Hey Students!! Worried for not getting a good score in your 12th boards? Now, what to do next? Offcourse, your marks determine the factors which career you can choose. If you haven’t scored 90+, then you will not be eligible for many of the reputed colleges say it Shri Ram College in Delhi or Miranda House, St. Stephens, Hindu College and many others.

Only Rankers get admission in such colleges or students who scored above 90%. Marks are important. Good marks in your boards are the ladder for a successful career but it doesn’t mean that now you could not have a successful career.

Many successful businessmen like  Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Kumar Mangalam Birla, Motilal Oswal were not rankers but still today they are the most successful businessman’s. “Success is not Final, Failure is not Fatal: It is the courage to continue that Counts”.

There are many courses after 12th which can lead you towards a successful career without having a look at the score you previously attained. Have a look below –

Career in Chartered Accountancy –

The first option on our list supposed to be becoming a Chartered Accountancy. Yes, the score you attained in 10th or 12th cannot restrict you from pursuing this course. There is a separate entrance exam named as CA Foundation which tests your eligibility whether you can pursue this course or not.

CA is one of the most reputed and sought course among the commerce stream students. The respect and pay which you can gain from the CA profession is unimaginable.

They are highly knowledgeable and treated as experts in various domains such as Accounting, Taxation, Finance, Auditing etc. They are the only authorized persons who can audit the Financial Statements of any organization.

You know the best part of this course, this does not allow any reservation for any specific caste students. The only way to get a scholarship is achieving high scores at any level of this course.

Career in Mass Communication –

If you know how to influence people or you have an impressive way to talk, then you can build your career in Mass Communication. This might be not so popular today but with the 4G technology, the scope in this field is getting wider.

In general words, we can understand that Mass Communication is a technology which has a motto to cover a large audience through the communication platforms like TV, Magazines, Internet etc.

This course opens the door to become News anchor or a TV presenter and various such jobs which are not just highly paid but also respected.

Company Secretaries –

After Chartered Accountancy, the Company Secretary is the most sought course among the commerce stream students. Similar to CA, here also the score attain in 10th and 12th standard does not create any boundary line not to pursue this course.

The course has a separate entrance level test which tests the student’s eligibility whether they could pursue this course or not.

CS possess an expert knowledge of Company Legal Matters and they are hired to handle the corporate governance of the company.

You can build a successful career becoming Company Secretary even after scoring low in your board exams.

Career in Writing –

Well, very few people are blessed with creative thinking which must be shared with others. But How? If you are not good at speaking or afraid to face the camera or public then you can convey your beautiful thoughts in writing.

Words have the power to bring a new era if your imagination is that creative. So, you are blessed with such creativity then hold a pen and write such on the paper.

Not anyone can be a writer, you need to have a good command over the language you are choosing to write, the ability to understand the topics and capability to research well on such.

If you think you are capable to become a writer, then you must try once.

Fashion Designing –

Some people think that Fashion Designing has a very limited scope unless you don’t have huge money for investing in this field. But it is not true.

If you really possess a stunning dressing sense or love to update with the latest trend of Fashion industry then this might be a correct career option for you. And today, with the 4G technology, it has become very easy to introduce your business to the people.

Students who scored even less than 50% can apply for the undergraduate courses in this field.

Career in Sports –

Who said that only education can give you a bright career? Every person is not meant for study long hours and not interested in joining a decent 9 to 5 Job.

Some people like to play say it Badminton, Cricket, Football or anything they like. So forcing yourself to build the career in any education field even if you are meant for sports won’t be a right decision.

Imagine if MS Dhoni has chosen to become a software engineer or Saina Nehwal chosen to become a Journalist. Would they be able to stand at the position where they are currently standing? No!! Because everyone has their own abilities, some are good playing with numbers like Chartered Accountants while some are good playing with balls such as cricketers.

So, identify your strength and make a nice selection for your career which won’t let you regret later.

Career in Digital Marketing –

Many people are not aware of this fastest growing field. Digital Marketing is the most exciting way to do the marketing or we can say promote your business.

Digital Marketing could not be compared with traditional marketing. Here you don’t need to move door to door to promote your business. There are infinite online platforms where you can grow your business.

This is one of the challenging yet rewarding courses whose demand is rapidly increasing with the passage of time. Here also the marks scored in your board exam does not play any role.

Air Hostess –

Some girls are blessed with a very pleasing personality and if they possess impressive communication skills too, they may choose to join a flight crew course after 12th.

Although, you are not advised to drop your graduation. But becoming an Air Hostess is such a marvelous and exciting career opportunity. Here you will get a chance to fly high in the sky, roam here to there, visit many countries etc etc etc.

Career in Photography –

Do you love to capture the nature, places or even different people who come your way? Then you can choose photography as a career. Offcourse, the career should be something which you really enjoy.

If you think that you are capable to chose this hobby as a profession then register yourself with some photography course which can train you and mold you into a true professional.

Career in Animation / Graphic Design –

Love to do animation or want to showcase your creativity!! Then you may go for some animation course or Web or Graphic Designing.course. You may not found its scope wider today but the future is ready to welcome the creative and innovative web designers.

The demand for Web / Graphic Designer is immense who update themselves with the latest trends in web designs.

These are some of the career options which can be chosen after 12th if you haven’t scored high. Low marks could not restrict you to have a bright future. The above courses will give you both name and fame. So what are you waiting for? Just go and register yourself with one of the courses which you deem fit according to your interest.

You can ask any queries in the comment section given below and feel free to ask. Also, stay in tune with our next article.

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