CA Wizard here shares the Kerala Plus One Previous Question Papers and Answers PDF designed by expert teachers of the Kerala Board. These papers will help you prepare for your exams. We have provided Kerala Plus One Model Question Papers for all commerce, science, and arts subjects. You can also improve your exam preparation with the best tips.

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Kerala Plus One Previous Question Papers and Answers PDF

One of the best ways to analyze your preparation level for the Kerala Board exams is to solve previous year question papers and model papers. You must give at least 2 or 3 tests for each of your subjects before the exams. If you do not have the question papers, you can download them from the links available below.

Free Download Kerala Plus One Previous Question Papers and Answers PDF

Kerala Plus One English Model Question Paper

English QP 1English QP 2English QP 3
English QP 4English QP 5English QP 6
English QP 7English QP 8English QP 9
English QP 10English QP 11English QP 12
English QP 13English QP 14English QP 15
English QP 16English QP 17English QP 18
English QP 19English QP 20English QP 21
English QP 22English QP 23English QP 24
English QP 25English QP 26English QP 27
English QP 28English QP 29

Kerala Plus One Malayalam Model Question Paper

Malayalam QP 1Malayalam QP 2Malayalam QP 3
Malayalam QP 4Malayalam QP 5Malayalam QP 6A Malayalam QP 6B
Malayalam QP 7A Malayalam QP 7B Malayalam QP 7C Malayalam QP 7DMalayalam QP 8Malayalam QP 9A Malayalam QP 9B Malayalam QP 9C
Malayalam QP 10A Malayalam QP 10 BMalayalam QP 11Malayalam QP 12

Kerala Plus One Physics Question Paper

Physics QP 1Physics QP 2Physics QP 3
Physics QP 4Physics QP 5Physics QP 6
Physics QP 7Physics QP 8Physics QP 9
Physics QP 10Physics QP 11Physics QP 12
Physics QP 13Physics QP 14Physics QP 15
Physics QP 16Physics QP 17Physics QP 18
Physics QP 19Physics QP 20Physics QP 21
Physics QP 22Physics QP 23Physics QP 24
Physics QP 25

Kerala Plus One Model Question Paper Chemistry

Chemistry QP 1Chemistry QP 2Chemistry QP 3
Chemistry QP 4Chemistry QP 5 Part A Chemistry QP 5 Part B Chemistry QP 5 Part C Chemistry QP 5 Part DChemistry QP 6
Chemistry QP 7

Kerala Plus One Computer Information Technology Question Paper

Computer Information Technology QP 1Computer Information Technology QP 2Computer Information Technology QP 3Computer Information Technology QP 4

Kerala Plus One Mathematics Question Papers

Mathematics (Commerce) Question Paper

Mathematics (Science) QP 1Mathematics (Science) QP 2
Mathematics (Science) QP 3Mathematics (Science) QP 4
Mathematics (Science) QP 5 Part A Mathematics (Science) QP 5 Part BMathematics (Science) QP 6
Mathematics (Science) QP 7Mathematics (Science) QP 8
Mathematics (Science) QP 9Mathematics (Science) QP 10
Mathematics (Science) QP 11Mathematics (Science) QP 12
Mathematics (Science) QP 13Mathematics (Science) QP 14
Mathematics (Science) QP 15Mathematics (Science) QP 16
Mathematics (Science) QP 17Mathematics (Science) QP 18
Mathematics (Science) QP 19Mathematics (Science) QP 20
Mathematics (Science) QP 21Mathematics (Science) QP 22
Mathematics (Science) QP 23Mathematics (Science) QP 24
Mathematics (Science) QP 25Mathematics (Science) QP 26
Mathematics (Science) QP 27Mathematics (Science) QP 28
Mathematics (Science) QP 29

Kerala Plus One Economics Question Papers

Economics QP 1Economics QP 2Economics QP 3
Economics QP 4Economics QP 5Economics QP 6
Economics QP 7Economics QP 8 Part A Economics QP 8 Part B Economics QP 8 Part CEconomics QP 9 Part A Economics QP 9 Part B Economics QP 9 Part C Economics QP 9 Part D Economics QP 9 Part E Economics QP 9 Part F
Economics QP 10Economics QP 11Economics QP 12
Economics QP 13Economics QP 14Economics QP 15
Economics QP 16Economics QP 17Economics QP 18
Economics QP 19Economics QP 20Economics QP 21
Economics QP 22Economics QP 23Economics QP 24
Economics QP 25Economics QP 26Economics QP 27
Economics QP 28Economics QP 29Economics QP 30
Economics QP 31Economics QP 32Economics QP 33
Economics QP 34Economics QP 35Economics QP 36
Economics QP 37

Kerala Plus One Business Studies Question Papers

Business Studies QP 1Business Studies QP 2Business Studies QP 3
Business Studies QP 4Business Studies QP 5Business Studies QP 6
Business Studies QP 7Business Studies QP 8Business Studies QP 9 Part A Business Studies QP 9 Part B
Business Studies QP 10Business Studies QP 11 Part A Business Studies QP 11 Part B Business Studies QP 11 Part C Business Studies QP 11 Part DBusiness Studies QP 12
Business Studies QP 13Business Studies QP 14Business Studies QP 15
Business Studies QP 16Business Studies QP 17Business Studies QP 18
Business Studies QP 19Business Studies QP 20Business Studies QP 21

Kerala Plus One Accountancy Question Papers

Accountancy with Analysis of Financial statement QP 1
Accountancy with Analysis of Financial statement QP 2
Accountancy with Analysis of Financial statement QP 3
Accountancy with Analysis of Financial statement QP 4
Accountancy with Analysis of Financial statement QP 5
Accountancy with Comp.Acc. QP 1Accountancy with Comp.Acc. QP 2
Accountancy with Comp.Acc. QP 3Accountancy with Comp.Acc. QP 4
Accountancy with Comp.Acc. QP 5Accountancy with Comp.Acc. QP 6
Accountancy with Comp.Acc. QP 7Accountancy with Comp.Acc. QP 8
Accountancy with Comp.Acc. QP 9Accountancy with Comp.Acc. QP 10
Accountancy with Comp.Acc. QP 11Accountancy with Comp.Acc. QP 12
Accountancy with Comp.Acc. QP 13Accountancy with Comp.Acc. QP 14
Accountancy with Comp.Acc. QP 15Accountancy with Comp.Acc. QP 16
Accountancy with Comp.Acc. QP 17Accountancy with Comp.Acc. QP 18
Accountancy with Comp.Acc. QP 19Accountancy with Comp.Acc. QP 20
Accountancy with Comp.Acc. QP 21Accountancy with Comp.Acc. QP 22

Kerala Plus One History Question Papers

History QP 1History QP 2History QP 3
History QP 4History QP 5History QP 6
History QP 7History QP 8History QP 9
History QP 10History QP 11History QP 12
History QP 13History QP 14History QP 15
History QP 16History QP 17

Kerala Plus One Political Science Question Papers

Political Science QP 1Political Science QP 2Political Science QP 3
Political Science QP 4Political Science QP 5

Kerala Plus One Geography Question Papers

Geography QP 1Geography QP 2Geography QP 3
Geography QP 4Geography QP 5Geography QP 6
Geography QP 7Geography QP 8Geography QP 9
Geography QP 10Geography QP 11Geography QP 12
Geography QP 13

Kerala Plus One Sociology Question Papers

Sociology QP 1Sociology QP 2Sociology QP 3
Sociology QP 4Sociology QP 5Sociology QP 6
Sociology QP 7Sociology QP 8

To get the model question papers of the following subjects, click on the link below. Hindi, Sanskrit, Arabic, Urdu, Kannada, Electronic Service Technology, Botany, Zoology, Computer Science, Home Science, Electronics, Statistics, Gandhian Studies, Philosophy, Malayalam (optional), Hindi (optional), Communicative English, Computer Application (Commerce), Computer Application (Science), Journalism, Islamic History.

Download Kerala Plus One Model Question Papers

How to Use Kerala Board Plus One Question Papers in the Most Effective Ways?

Preparation Tips:

  • Attempt the question papers only after completing your syllabus at least once.
  • Solve all the previous year’s question papers/model papers/sample papers in an exam-like sitting area. (Sit on a chair, put the essential things on your table, keep all other things away, and be in a noiseless environment)
  • Concentrate on writing neatly and your speed. Move to the next question if you don’t know its answer. Don’t take the practice papers casually. Believe that you are giving your final exams. Do not cheat.
  • Once you complete your answers, get them checked by someone else (teacher/friend/siblings, etc.) If you are checking yourself, do it after some time so can think fairly. Use the answer key if available.
  • Solve the questions again, where you made mistakes.
  • Highlight all difficult questions and their solution method/answers. See them during your revisions.

We hope these tips and question papers will help you level up your preparation for the Kerala Board Plus One Exams.

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