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Uttarakhand Board Class 12th Latest Syllabus, Paper, and Marking Scheme

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Students studying 12th class have tremendous pressure because, as we all know, this stage is essential in terms of future concern. Students are recommended to study hard in a smart way that pulls them towards the most comfortable way of success. Uttarakhand Board class 12th latest syllabus has come on the official website of Uttarakhand. The syllabus is available for all three streams that are Science, Commerce, and Arts. 

In this article, you can download the Question Papers with the given link for effective learning. You will also get to know the Syllabus, marking scheme, previous year questions paper, preparation tips, etc. for reference. 

If you have big dreams to do something great for your parents in life and want to earn higher in the future, then you are in the right article. I will suggest you to go for CA (Chartered Accountancy) as it has a great job opportunity, higher payout, satisfaction, etc. One of the exceptional advantages of Chartered Accountancy is that students of any stream can join CA for studies. 

Uttarakhand (UK) Board Class 12th Latest Syllabus with Marking Scheme 2020-21

Here we will discuss the latest syllabus of all the three streams in class 12th UK board that are Science, Commerce, and Arts.


Duration: 3 Hours

Units:Marks: 100
Section A: Archaeology & Ancient India25
Units 1 – 4 
Section B: Medieval India30
Units 5 – 9 
Section C: Modern India35
Units 10 – 15 
Unit 16: Map Work10



One Theory PaperMarks: 70
A. Fundamentals of Human Geography35 Marks
Unit 1: Human Geography3
Unit 2: People5
Unit 3: Human Activities10
Unit 4: Transport, Communication & Trade10
Unit 5: Human settlements5
Unit 6: Map Work2
B. India: People and Economy35 Marks
Unit 7: People5
Unit 8: Human Settlements4
Unit 9: Resources and Development12
Unit 10: Transport, Communication, and International Trade7
Unit 11: a Geographical Perspective on selected issues and problems4
Unit 12: Map Work3
C. Practical Work30 Marks
Processing of Data and Thematic Mapping12
Surveying (Chain Table Survey and Plane Table Survey)5
Field study or Spatial Information Technology4
Practical Record Book5
Viva Voce4



Units Marks: 100
Part A: Introductory Microeconomics 
2Consumer Equilibrium and Demand18
3Producer Behaviour and Supply18
4Forms of Market and Price Determination10
5Simple applications of Tools of demand and supply
Part B: Introductory Macroeconomics 
6National Income and Related Aggregates15
7Money and Banking8
8Determination of Income and Employment12
9Government Budget and the Economy8
10Balance of Payments7

Home Science (Theory): 

Units Marks: 70
I.Know Little Children17
II.Nutrition for Self and Family (contd.)17
III.Money Management and Consumer Education17
IV.My Apparel17
V.Things that I can do with my Home Science Training2



UnitsMarks: 70
Psychology, Self and Society 
I.      Intelligence and Aptitude09
II.    Self and Personality10
III.   Human Strengths and meeting Life Challenges07
IV.   Psychological Disorders10
V.    Therapeutic Approaches07
VI.   Attitude and Social Cognition08
VII. Social Influence and Group Processes07
VIII. Environmental and Social Concerns06
IX.   Professional Skills for Psychologists06
Practicals (Psychological testing, Case Profile, etc.)30



UnitsTopicMarks: 100


UnitsTopicMarks: 100
Unit IElectrostatics8
Unit IICurrent Electricity7
Unit IIIMagnetic effect of current & Magnetism8
Unit IVElectromagnetic Induction and Alternating current8
Unit VElectromagnetic Waves3
Unit VIOptics14
Unit VIIDual Nature of Matter4
Unit VIIIAtoms and Nuclei6
Unit IXElectronic Devices7
Unit XCommunication Systems5



UnitsTopicMarks: 100
Unit ISolid State4
Unit IISolutions5
Unit IIIElectrochemistry5
Unit IVChemical kinetics5
Unit VSurface chemistry4
Unit VIGeneral principles and processes of Isolation of Elements3
Unit VIIp-Block Elements8
Unit VIIId- and f- Block Elements5
Unit IXCoordination Compounds3
Unit XHaloalkanes and Haloarenes4
Unit XIAlcohols, Phenols, and Ethers4
Unit XIIAldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic acids6
Unit XIIIOrganic Compounds containing Nitrogen4
Unit XIVBiomolecules4
Unit XVPolymers3
Unit XVIChemistry in Everyday life3



UnitsTopicMarks: 100
Unit 1Reproduction14
Unit 2Genetics and evolution18
Unit 3Biology and Human Welfare14
Unit 4Biotechnology and its applications10
Unit 5Ecology and environment14


Business Studies: 

Part A: Principles and Functions of Management
1Nature and Significance of Management07 Marks
2Principles of Management07 Marks
3Business Environment05 Marks
4Planning07 Marks
5Organizing10 Marks
6Staffing08 Marks
7Directing10 Marks
8Controlling06 Marks
Total60 Marks
Part B: Business Finance and Marketing
9Financial Management12 Marks
10Financial Markets08 Marks
11Marketing Management14 Marks
12Consumer Protection06 Marks
Total40 Marks
TOTAL100 Marks


Computer Science: 

UnitsTopicMarks: 70

UK Board Latest Question Paper and Model Paper of Class 12th

Download the latest Question Papers and Model Papers of class 12th of UK board from the given link below:

PaperSubjectQuestion Paper
4Physics (Theory)Download
5Chemistry (Theory)Download
6Biology (Theory)Download
9Home Science (Theory)Download
10Political ScienceDownload
11Sanskritam Download
13Geography (Theory)Download
14Psychology (Theory)Download

Preparation Tips for UK Board Class 12th Exam

Students who appear for the Uttarakhand Board class 12th exam need to prepare for their exams very well. Below are some tips and tricks for students who will appear for the UK board class 12th exam 2021:

  • Students are recommended to go through the Syllabus of the UK board of class 12th very sincerely to prepare their plan accordingly.
  • Make a proper time-table so that you can divide in the way you are comfortable. Don’t skip any topic from the UK board class 12th syllabus as they all are essential and essential. 
  • While studying regularly make a proper note of everything so that it can use before exams. Notes help students to do their revisions just before the examination.
  • Refer to question papers of the previous year mentioned above to get an idea of the question pattern. 


At the end of this article, I will like to conclude by wishing you all the best for your upcoming exams and request you to follow the above preparation steps to gain higher marks. After completing the 12th UK board exams, students can go for CA (Chartered Accountancy)

I recommend CA because students have a great scope of success in this stream, and anyone can join CA, whether from the Science stream, Commerce stream, or Arts stream. Now you understand the importance of the course of CA. 

I hope you will like the article and find it useful to share with other people.

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