How to Choose CA Firm for Articleship

CA Firm for Articleship
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Articleship Training has been referred to as a Golden Period in CA Student’s life and today we are going to tell you HOw to choose a CA firm for Articleship. 

During the articleship period, the life of a CA student gets completely changed. He has to face countless challenges, get infinite opportunities, and turn into a true professional.

Articleship training is the practical exposure to the things you have learned in your course. You need the right mentor who can guide you in the right direction and helps you in turning a true professional without disturbing your CA Final Studies.

Hence, we have prepared this article which can guide you on how to choose CA Firm for Articleship Training  –

CA Foundation Sep 2024 New Bactch 26May

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Working Hours 

One of the most important points you have to consider while joining a Firm for articleship. Usually, the principal informs you of the normal working hours of an office at the time of your admission to say “9 to 5” or “10 to 6”… But you can talk with the employees working there about the normal working hours of the office and whether the principal use to get the articles to work overtime and if yes then take an approx idea.

Medium Firm or Big 4 

Most of the students wish to join Big 4 for Articleship Training and work hard to get the selection with any firm in Big 4 either it is PWC or E&Y. But within a year, most of the students took transfer due to the heavy workload and office pressure. Besides, heavy workload, such big firms do not use to transfer the files between articles amid such articleship tenure which means you will get some work in all 3 years.

Undoubtedly, you will become an expert in the area you are working but your exposure will get limited by working on the same projects while one gets a chance to work in every area in the small firms to say taxation, auditing, accounting, and much more.  

However, at the time of placement, one who has done articleship from such big firms gets preference over other candidates but if someone is planning to set up his own practice, then he should go with medium-size firms.

Talk About Preparation Leaves

Of course, CA Articleship is important but clearing CA Final is more important. Without a CA degree, you will not be called a Chartered Accountant. Hence, talking about the preparation leaves is the most critical call for every CA student.

Know the Minimum Stipend

Well, you may believe it or not but some of the medium-size firms do not give any stipend to their trainees. In order to show entry, they use to issue the cheque and take back such amount in cash. This is the worst thing which you come to know after working hard for your boss. Therefore, it would be better to talk about stipend before joining CA firm and also go through the Articleship Stipend as per ICAI Norms at least once.

Outstation Audits 

If traveling is your passion then outstation audits will be an opportunity for you to enjoy but if you are not comfortable with outstation audits then discuss this point in starting to avoid any excuses later. However, some top companies prefer candidates who are comfortable with outstation audits and this does not mean any metro city only, you may get an audit in some village or low population area also.

Discuss the Work 

You may not get the chance to ask the principal about the type of clients they are serving or particularly what kind of work they indulge at most. But you can discuss this point with the already working employees and articles. For example – If you want to grow your career in the Banking Industry as a CA, then the firm must possess one or two bank audits.

Office Infrastructure 

Who says that only learning is important and the environment doesn’t? Studies prove that the environment surrounding us impacts our learning. The students who join the firm where the infrastructure does not match their standard will have to suffer later. Hence, before joining the CA firm, visit their office at least once.

Conclusion – Here we have shared with you the guidelines which you should take care of before joining any CA Firm for Articleship Training. The firm where you are going to give your three crucial years must fulfill your expectations and also be able to turn you into true professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can a CA aspirant choose a CA firm for the article ship training?

CA aspirants can choose the firm for article ship training on the various aspects mentioned above on this page. Kindly check out the above page for a detailed explanation. 


Q2. What is the minimum stipend salary an aspirant earns during CA article ship training?

During the articleship training, an aspirant can earn from Rs 1000 per month to Rs 2000 per month in a year of articleship training. 


Q3. Is CA articleship training difficult for CA aspirants?

CA articleship training is not difficult, but finding a CA firm for articleship training is difficult. 


Q4. What does Big 4 refer to in the CA articleship firm?

Big 4 refers to Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler (KPMG), and Ernst & Young (E&Y).


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