Best Career Guidance After 12th Board Exams

Best Career Guidance After 12th Board Exams
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Once class 12 board exams are over, students have to clear another big hurdle for them. They had to choose the best career after the completion of class 12th. Students face tough times in choosing their career after their 12th. Students get confused about whether they should go for their passion or stick to their guardian’s advice. Students must choose a career that will provide them with a good salary, growth prospects, job security, and many more such benefits. 

CA Wizard is an online educational platform that provides the best career guidance after the 12th board exams. There are various high-salaried jobs for students to choose from. But it’s not easy to achieve success. To get the best job, students have to understand the functionality of how the industry works by pursuing different professional courses after class 12th. 

CA Wizard has provided the list of all the career options that can be pursued by students after class 12th. CA wizard provides career guidance after 12th science students as well as provides career guidance after 12th commerce students

From this article, you will get the best career guidance after the 12th board exams and also how to choose a career after the 12th. This article will also guide students about what all things should be kept in mind while choosing a suitable career option. Students must read this blog to get the best career guidance after the 12th board examinations. 

List of Courses Students Can Pursue After 12th Exams 

CA Foundation Sep 2024 New Bactch 26May

Before choosing any career after the 12th, students must have knowledge about the best career option. Here we have provided the list of career options that all three streams (science, arts, and commerce) students can pursue. 

  • Chartered Accountancy

Chartered Accountancy is among the highest paid jobs. Students of commerce, science, and art anyone can pursue this course. To pursue a Chartered Accountancy course, students need to clear three levels i.e., CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, and CA Final. Becoming a CA is not an easy task. Students require a lot of patience and immense dedication. Once you have completed all three levels, you will get a good salary. The salary package of a CA can be around 35 lakhs pa. 

To get the best career guidance after the 12th in this field, CA Wizard is one of the best online platforms. CA Wizard will guide you on how to become a chartered accountant. Students can get the complete course details of CA from CA Wizard. CA Wizard follows all the ICAI guidelines. 


  • Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing is a very creative career for students after class 12th. Students of science, arts, and commerce can pursue this course. Students who have creative minds or have an interest in designing can opt for this course. Fashion designing can be a struggle in the beginning, but once students hold it up their work might get famous. Students can have their own name and brand if they pursue this career. Students can pursue this course through B. Des (Fashion Designing, B.Des. (Leather Design), B.Des. (Accessory Design), and B.Des. (Fashion Communication). A fashion designer can earn around 32 lakhs per year. 


  • Bachelor of Laws

A Bachelor of law is a very interesting career opportunity for arts, science, and commerce stream students. Lawyers can earn around a lakh very easily in a month when he/she becomes a well-known lawyer and must have the knowledge to handle all legal cases. To pursue a Bachelor of Laws, students need to have an LLB degree from an institution recognized by the Bar Council of India (The regulatory body for lawyers in India) is required. A well-known and experienced lawyer can earn an average salary of Rs around 7.2 lakhs per year. 

  • Mechanical or Marine Engineering

Students who love to travel and do adventurous things then you must go for this career option. If students are also interested in seeing new places and meeting new people, then pursuing Marine engineering is a good choice. Merchant Navy is one of the highly paid jobs in India. Likewise, mechanical engineering is also a good salaried job in India. 

  • Software Engineering

Students can pursue BCS or MS in computer science. This course can be pursued by all streams (science, commerce, and arts) students. A good and experienced software engineer can earn around 20 to 20 lakhs per year. 

How to Choose a Career Option After 12th Board Exams 

Once class 12th board exam results are declared and the school gets over, students must take time in making very crucial decisions about what to do after 12th. Nowadays, there are various career options that make it difficult for students to choose one. Sometimes, it might happen that students get confused and have lots of doubts regarding choosing the best career option. Students might get lots of career advice from their friends and family, which will create more confusion. Given below are a few points to know how to choose the best career option after the 12th board exams:

  • What is your interest?

Choosing the best suitable career option after the 12th is a very difficult situation for students. Students get lots of career advice from their friends, family, and friends. But, it is very essential to choose a career option of your interest. For example, if you are interested in stitching, sketching, etc then students must pursue fashion designing. If students are interested in music, acting or arts, then they must choose the course which takes them on that path. 


  • How to choose the right course

Nowadays, there are lots and lots of courses for students who completed their class 12th exams. But taking up the right career path is more important. Students have the option of choosing a degree course, a diploma course, a weekday course, a weekend course, or even distance learning/part-time studies. Students must understand the course structure like syllabus and teaching methodologies, paper structure and then only should select any career option. Students also must try to have a conversation with the students who are currently taking the course or must have a conversation with passed-out students. This will give them an inside idea of the course. 

  • Know your future lookout

Once your thoughts are clear about your interests and how you are gonna train yourself to pursue your career, it is very important to evaluate its future lookout. Whatever you choose in your career, students must keep in mind that it acts as a primary motivator for them. The financial prospect of your chosen career should be given value. 

Things to Remember While Choosing Any Career After 12th

It is very important for students to keep in mind a few important points while choosing any career after the 12th board exams. They are as follows:

  1. Students must have an in-depth understanding of the course or career that they are going to pursue after the 12th board exams. What subjects you have to study, course duration time, best institution to pursue the course, etc everything you must know. 
  2. Students must also look into the future prospect of the course. For example what job will be offered after pursuing the course, what will be the benefits of pursuing the job, etc. Also, students must know what courses can be done further after pursuing the course. 
  3. Students must create a list of subjects they are interested in and not interested in. And also create a list of courses that best suits your interests. 
  4. Once you have created the list, analyze each and every course you listed. While analyzing keep in mind the important aspects like minimum qualifications, starting salary, best opportunity to progress in that particular course, potential difficulties, etc. 
  5. Considering the income of your chosen career is also important because, in the end, everybody chooses a career to earn good money. 

Opting for the best career is completely in the student’s hands only. Students need to think about all the aspects of a career they will be choosing. From this article, students will get the best guidance after the 12th board exams. Also, students or arts, science, and commerce will get to know how to choose a suitable career after the 12th. Students need to choose the best career option very wisely. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is the best career for students after the 12th board exams?

Ans: There are lots and lots of career options for students after the 12th board exams. And every career is the best in its own place. But if students choose a career of their own interest, that becomes the best career for them. 

Q2. What should a student do to get the highest salary job?

Ans: To get higher salary jobs, students need to opt for high-salaried jobs such as Chartered Accountant, Law, Engineering, etc. At the beginning of the job, the salary might be less, but after getting the experience students can enjoy a salary of around 35-40 lakhs per year. 

Q3. What should a student do after clearing class 12th board exams?

Ans: Once students have cleared their class 12th board exams, they must start searching and analyzing for their future careers. They must know by the time what course they have to pursue and what institution they need to join. 

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