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Download CBSE Sample Papers Commerce Class 12

Solving CBSE Commerce Sample Papers Class 12th is a good way to become familiar with the paper pattern. It is one of the important things you should do before your final exams. Here we have CBSE Sample Papers Commerce Class 12th for your reference.

SubjectCBSE 12th Commerce Sample Paper 2020Answers of CBSE 12th Commerce Sample Paper 2020
Business StudiesDownloadDownload

Download the CBSE Sample Papers Commerce Class 12th question papers.

Set a schedule for solving it.

Give it like a test. Sit alone in silence, and keep all distractions away.

Give yourself 15 minutes of reading time and 3 hours for writing. Keep a clock near you or sit in a room which has a clock but don’t keep a mobile phone near you for seeing the time.

Stop writing after 3 hours, don’t even take an extra 5 minutes because you won’t get any in the final exam.

Keep the papers aside and relax for some time.

Sometime later, review your answer sheet with the solutions given above. (Download the PDF Files)

It will help you in

  • assessing your writing speed and how neatly you write in the answer copies,
  • detecting flaws in your answers, you can know if you are making calculation mistakes or conceptual mistakes.

CBSE 12th Commerce Last Year Papers

Along with practicing CBSE Sample Papers Commerce Class 12th, you need to solve CBSE Commerce Question Papers for Class 12th.

You can download the set of CBSE 12th Commerce Last Year Papers from below.

Additionally, we have given one solved paper for every subject.


Set 1Download
Set 2Download
Set 3Download
Answers Set 1Download


Set 1Download
Set 2Download
Set 3Download
Answers Set 1Download


Set 1Download
Set 2Download
Set 3Download
Answers Set 1Download


Set 1 (Delhi)Download
Set 2 (Delhi)Download
Set 3 (Delhi)Download
Set 1 (Outside Delhi)Download
Set 2 (Outside Delhi)Download
Set 3 (Outside Delhi)Download
Answers Set 1 (Outside Delhi)Download

CBSE Model Answer Sheets

CBSE Board has given model answer sheets of some toppers for reference. Take a glimpse to see what impresses the examiners and how you should make your answer sheet presentable. You can view the links below.

View Accountancy Answer Sheet (Set 3)

View Business Studies Answer Sheet (Set 1)

View Economics Answer Sheet (Set 1)

View Maths Answer Sheet (Set 1- Delhi)

Practices you must adopt while preparing for CBSE Exams

We know it’s your first time preparing for CBSE Board Exams, and you might have heard or read many suggestions on preparing for exams already. But the ones that matter and are given below- how you should prepare and what you should do during the exam. These are tips followed by CBSE toppers of previous years.

Preparation Tips

  1. Keep your CBSE Board Exam Date Sheet pasted in the room until your exams are over.
  2. Give a thorough look at the syllabus and the marking scheme designed by CBSE. Your study plan should be made with a marking scheme in consideration, along with your personalized way of learning. 
  3. Use horizontal writing sheets while practicing CBSE sample papers commerce class 12th. Solve CBSE 12th commerce last year papers. It will make you habitual of writing on a horizontal sheet, and you can plan how to use blank space for writing answers in different subjects.
  4. If you want to learn any formula or steps of any topic, write them down neatly on a paper and paste it on a wall or cupboard in your room for a few days. When you see it a few times a day, your brain will start remembering it. (Pro-tip: You can even add a bit of color and creativity to it to make it visually appealing and distinguishable from other notes that you paste on your wall. Your brain won’t mix it with any other formula or steps.)
  5. Remember, some questions are easy and some are tricky, so all of them won’t take the same time in solving. After reading all the questions, divide your time for each question.
  6. Practice tricky questions, test how your brain works when you solve a tricky question. If you panic or feel like giving up, then you need to find a personalized way to keep yourself calm during the exam.
  7. Improve your concentration skills. There will be some noise and disturbances in the exam hall, so you need to stay focused and not get distracted by every little noise around you.

During Exam Tips

  1. Try to complete all the questions of a section before moving on to the next section. It will keep your answer sheet less disorganized for the examiner.
  2. If you are leaving some space or pages for an answer, leave some extra space, so later when you come back to writing it, you won’t have to struggle in completing the answer in a limited space.
  3. Ensure that you have not left any question unanswered before handing it to the examiner.

Tips for writing answers in exams the right way

Eliminate blunders that keep you away from scoring full marks:

  1. Accountancy: For long answers, do the calculations on a different page, it will keep your answer page neat and clean for easy readability of answers for the examiner.
  2. Economics: Make graphs wherever necessary.
  3. Business Studies: Write in short points instead of long paragraphs.
  4. Mathematics: Every step and explanation of the answers has some marks, so do not skip any step while writing your answer. 
  5. English: For reading passages, find their answers in the reading time or do them in the last.

We hope these CBSE Sample Papers Commerce Class 12th and preparation tips will help you improve, and you will pass with flying colors.

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