Looking for some Tips for CA Exams last month preparation? Well, not even complete one month has been left in CA Exams. Everyone is worried how to revise such a vast course? Or how could we practice the Mock Test Papers? Or When will we start the Revisionary Test Paper? Everything is looking so much impossible. This one month could give you a result of all such months. But how to manage such your studies in this one month.

Friends, nothing can be a substitute for hard work. So you have to work hard either to revise or to practice or manage your speed. Make sure, if you are wasting any single minute of your time then you are playing with your future. Few hours can take your next six months in preparing again for CA Exams. So, hold yourself tightly and start studying at least 15-16 hours a day. Looking difficult?  Then we are sharing you some tips for CA exam preparation which will help you to study long hours.

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Tips to study for CA Exams Preparation for CA foundation, Intermediate and Final

Take a Determination

Best Tip for CA Exam preparation is to be determined! Every day as soon as you get up, talk to yourself in the mirror that “I will be a Chartered Accountant”. The reason behind such is this makes you promise from yourself and let you focus towards your goal. This is a kind of mental strength which you are giving to yourself every day. Might you feel this exercise crazy after some days but do not skip it. It takes your few minutes but these few minutes are actually very helpful.

Exercise or Do Yoga for 20 Minutes a Day 

Start your day with some exercise, at least 20 minutes workout. Do not think that you have wasted 20 minutes, This is one of the best tips for CA exam preparation which no one else is going to give you. These 20 minutes gives you the energy to study whole day. They prevent you from getting sleepy or dizzy. It will convert all your labour hours into effective hours. But avoid heavy exercises like weight lifting or Jogging for an hour or more. Rather you should take some jog in open air for half an hour or do some yoga including meditation to strengthen your mind.

Or you also perform one simple exercise which improves your concentration. Light up a candle in a slightly dark room. Sit down straight in front of it and look at its flame for as long as you can and do not let any thought came in your mind. This exercise will improve your concentration.

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Avoid Junk Food

Avoiding Junk food is a tip for CA exam preparation during late nights. Many of the students are used to consume snacks or burgers amid the late night study. But actually, these kinds of foods down your energy level and make you feel sleepy, tired or groggy. Also stay away from fried, sugary or fatty food if possible.  Eat light, fresh and green veggies. Also, intake water and plenty of fruit juices to refresh yourself for the whole day.

Do Not Depend on Caffeine

Are you taking lots of coffee or tea to stay awake or focused? But do you know that taking too much caffeine can actually make you feel dizzy instead of boosting your energy level. Ideally, you should not consume more than 4 cups of coffee in a day. Also, remember whatever you are consuming, try to minimize the sugar in it. Or even without sugar is preferable.

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Take Short Breaks

Studying for long hours can make you feel bored and also lose your focus.The Best tip for CA exam preparation is to take a short break from your seat, roam around, do a little bit of stretching to minimize the lactic acid which is formed in your joints during regular sitting.  So, you are advised to take short breaks in between every 2-3 hours. You might take a walk or eat something which refreshes you. Or listen to soft music without lyrics which energize you to get back to study.

Speak Loudly

This Exam tip is for theory subjects exam preparation. When we are reading theory subject, we often face difficulty in reading and learning as it makes us feel sleepy. So, it’s better to read it loudly so that you can hear your own voice. This will not only make you learn faster but also improve your capability to recall everything in the exam.

Hang a Chart on the Wall

Best Tip for CA exam last month preparation is to hang a chart on the wall for remembering Acts. A chart writing section numbers along with the topic or AS or SA with their names and hang them on the wall. This will make your revision easy and less time-consuming. You can revise them whenever you pass through there.

Do Not Pick theory Subject for Long

Might be, you are planning complete revision of each subject in two to three days but sticking over theory for the whole day is a bad idea. Variations are important as they do not let you lose your interest in it. You can combine Accounts with Audit or Law with SFM. or change the chapters in an hour or two.

Most Important Tip for CA Exam Preparation from our side

Uninstall your Whatsapp or Facebook or Instagram etc…

I think i should have written this point at the first because these are the biggest distraction point which wastes your so much time. If possible, you should stay away from social media for this month and also uninstall your Fb, what’s app or Instagram etc. Even you should set a time for a day either 15 minutes or ½ an hour to check your phone calls or messages and give time over it.

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