Courses To Do Along With CA

Courses To Do Along With CA
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Chartered Accountancy is itself a complete course and need not be supported by some additional courses along with CA but still, many students have often seen asking what are the side courses available with Chartered Accountancy. Reasons differ from student to student say some want to assure themselves with the side degrees as CA is not easy to qualify and some want extra qualification to get advantage into the job placement.

Whatever, the reasons may be, there are many career options one can go along with Chartered Accountancy. We have prepared this article to guide the students who are looking for such an additional course. Let’s have a look to such courses to do along with CA below. 

Best courses to do along with CA

CS (Company Secretary) –

CS is known as a company law expert hence appointed to handle the legal matters of the company. The course is renowned and has its own place in the corporate world.

You must have seen many students around you pursuing CA and CS together. The reason behind such is a person holding CA and CS both degrees can grab infinite career opportunities at the management level, a fascinating combination looking by the corporate world every time.

CA Foundation Sep 2024 New Bactch 26May

Like CA, CS is also a long duration course takes minimum 3 years time to complete. The best part of CA and CS course is both the courses are quite similar and CS is considered easier than CA, therefore a CA student has a greater chance to get the CS degree.

MBA (Master of Business Administration) –

A Chartered Accountant can also move to the career in finance and if you wish same then MBA in finance can be a perfect choice to boost your career opportunities. A Chartered Accountant is known for its expert knowledge in various domains and one of such domain is finance but where a CA lacks and MBA gets preference is communication skills. 

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The MBA is known for its excellent communication skill and influencing power. Hence, MBA in finance can help you in developing different administrative and communication skills and just imagine when your expertise knowledge combines with brilliant administrative and communication skills, how many career opportunities will knock on your door.

CMA (Cost and Management Accountant) –

CMA is a certified course in India organized by CMA institute who are appointed to deal with the cost auditing. If you wish to pursue your career with some manufacturing organization, then CMA can be a nice option to go with. The course will add value to your profile and again the best part here is subjects are much similar to your CA course.

CMA is appointed to handle the cost records of the company while the CA is appointed to handle the financial records of the company. If you pursue both the courses, then you will get an advantage over other candidates who can either handle cost records only or financial records only.

ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountant) –

You might have heard about ACCA which is rapidly taking its roots not only in India but throughout the world. It is a globally recognized profession working in 180 countries known for its excellence in accounting all over the world.

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Chartered Accountancy is recognized only in India while the ACCA has a global recognition, therefore pursuing both the courses will give you an advantage of appointing in MNC working with overseas clients or even working in a foreign company as an Accountant.

It gives you an additional knowledge of U.K. GAAP and International laws which definitely puts you one step higher than Indian Chartered Accountants. However, do not skip CA course, as in India this is only authorized professional who can audit the Financial Statements of an organization. ACCA covers the global scenario while the CA covers Local Scenario so most of the companies prefer CA over ACCA. But of course, Large companies dealing with International Clients require both CA and ACCA.

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Conclusion – Here are some of the courses which give you an additional qualification in Chartered Accountancy. Although, remember knowledge is important and not only the degrees. Organization appoints humans who can take their company at a next level and not the degrees. You might get a job based on your degrees but increments will always depend on your skills and intelligence.

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