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CA CPT Preparation – Exam Tips For Guaranteed Success

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Hey friends!! CA CPT exam is on the way. Are you ready for it? If Not, Don’t Worry!! We are here! Today we are going to reveal 5 secret CA CPT Preparation Tips for Exams, Read and crack the exam like a Pro!

Don’t worry, you are not alone who have not started their course till yet. Hence, you need not lose hope. CA CPT course is much similar to your senior secondary classes. It’s a basic entry level test which simply tests your basic knowledge that whether you are eligible or not to pursue Chartered Accountancy.

Here in this article, we are sharing with you the CA CPT preparation study tips which guide you to clear CA CPT in the first attempt. Let’s have a look at the below-given preparation tips for the CA CPT Examination-

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CA CPT Exam Preparation Tips

#1 Timetable

Never start your studies without a genuine timetable, otherwise, at the end of the day, you will realize that still, you are not able to sit in the exam. Make a proper time-table and divide the remaining time into all the subjects according to their need.

CPT is a complete objective-based paper pattern which comprises of four subjects namely Fundamentals of Accounting, Mercantile Laws, General Economics, and Quantitative Aptitude.

From the above list, students are already familiar with the three subjects – Accounting, Economics and Quantitative Aptitude. Mercantile law is only new for them. Hence you need to revise three subjects and read only one subject. Therefore, your timetable should be prepared in such a manner

While preparing this timetable, set aside the last 15 days from your schedule for solving Mock Test Papers and last revision.

#2 Study Material 

Often students remain confused between the plenty of Material or reference books to be used for the exam. They also waste hundreds of rupees on them. But the finest material to achieve high score has always been ICAI CPT study material which covers the entire syllabus and lots of practicing question.

So, you should never ignore the ICAI study material which is valuable and complete in every aspect.

#3 Execution 

After preparing the timetable and setting aside the books, now you have to move towards its execution. Planning is easy, difficult is actually its execution. Never ever develop the habit of procrastination in yourself. Give priority to your daily targets and give your 100% to achieve them.

#4 Revision

CA CPT is not that difficult. The actual difficulty students face is retaining such vast course in the exam. Hence, students should give a minimum of three times revision to their course.

The first revision should cover each and every problem and also mark the similar problem which can be avoided during second revision.

Second revision should cover one problem of each type which can cover the whole concept and amid the same time, you have to mark the important problems for third revision.

Third revision should be done in the same manner which covers only the overview of all topics and practices those few problems which you thinks that one more revision is needed before the exam.

#5 Practice the Model Test Papers 

As we have already told you that CA CPT is a completely objective question-based test. Here you will not get a chance to explain your answer, rather you have to chose it from the options given there. The answers are given there will be quite confusing hence you need more and more practice so that chances of mistakes will get minimum.

ICAI use to allow two modules which consist of Model Test Papers only. Students are advised to practice such Model Test Papers and identify their mistakes.

In the given article, we have showcased the important preparation tips which can make students crack CA CPT in their first attempt and pursue the Chartered Accountancy course.

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