Prepare CA Intermediate Study Plan May 2024 Examination

Prepare CA Intermediate Study Plan Examination
CA Foundation Sep 2024 New Bactch 26May

After successfully clearing the CA Foundation Examination, students can start their preparation for the CA Intermediate examination. CA Intermediate is the second pillar of a chartered Accountant, although for many students, it is the first step in the course of Chartered Accountant. CA Intermediate examination is divided into 2 groups. The CA Inter examination is conducted in the months of May and Nov. Below, we have mentioned details about how to start your CA Intermediate study Plan for the upcoming examination.

Students are given 8 months of preparation leave for the CA Intermediate Examination. CA Intermediate Students have the option either to appear in both groups collectively or separately. It is necessary for the students to prepare a good CA Intermediate study plan, which helps them score good marks in the examination. 

Below, we have discussed in full pact detail about the CA Intermediate study plan, which will make your CA Intermediate preparation better and help you in scoring good marks in the examination. Let’s have a look at the CA Intermediate May 2024 Examination before checking the study plan of CA Intermediate examination

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CA Intermediate May 2024 Examination Overview. 

CA Foundation Sep 2024 New Bactch 26May

CA Intermediate May 2024 Examination Highlights: 

Name of the examination  CA Intermediate Examination 
Conducted by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
Mode of conducting the examination Offline
Total No. of Papers 6 Papers ( 2 Groups)
Category of the Examination Professional category
Examination Duration  3 Hours Per papers
Language  Hindi/English

CA Intermediate May 2024 Updated Subjects and Marking Scheme.

Students should know the CA Intermediate May 2024 Subjects and marking pattern before the 

Below are the CA Intermediate May 2024 Examination subjects and marking scheme. 

CA Intermediate Groups 
Groups  Subjects CA Intermediate Weightage
Group 1       
  Advance Accounting  100
  Corporate and other laws  100 
  Taxation 100 
Group 2       
  Cost and Management Accounting  100
  Auditing and Assurance  100 
  Financial Management and strategic management 100 

Why you should prepare CA Intermediate Study plan 2024?

CA Intermediate consists of a lot of study material, the syllabus of CA Intermediate and CA IPCC is lengthy and in comparison to CA Foundation, it is tough.

CA Intermediate is the second milestone for a Chartered Accountant student. Students who score good marks in the CA foundation examination live in overconfidence that they could crack the CA Intermediate exam easily.  Which could may lead to failure in the examination and depression of failure? 

Below are our thoughts that why it is necessary to prepare to CA Intermediate Study Plan. 

  • Overconfidence- Overconfidence is important but should remember to keep it at an extent. To much overconfidence can make an impact on your performance. Preparing CA Inter study plan help you in evaluating your performance through MTP/RTP.
  • Time management: Students who are appearing in both the groups of CA Intermediate examination time management help them a lot at the time of intense preparation of CA Intermediate examination. 
  • Guidance- Study plan give you proper guidance, making an examination study plan according to your performance makes you self dependent. 

ICAI announced the CA Intermediate Question Paper form in May 2024 exam.

CA Intermediate Study Plan to Score good marks in CA Intermediate examination.

CA Intermediate consists of alot of syllabus to prepare, students should make a strong study before starting their preparation. 

The guideline will help to utilize your full efforts for the examination, students are advised to go through their CA Intermediate syllabus, study material, RTP,MTP previous year question papers. 

The guideline will also help you what to study for the examination when to study, How to study to give your maximum efforts.

Following the below mention CA Intermediate study plan will give you assistance in your CA Intermediate exam preparation. 

  • CA Intermediate syllabusOne of the most important things which you have to do is thoroughly Check your Latest CA Intermediate Examination syllabus. Getting a clear cut idea about your syllabus and weightage of the topics will help you a lot in at the time of preparation and will help you a lot at the time for those who are preparing CA Intermediate study plan for group 1 and CA Intermediate study plan for group 2. 
  • Plan what to study First – As we know CA intermediate examination is divided into 2 different groups of 4 subjects each. CA Intermediate papers comprise of the question which is subjective and objective-based. If you have thoroughly checked your CA Intermediate syllabus now it will be easy for you to distribute your preparation time. 
  • Prepare time management strategy (How to study) – Now it time to decide yourself how to study for CA Intermediate examination. Intermediate examination is tough and there is a lot of syllabus which you have to cover. Students have to invest their 8-10 quality hours if they really want to clear their CA Intermediate Examination. Students have to give 360-degree time to all the important subjects such as accounting, economics, law, economics,  audit. 
  • Start your Preparation- Students who are coming through the CA Foundation route have 8 months of preparation. If you work hard smartly and divide your schedule perfectly it will be easy for you to crack CA Intermediate May 2024 examination. Students must completed their syllabus before the start of CA Intermediate Examination.

You should set the target for each month to prepare as the time of examination come close you can set up your goal more clear. 

Click here for the ICAI “CA Inter Exam Dates” for the 2024 exams.

CA Intermediate Study Plan Tips for every month.

  • CA Intermediate first month study plan tips- Check all the syllabus and chapters, make yourself adaptive to set daily routine, give time to theoretical and invest time in understanding basics at your coaching. 
  • CA Intermediate second Month study plan tips- Stick on your theory chapters, start making short notes and read more and more. 
  • CA Intermediate third-month study plan- Divide your schedule for practical and theoretical students separately. Increase your study hours. 
  • CA Intermediate 4 month study plan- Remember now you have left only four months in your hand after this or should better count it 3 only. Now after this your judgment month has started. Preparation from now onwards will decide you that your journey to the CA Final Examination. Clear all your doubts to solve more and more. 

Now you have only 3 months left for your for CA Intermediate examination. Don’t lose hope. Try to watch motivational videos. Everything will be pay off. 

  1. CA Intermediate Last 3 Month Preparation strategy- We are sure that you might be now more concentrated towards your CA Intermediate examination. Those long study hours does not seem long now. Keep your focus on the objective section more, this is where the students lose more marks. 
  2. CA Intermediate last  2 months preparation strategy- Now you are on your 6 preparation month of CA Intermediate examination. This is the time when most of the started taking too much stress for the examination. You need to calm yourself, start taking 30 min yoga session which will help you to in bringing positiveness in your body. Just go with the flow, in case if you are not able to finish any topics in don’t worry. You will make it easier. 
  3. CA Intermediate Last month preparation – This is the final preparation month of your CA Intermediate examination. In next month your CA Intermediate May 2024 Examination is going to start. Now you have to just keep trust on yourself. 

Now its time to solve your CA Intermediate Mock test Papers, revision test papers, Previous year papers. I know for some of them it feels like a waste of time. No, you will analyze your mistake so that you could work more hard on those points. 

Following the CA Intermediate Study plan required a lot of effort. If you can win over your body and mental strength everything is possible. 

Below are some of the Best CA Intermediate preparation tips for the 2024 examination.

CA Intermediate Preparation Tips

Follow these CA Intermediate Exam preparation tips to score good marks in your examination. 

  • Eat healthy, avoid eating fatty junk food. 
  • Exercise and meditate daily.
  • Avoid using smartphone (  say no to social media )
  • Give 30 minutes to your hobby
  • Stay calm and relaxed during the examination.
  • Download the examination ticket 2 days before the examination. Carry ID proof with yourself.
  • Believe in yourself

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CA Intermediate study plan: Frequently asked questions. 

Q1. How to prepare for CA Intermediate examination? 

Ans- A properly planned CA Intermediate study plan along with the hard work is the main key for the preparation of CA Intermediate examination. 

Q2. How many hours are required to study for CA Intermediate examination?
CA Intermediate study material has a lengthy syllabus, to complete it before within the preparation leave you have to give at least 10-12 quality hours.

Q3. IS ICAI CA Intermediate study material is enough to crack the examination? 

Ans- yes ICAI CA intermediate study material is enough to crack your CA Intermediate examination and score good marks in your CA intermediate results.

So yes that is your whole guideline for the CA Intermediate examination. If you follow the guidelines thoroughly the success in near to you. You will easily clear your CA Intermediate Examination and start your preparation for CA Final Examination. But before that you have to complete your CA Aritcleship training. 

Best of luck. 

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