Is it a Good Option to Choose CA After 12th. Know Why?

Is it a Good Option to Choose CA After 12th. Know Why?
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Choosing a career option after the 12th is one of the most common questions which is majorly seen among the students. Students are quite confused about which career will be the best option for them. Many commerce students plan to choose a CA after the 12th and take various advice from everyone. Most of the class 12th students are confused about whether to choose CA or not. Don’t worry today we are here to help you with one of the most common questions asked by a commerce student. Is it a good option to Choose CA after the 12th? 

CA is one of the most prestigious courses for 12th commerce students. CA is one of the best professional courses after the 12th. CA is chosen by a lot of students who are looking forward to becoming Chartered Accountants in India. There is a huge demand for Chartered Accountants in India along with the world. For students who are interested in playing with number and want attractive financial growth with a good salary,  CA is the best option for them. Everything has pros and cons. Everyone is not capable of achieving everything in every segment, which people also blame that CA is one of the toughest courses in India which sometimes also increases CA Course Duration after the 12th. 

 Chartered Accountants have enormous demand in India with the increase in globalization more and more companies are setting their centres in India. These companies required a huge force of Chartered Accountants in order to maintain their financial statement. With so much opportunity and the open door “why not choose CA After the 12th”. 

Yes, it is a good option to choose CA after the 12th. Below we are going to discuss CA Course Detail After 12th along with what basically is a Chartered Accountant in India which will definitely help you in convincing your mind that CA is a good career option. Along with what are the areas in Chartered Accountants and Steps to Become CA After 12th.

CA Foundation Sep 2024 New Bactch 26May

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What is a Chartered Accountant? 

Most of the people thought Chartered Accountant is a post or designation who helps in the financial issue of a company, yes they are merely correct. But the era in which we are living for us a Chartered Accountant is an individual in an organization who helps in the smooth running of a company Financially. The Value of a Chartered Accountant in a company is as important as a General manager or managing director. “Now your mind would be thinking of  How to become CA After 12th. Curious enough. First heard a bit more about Chartered Accountants. 

A Chartered Accountant can be part of any sector nowadays until their knowledge and skills help in the development of a company.  A Chartered Accountant can be head of any position ranging from Auditor to cost accountant’s head. Most Chartered Accountants who work in a company their task is to operate all the financial activity of that entity along with helping an organization with the financial advice and money management. So yes, thinking of it, Leaving CA after 12th means you are going to miss a lot of opportunities in your life. 

As a professional Chartered Accountant in India, one can work with the various organization with a different designation such as:

  • Chartered Accountant Firms
  • MNC
  • Banks
  • Capital Market Services 
  • Financial Institution
  • Independent Practice

A career in Chartered Accountant. 

Chartered Accountants have a huge demand in every sector of the Indian market. Since our country is not able to fulfill the demand for Chartered Accountants. The passing percentage of CA in India is less as compared to other examinations so it has become a myth by some people that CA is not possible to crack. On the other hand, people still try their luck in CA Steps after the 12th. 

The Career of a Chartered Accountant is bright in India. A person who has become(Planning “how to join CA 12th”) chartered accountant in India is financially strong. The Work of a Chartered Accountant is endless, every organization works with money and taxes and that requires CA, so yes you won’t be stuck in the situation where you feel like changing company and did not find an opportunity. 

With the past reports by the ICAI, there are around 2,81, 193 Chartered Accountants in India. Among which 1.32 lakhs are practicing and the remaining 1.5 lakhs are working as Job profiles. 

A CA can work in an organization or else can start their own chartered accountant firm in India. There is always a placement drive going on for a Qualified CA in India any time of the year. If you don’t want to work under any company you can own your own personal firms where your employees would be working with thousands of Clients. 

Below are some of the pros and cons of a Chartered Accountants career in India. 

Pros of CA 
Cons of CA 
Six-Figure Salary in India
Continuous updates regarding Financial
Job demand 
Long working hours 
Growing industry a lot of opportunities 
Lots of stress 
Stable Income 
Deadlines during the financial year
Multiple Income( depends ) 
Less workforce

How to Become a Chartered Accountant in India?

It is not mandatory that only Commerce students can apply for Chartered Accountants in India. Any person either CA After 12th science or CA After 12th arts can also enroll themselves for CA in India. 

The Path to become a Chartered Accountant in India is simple. One can also join CA after completion of their graduation or Post graduation. Students who are coming through graduation and post-graduation have had some benefits of skipping a few steps. So yes CA admission after 12th is pretty simple. 

Students who are going to pursue CA After 12th have to go through the Foundation Route method. There is also another route for graduate and postgraduate which is CA Direct entry route method. 

ICAI is responsible for conducting all the exams of Chartered Accountants in India. A Person who wants to become a Chartered Accountant in India must have to clear Class 12th from a recognized state board or central board. 

CA Course Duration After 12th. 

The duration of the CA course in India depends upon person to person. A student who is coming enrolling through the CA Foundation route method and will clear all the examinations and training on time in the first attempt, the time it will take is around 4.5 years. 

CA Course duration would be less for the graduation and post-graduation students since they don’t have to go through the CA Foundation steps. 

Below is the CA Course duration after 12th.

CA Foundation 
4 months
ICITSS Training( complete during foundation result)
1 month
CA Intermediate 
9 Months 
AICITSS Training( Complete during intermediate result)
1 Month
CA Article ship training
3 years 
CA Final 
6 months

Steps to Become Chartered Accountant in India.

Steps to become CA After 12th is pretty easy. Students have to clear all the 3 levels of CA Examination in India along with training to complete the CA Steps 12th. Below are all the Important CA Course Detail after 12th. 

Before following the steps a student has to register himself for each level of examination. 

For CA After 12th, students have to clear three levels of Chartered Accountant Exams in India along with the training which we have mentioned below. 

  1. CA Foundation
  2. CA Intermediate
  3. CA Final

In steps to become CA after 12th students have to go through 3 important training also. 

  1. ICITSS ( Integrated Course for Information Technology and Soft Skills)
  2. Article ship training ( 3 years)
  3. AICITSS ( Advanced integrated course for Information Technology and Soft Skills)

CA Foundation

CA Foundation is the First Level of examination faced by the student who is planning to do a Chartered Accountant course after 12th. Previously the course was known as CPT ( Common proficiency test). It has now changed to CA Foundation to make it a bit tough. Students who are thinking How to Become a CA After 12th have to go through this stage. 

Students have to register themselves for the CA Foundation and they have given a period of 4 months for the preparation of CA Foundation examination. CA Foundation is the easiest CA Exams in India. CA Foundation forms a base of Class 11 and Class 12th syllabus. There are Four Subjects in CA Foundation and most of the students clear the CA foundation exams. 

Passing percentage of CA Foundation is students have to score 40% marks in every subject along with the aggregate of 50% in the result than after they entitle for CA Intermediate stage. 

ICITSS ( Integrated Course for Information technology and Soft skills) 

There is a long of 2.5 months of training given after the CA Foundation examination. Along with examination the Chartered Accountant student also has to go through the same training. These training are mandatory by the ICAI. 

ICITSS is a one-month training which is a combination of basic information skills (IT) and Orientation courses. Both of them consist of 15 days each. 

Students are taught about the basic computer skills required in the chartered accountant along with Communication skills. Students are required to pay for it. 

CA Intermediate 

Earlier known as the CA IPCC (Integrated proficiency Competency Course).CA Intermediate is one of the most important levels of CA, though one of the toughest too. 

CA Intermediate Subject is divided into two groups. It’s the choice of students whether they want to give both groups together or separately. 

CA Intermediate is the bridge between CA Foundation and CA Final examination. Students are taught detailed knowledge about the financial or accounting aspects. The practical and theoretical knowledge of CA is also given to them.

Students are given a period of 9 months to prepare for the CA Intermediate examination

The ICAI has Announced the CA Inter Exam Dates on its official website.

After clearing either one group or both groups they can go on to enroll themselves for the CA article ship training. 

CA Article ship training (3 years)

It is necessary to complete at least one group of CA intermediate along with the ICITSS training in order to apply for the CA Article ship training.

It is mandatory to do CA articleship training, students are advised to join a CA firm and complete these 3 years of training. 

Students are taught exactly the work of Chartered Accountants in practical life. These are given real-life training given the actual burden of financial statements to prepare themselves for the future. 

Students who have cleared only one group have to clear 2nd group also then after they are eligible for the CA Final. 

AICITSS ( Advance integrated course for information technology and soft skills) 

This is the advanced version of ICITSS where students are taught the next level accountancy skills on the PC along with they are also taught how to present themselves, how to communicate and advice for personal development of themselves. 

CA Final 

Students can appear for CA Final Examination either completing their Articleship training or during the last six months of article ship training. 

CA final is the last milestone for the CA Final students and this is indeed one of the toughest exams too. Students have to study for around 12 to 14 hours in order to clear the examination

After clearing the CA Final Examination students can enroll themselves as the member of ICAI to become a chartered accountant in India.

These are the various exams and training students have to do in order to become a Chartered Accountant in India. CA is not that hard, with regular studies, continuous hard work, and analyzing students are able to score and pass CA exams easily. 

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With the completion of CA course the average salary package of a CA fresher is Rs. 6 to 7 lakhs which keeps on increasing as time passes. Definitely, we would suggest you go to CA after the 12th. If you really want to achieve something you have to invest in yourself and sacrifice a lot then after you can enjoy the fruits at the end. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What are the steps candidates need to follow to become a Chartered Accountant?

Ans: The entire process of becoming a CA after completing class 12th is explained above on this page. 

Q2. Are class 12th marks matters in the journey of becoming a Chartered Accountant?

Ans: While opting for CA after class 12th, students need to clear their class 12th exams by scoring at least 60% of marks. 

Q3. What is the eligibility of becoming CA after the 12th?

Ans: The eligibility criteria for students becoming CA after 12th is that they need to clear all their papers of class 12th and must have scored 60% marks in their examinations.

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