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CBSE Class 12 Marking Scheme 2020.

CBSE Class 12th Result is the most crucial stage in the school life of a student. The 12th class result may decide your career after 12th, your whole life, and beyond. As the time table for class 12th is already out, now its time to do systematic planning to get better results. In this article, we have explained the CBSE Class 12th marking scheme/blueprint of Commerce stream subject wise so that you can start systematic planning for class 12th exam.

Following the CBSE Class 12th Marking scheme will help you in scoring more marks in your examination by looking at the CBSE Class 12th Marking Scheme 2020 student can plan their studies accordingly and will evaluate which are the high scoring subjects they need to focus on.

Having an Idea about the CBSE Class 12 Marking scheme help you in scoring marks in the examination. You can utilize your time correctly on the topics. Along with the CBSE marking scheme students are advised to also go through CBSE Class 12th Syllabus and Study Material.

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CBSE Class 12th Marking Scheme 2020- Commerce Students

Below is the detailed description of the CBSE marking scheme for Class 12th Commerce.

Commerce is a stream for the business. Accountancy is the core of every business. No business in this world can survive without accountancy. Students can make their Carrer through the field of commerce. It is an opportunity for CBSE commerce students to get ready with accountancy for their or someone else business. Take a look at the CBSE class 12th marking scheme for Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies.

CBSE Class 12th Accountancy Marking Scheme

Accountancy is all about business. So it is better if the students start grabbing accountancy from the very beginning in order to claim success in their business. Accountancy is the basis for every commerce stream competition exams. Take a look at the marking scheme of CBSE 12th Accountancy which will help you to prepare for CBSE 12th board exams.

CBSE Class 12th Marks distribution

Maximum Marks80 Marks
Time Allowed3 Hours
Total No. of Questions23
Marks Distribution as per type of questionVery short Answer(1 mark)
Short Answer 1(3 marks) 
Short Answer 2(4 marks) 
Value-Based Answer(6 marks) 
Long Answer (8 marks) 

CBSE Class 12th Marks distribution according to Subjects. 

UnitUnit NameMarks
Part A Accounting for Partnership Firms and Companies 
 Unit 1: Accounting for Partnership Firms35
Unit 2: Accounting for Companies 25
Total Marks60 
Part BFinancial Statement Analysis 
 Unit 3: Analysis For Financial Statements12
Unit 4: Cash Flow Statements8 
Total Marks20 
Part CProject Work20
Part BComputerised Accounting 
 Unit 3: Computerised Accounting20
Part CProject Work20

CBSE Class 12th Economics Marking Scheme.

Economics is one of the favorite subjects for commerce students but it gets tougher by the class. Students who are going through CBSE Class 12th marking Scheme are also checked Marking scheme for Economics Class 12th. CBSE 12th economics is divided into 2 parts naming Macro Economics, Micro Economics. Micro Economics deals with the decision making of individuals whereas Macro Economics deals with the decision making of the industry as a whole. A better understanding of this subject will lead you to good marks and a better understanding of business. Get an overview of the subject by going through the marking scheme of CBSE 12th Economics.

CBSE 12th Marking scheme for economics

Maximum Marks80 Marks

Time Allowed3 HoursTotal No. of Questions24Marks Distribution as per the type of question very short answer(1 mark)Short Answer 1(3 marks)Short Answer 2(4 marks)Long Answer (6 marks)

Unit no.Unit NameMarks
2Consumer Equilibrium and Demand18
3Producer Behaviour and Supply18
4Forms of Market and Price determination10
5National income and related aggregates15
6Money and Banking8
7Determination of Income and employment12
8Government Budget and the economy8
9Balance of Payment7
Total Marks100 

Marking Scheme for Class 12th Business Studies

Business Studies subject of class 12th reflects with its name that it is all about business. Business studies will teach you all about how to do the planning of a business, organizing of business, Staffing in a business, Directing, controlling business, Marketing involved in the business, and consumer protection. Have a look at the CBSE Class 12th Business Studies marking scheme.

Unit No.Unit NameMarks
Part A – Principles and Functions of Management  
1Nature and Significance of Management7
2Principles of Management7
Part B  – Business Finance and Marketing  
8Financial Management12
9Financial Markets8
11Consumer Protection6
Total Marks100 

We hope the above information about the CBSE Class 12th Marking scheme is useful to you.

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