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CA Articleship Interview Questions

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Welcome Future Chartered Accountants,Our Today’s Blog post is based on the CA Articleship Interview Questions,  CA Intermediate/IPCC exams are over and now you must be looking for articleship in top firms of India. Qualifying the CA Intermediate/IPCC Exam is not enough to get you articleship in Big 4, PC Modi or Kalani & Company. After obtaining good marks in Intermediate, you have to further crack an interview which is a mandatory requirement of getting articleship in well-reputed firms.

Are you scared of such questions which are to be asked in CA Articleship Interview? In this article, we are sharing with you the most frequently asked question during CA Articleship Interview. Just go through the below-given list which may help you in clearing your interview –

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CA Articleship Interview Questions delineating your Profile –

Q1. Tell us something about yourself.

Q2. Why did you choose CA as a career?

Q3. Tell me about your area of Interest.

Q4. Why you have scored less in ….. Subject?

Q5. Tell us something about your accomplishments in extracurricular activities.

Tricky Questions for CA Articleship Training which reflects your IQ –

Q1. Why should we hire you?

Ans. This question might hesitate you first but you should present its answer very smartly. Respond like if you hire me, it will be a great opportunity where I can showcase my skills. Whatever targets set for me, I’ll make sure to complete them within a stipulated time.

Q2. Tell us about your ability to work under pressure.

Ans. I am a very calm person. Whatever the situation is, I keep myself cool and remain focus on my work being patient.

Q3. What are your expectations from this Job?

Ans. Here I’ll get a chance to learn various things related to my profession, work on challenging projects and get professional advancement.

Q4. What is your strength?

Ans. I am a quick learner and a great team player.

Q5. How many attempts did you take to complete your CA Final?

Ans. Tell them the no. of attempts you took to qualify your CA Final Exam.

Q6. What is your priority – Company or Money?

Ans. Your answer should always be a company. Articleship is a period where I am expecting to learn new things and that will be the best stipend which I have dreamed from this company.

Q7. You have consistently failed five times. Why should we hire you when we have an option between you and a rank holder?

Ans. This might be the time where you feel downwards but don’t let yourself be. Don’t let your failure come on your face. Your answer should be like –

Sir, I have given five attempts, dedicatedly devoted my 2 ½ years in CA Final which delineates my level of patience towards my goals. Possibly being a rank holder he is possessing better knowledge than me but surely I am far more patient to achieve my goals.

Technical CA Articleship Interview Questions Based on Your Knowledge

Q1. What are the methods of calculating Arm Length Price?

Q2. Tell us the major amendments made by the latest Finance Bill passed.

Q3. What entry will you pass for the Credit Card received by an Individual?

Q4. What was the motive behind the introduction of MAT and AMT?

Q5. What is the last date for filling the transfer pricing report?

Q6. Why does Balance Sheet need to get Balance?

Q7. Why do we need IFRS in India?

Q8. What is your opinion on the latest scam ….?

Q9. Predict the Sales of Dabur India for next five years?

Q10. Whether Muslim and Sikh families are considered as a recognized HUF?

Q11. What is the impact of an implication of Long-Term Capital Gain Taxation in India?

These are some of the CA Articleship Interview questions and answers which can help you while preparing for your Articleship Interview. Hope you find this helpful so stay in tune with us for more such useful contents.

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