National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) conducts schooling till the 12th standard, which is equivalent to the CBSE or any state board education. If you are in the class 12th and registered in NIOS, then you can download the NIOS syllabus, NIOS marks distribution, and sample question papers from here. 

There are slight differences in NIOS education and CBSE/State board education, but you get the same opportunities and career options after class 12th. This article also shares the details about the best course after class 12th from the NIOS board.

NIOS Syllabus 12th and Marks Distribution Scheme

NIOS Syllabus for 12th English

Topics Marks
1. Prescribed texts  20 marks
2. Functional Grammar 15 marks
3. Functional writing skills  25 marks
4. Comprehension (unfamiliar passages) 20 marks 
5. Optional module 20 marks

NIOS Syllabus for 12th Business Studies

Topics Marks
Core Modules
Introduction to Business 19
Business as a Career  08
Trade and Service Activities 16
Management of Business 16
Financing of Business 12
Marketing 12
Optional Modules
Office Procedure and Practices 20
Practical Banking
Introduction to Factory Set-up
Agency Services
Total 100

NIOS Syllabus 12th 2020 Accountancy

Topics Marks
Core Modules
Introduction To Financial Accounting 06
Accounting Terms, Accounting Equation And Journal 06
Voucher Approach in Accounting 12
Bank Reconciliation Statement 06
Financial Statements 15
Partnership Accounts 20
Accounting for Share Capital 15
Optional Modules
Analysis of Financial Statements 20
Final Accounts of Non-Trading Organisation
Total 100

NIOS Maths Syllabus for 12th

Topics Marks
Core Modules
Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations 10
Determinants and Matrices 10
Permutations and Combinations 08
Sequences and Series 08
Trigonometry 10
Coordinate Geometry 10
Differential Calculus 17
Integral Calculus 17
Optional Modules
Statistics and Probability 10
Vectors and Analytical Solid Geometry
Linear Programming
Total 100

NIOS Syllabus for 12th Physics

Topics Marks
Core Modules
Motion, force and Energy 14
Electricity and Magnetism 14
Properties of Matter 8
Optics and Optical Instruments 8
Atoms and Nuclei 7
Semiconductors and their Applications 7
Heat and Thermodynamics 6
Oscillations and Waves  6
Optional Modules
Astrophysics 10
Electronics 10
Photography and Audio-Videography 10
Physics in Medical Sciences 10

NIOS Syllabus 12th 2020 Chemistry 

Topics Marks
Core Modules
Atom Molecule and Chemical Arithmetics 7
Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding 12
States of Matter 12
Chemical Energetics 8
Chemical Dynamics 8
Chemistry of Elements 10
Chemistry of Organic Compounds 12
Optional Modules
Environmental Chemistry 15
Chemistry and Industry

NIOS Biology Syllabus for 12th

Topics Marks
Diversity and evolution of life 6
Cell, Cell functions and Tissues 10
Functional morphology and Life processes in plants 11
Functional morphology and Life processes in animals 11
Reproduction and Development 10
Heredity and Genetics 10
Population Explosion and Family Planning 4
Environmental Biology 8
Optional Modules
Tools and Techniques in Biology 10
Economic Biology
Health Science 
Emerging Areas in BiologyBiochemistry, Biotechnology and Immunobiology

Download NIOS Syllabus 12th

This is the latest syllabus for NIOS Board class 12th. You can download the PDFs by clicking on the respective links given in the table. These Syllabus links have the NIOS marks distribution class 12th.


NIOS 12th Exam Pattern

The exam pattern for class 12th exams varies from subject to subject, depending on the theory and practicals. You can see the exam pattern for your subjects from the table below.

Subject Total Marks Duration
Hindi 100 3
English 100 3
Sanskrit 100 3
Bengali 100 3
Tamil 100 3
Urdu 100 3
Maths 100 3
Physics (Theory + Practical) 100 (80+20) 3+3
Chemistry (Theory + Practical) 100 (80+20) 3+3
Biology (Theory + Practical) 100 (80+20) 3+3
History 100 3
Geography 100 3
Political Science 100 3
Economics 100 3
Painting (Theory + Practical)  100 (30+70) 1.5+3
Home Science (Theory + Practical) 100 (80+20) 3+3
Psychology 100 3
Sociology 100 3
Data Entry Operations (Theory + Practical) 100 (40+60) 2+2

Download NIOS Sample Paper Class 12

The NIOS sample papers given below are important for the preparation of the NIOS 12th exams. The sample papers will also help you understand the NIOS marks distribution scheme.

Download Class 12th NIOS Previous Year Papers

The previous year’s question papers are also essential, and you should solve at least two to three previous year papers for each subject. Here we have given the links to the last four-year question papers. You can download more previous year question papers from the NIOS website.

Senior Secondary QP of Oct 2019 Exam 

Senior Secondary QP of April 2019 Exam 

Senior Secondary QP of Oct 2018 Exam 

Senior Secondary QP of April 2018 Exam

Senior Secondary QP of Oct 2017 Exam

Senior Secondary QP of Apr 2017 Exam

Sr. Secondary QP of Oct 2016 Exam 

Sr. Secondary QP of April 2016 Exam

CA After passing 12th from NIOS board

You can become a Chartered Accountant after completing your Class 12th from NIOS Board. You must think, why become a CA? It’s because it is one of the best careers in India. Chartered Accountancy course gives you a stable and successful career. It opens opportunities to work in big MNCs for you. You could even start your personal CA practice after a few years. After completing the CA course, you can take different types of job roles and positions. The average salary of a CA is also higher than a graduate of any other stream.

Ashmit Saxena, a NIOS student who recently became a CA, says, “I completed my education from NIOS Board and later pursued the CA Course. There were many career options, but I believed the CA career path could give me more stability in life. Also, I knew there is a lot of competition in CA Exams, but after completing that stage, there are abundant opportunities with very less competition as compared to other fields.”

Some of the amazing points about the CA course:

  • The course is said to be difficult by many, but in reality, if you do regular study for a few courses, then the course is as easy as schooling education.
  • The CA course is distributed into three stages and further groups. After completing one level, you can move on to the next level. You get more than one attempt in clearing the CA papers. You can leave the course in between and continue after a break of a few months or years.
  • You can take regular classes or Online CA Coaching classes for the study of the CA Course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. Where and how can I download the NIOS Syllabus for class 12th?

Ans. You can download the NIOS Syllabus-12th class from the official website under the Student Information Section or from this article.

Ques 2. How many subjects are there in NIOS class 12?

Ans. You can choose a minimum of five in class 12th of the NIOS board. There should be at least one language subject and two language subjects at most. You can also choose two additional subjects.

Ques 3. Where can I download the NIOS Sample Paper 2020 Class 12 and previous year question papers? 

Ans. The previous year question papers and the NIOS Sample Paper Class 12 are available on the official NIOS website under the Student Information Section or from this article of CA Wizard.

Ques 4. What are the passing marks of NIOS 12th Exams?

Ans. The minimum marks required to pass the NIOS 12th exams are 33% marks in each subject of the five subjects.

Ques 5. How to clear the NIOS 12th Exams?

Ans. To pass the NIOS exams, you should understand the lessons and know how to write down your knowledge in the form of well-structured answers. You can also read more tips here.

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