can only earn in crores when you are a professional and working in the USA.

Q4. Who earns more CA or CMA?

Ans: The average salary of a CA in India is 7-8 Lakhs for freshers, but the average salary of a CMA in India is 5-6 lakhs for freshers.

Q5. Can CMA do a Tax Audit in India?

Ans: No, a CMA is not a person who is authorised to conduct tax audits in accordance with section 288 of the IT Act of 1961.

Q6. What are the skills required by CMA?

Ans: The Skills required for CMA in India are:

  • Knowledge of basic accounting and Fundamentals.
  • Brilliant Knowledge of Financial Concepts.
  • Practical and Theoretical understanding of Cost accounting.
  • Soft Skills, Like communication, Leadership etc.

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