CA Final Self Study Tips

CA Final Self Study Tips
CA Foundation Sep 2024 New Bactch 26May

CA Final is the last stage in the Chartered Accountancy course and amid such period students have to undergo 3 years of articleship training which is a mandatory part of this course. Students often found missing their classes due to the office workload or they face difficulty in managing studies with the office. Hence, the better option is to complete your CA Final syllabus through self-study. But is that actually easy? Is it possible to complete CA Final vast and challenging syllabus without coaching?

Before checking the CA Final Self Study Tips have an overview of CA Final Subjects.

Group 1

Group 2

  • P5 Strategic cost management and performance evaluation ( CA Final Costing
  • P6 (A) Risk Management
  • P6 (B) Financial Services and Capital Market
  • P6 C) International Taxation
  • P6 D) Economics Laws
  • P6 E) Global Financial and Reporting Standard
  • P6 F) Multidisciplinary Case Study
  • P7 Direct Tax Law and International Taxation
  • P8 Indirect Tax Law
CA Foundation Sep 2024 New Bactch 26May

Here we have an answer to all your queries. In this article, we are sharing with you the self-study tips for CA Final. Have a look at the below-given points –

1. Timely Start Your Studies –

One of the most important tip to clear CA Final is to timely start your studies. After clearing CA Intermediate, you have an ample time in which you can complete CA Final vast syllabus. Never depend on the last few months to complete the syllabus of CA Final. Start your studies at least one year before your CA Final attempt. You might be thinking that one year is more than enough, you can easily complete its course in 5-6 months. But sorry, read the below-mentioned points and you will get an idea why one year is important. 2. Make a Proper Time-Table-   

Never start your studies without time-table. Figure out a proper plan and allocate a proper time to each and every subject. While preparing such a plan, excluding the last three months before your CA Final exam. Want to know why? Read the below points.

2. Pen Drive Classes –

Managing to coach with the office is the most difficult task in the CA Students Journey. But now many of the top institutes of India are providing pen drive classes of each and every subject. Students can order such classes and watch according to their convenience. It helps them in making their concepts strong which is the basic need of CA Final examination.

3. Choose Proper Reference Books –

The right selection of reference books is more important for you as compared to students who are preparing for CA Final through some coaching. Choose only one or two reference book for each subject and of course, choose them wisely. According to India’s top faculties, the best book for the self-study is ICAI CA Final Study Material, which has covered each and everything. The presentation given by ICAI in its modules is marvelous. So it is advisable to go with the institute study material which saves your time, money and cost.

4. Change the Habit of Procrastination –

Every student who has reached to the CA Final level is intelligent then why some students become CA and others have to face failure in this examination. The only difference between successful students and failed students is their study habits. We all have a busy schedule, we all get tired after returning from the office, we all have to work late at night, we are not getting time to go for outing with friends or attend our close family functions, but still, we have to study, we have to manage our time.

Remember, you choose to become a Chartered Accountant, this course doesn’t choose you. Then first of all change one of the most common habits i.e. Procrastination. Stop procrastinating your daily task, complete them either by hook or by the cook and trust me you will never have to face failure in CA Final Exam.

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5. Keep your Concepts Strong –

The concept is the base of your study. Never try to learn things without understanding. Each and every concept related to your course must be on your tip. Don’t just learn the formulas given in Standard costing for solving the question, understand them and you will never have to revise them again. If your concepts are not clear, it will be very difficult for you to rank in CA Final not only in the first attempt but also in multiple attempts.

6. Three Times Revision –

CA Final is not that difficult, the actual difficulty is to remember its vast course. The only thing which can make you remember such vast syllabus is Revision. Three times revision of the entire course is a must before the exams. You have to set aside the last three months for the revision only and here you got the answer why I told you to exclude last three months from your preparation schedule above. Know how to smartly revise the course in last months of examination.

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7. Prepare your Own Summary Notes –

It’s completely impossible to revise the whole course in one day of preparation leave from your regular book. Hence, prepare your own short notes which you can go through on the last day of preparation left. It will be better if you prepare such short notes in the form of the chart because charts are easy to understand and read.

8. ABC Analysis –

Entire syllabus given by ICAI is important but still, it’s not possible to complete the whole course. Hence, ABC analysis of your course is very important. There are a few topics which are quite more important than others. For Example- at the CA Final level, PGBP and CG are important in comparison to Salary and HP. Therefore, instead of wasting your crucial time on such irrelevant topics, you can invest such them for the important ones.

9. Solve Mock Test Papers –

Practice makes a man perfect… Most of the students make complain that we have given the right answers but ICAI has unnecessarily cut the marks in order to maintain the pass percentage. But friends, ICAI do not have any personal rivalry from you. So stop blaming ICAI. If others can clear this exam then you can also clear. Solve as many mock test paper with solution and past attempt papers as you can, it helps you in understanding the paper pattern, maintaining the speed and properly present your answer.

Conclusion – This article has covered all the necessary tips which can help CA students in preparing their CA Final syllabus by self-study.

Hope you found this article useful so stay in tune with us for more such useful information. Ask your queries in the comment section given below.

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