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Download Syllabus and Question Paper of Class 11 West Bengal Board

Question Paper of Class 11 West Bengal Board

Download Syllabus and Question Paper of Class 11 West Bengal Board The study material and resources for class 11 students of West Bengal Board is available on CA Wizard. For quick download, direct PDF file links are available. In this article, you can get the Question Paper of Class 11 West Bengal Board and West Bengal Board Class 11 syllabus (commerce, science, arts). CA Wizard also shares some useful preparation tips and exam paper guidelines, which will help you score good marks in the main exams.

CA Wizard is a free resource library for your convenience. We share syllabus updates, course books, sample papers, time table and result information for class 11 and 12 of CBSE and all state boards. CA Wizard is also a popularly known portal for gaining information on one of the best courses after 12th (Chartered Accountancy). If you want to become a successful Chartered Accountant in India, read more about this course on our website.    

West Bengal Board Class 11 Syllabus (WBCHSE)

The West Bengal Board releases the syllabus for class 11. You can download the WBCHSE Class 11 syllabus, which is available below in three parts. The name of subjects is given in the list with the download link of their PDF file. The syllabus has complete details of the topics you have to study in class 11. The marking scheme is also given for the topics in each subject, so you can know which topics are important for your exam preparation. 

You can download the PDFs or access them from this article anytime.   

SubjectsDownload Link
  • History Syllabus
  • Home Management & Family Resource Management (HMFR) Syllabus
  • Journalism and Mass Communication Syllabus
  • Music Syllabus
  • Nutrition Syllabus
  • Philosophy Syllabus
  • Health and Physical Education Syllabus
  • Political Science Syllabus
  • Psychology Syllabus
  • Sociology Syllabus
  • Statistics Syllabus
  • Visual Arts Syllabus
  • Business Studies Syllabus
  • Chemistry Syllabus
  • Economics Syllabus
  • Mathematics Syllabus
  • Physics Syllabus
  • Agronomy Syllabus
  • Anthropology Syllabus
  • Commercial Law and Preliminaries of Auditing Syllabus
  • Costing and Taxation Syllabus
  • Computer Application Syllabus
  • Computer Science Syllabus
  • Education Syllabus
  • Environment Studies Syllabus
  • Geography Syllabus
  • Arabic Syllabus
  • Hindi A Syllabus
  • Hindi B Syllabus
  • English A Syllabus
  • English B Syllabus
  • Alternative English Syllabus
  • French Syllabus
  • Gujarati Syllabus
  • Nepali A Syllabus
  • Nepali B Syllabus
  • Odia Syllabus
  • Persian Syllabus
  • Punjabi Syllabus
  • Sanskrit Syllabus
  • Santali Syllabus
  • Telugu Syllabus
  • Urdu Syllabus
  • Accountancy Syllabus
  • Biological Sciences Syllabus

Download Free Question Paper of Class 11 West Bengal Board (WBCHSE)

West Bengal Board has provided sample papers for all subjects of class 11. You can download them and access them at any time, anywhere. Solving the practice question papers will help you improve and excel in the exams. The sample papers are designed similarly to the final exam papers. So you can get an idea of what type of questions to expect in the main exams.    Steps to download Question Paper of class 11 West Bengal Board from the official website:

  1. Open using the link. 
  2. Scroll down, and you will find ‘Students Corner’ on the right bottom side of the page.
  3. Click on the sample question tab, and you will get the sample papers. 

  You can skip the above process by using the PDF download links that are available below.  

Preparation Tips for WBCHSE Class 11 Exams

  • Firstly get a copy of the syllabus and marking scheme. Then plan and make a schedule to complete the entire syllabus a few months before the exams. It will leave you sufficient time for revisions and practice. 
  • Make notes, highlight important points while studying and learning. It will save time during revision. 
  • Clear doubts whenever you have any confusion. Don’t read from too many refreshers at once. First, complete the prescribed course books, maybe a reference book but not more. Studying from different books and notes may confuse and burden you unnecessarily. 
  • Solve at least two or three sample question papers and previous year question papers for each subject before the main exams. Create an exam like setup when you do that. It will ease your nerves, helping you stay calm during the main exams. 
  • There are general instructions given in the question paper which you should read and follow. You can read them below or in the sample papers/previous year question paper of West Bengal Board to get an outlook of how they will be in the exams. 

General Exam Instructions 

  • The question paper is divided into different sections. The number of questions in each section will be mentioned. 
  • In most of the papers, a word limit for the questions will be mentioned. So follow that word limit while writing your answers. 
  • All the questions are compulsory. There could be an internal choice provided in a few questions. 
  • Every question has the allotted marks mentioned against it. 
  • Don’t leave blank pages in between your answers in the answer book. 
  • While writing an answer, mention the correct question number. 
  • At the top of the paper, time to complete the paper, and the maximum marks are given. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to download WBCHSE Class 11?

Ans. You can download the West Bengal Board Class 11 syllabus from the links given on CA Wizard.  

Q2. How to get the West Bengal Board class 11 sample papers?

Ans. You can download the class 11 WB Board Question Papers of all subjects from the official website or CA Wizard.  

Q3. What is the passing criteria for WBCHSE class exams?

Ans. You need 33% marks in each subject to pass the exams.  

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