Class 11 students can now freely access the Bihar Board Class 11 Books online. We have shared the complete details and links for you in this article. You can get the books for all subjects of Science, Commerce, and Arts on CA Wizard. We have given the links for the Bihar Board Class 11 English Books, Hindi books, other languages’ books, and textbooks for all other subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, History, Geography, Political Science, Sociology, etc. 

Class 11 is an important stage where you can start planning for your career. Starting on-time gives you enough time to plan for your career. If you are still looking at different options for your career, you should think about pursuing the CA course. It is the best option after completing higher secondary education. You can find out in detail about becoming a successful Chartered Accountant on CA Wizard.  

Bihar Board Class 11 Books

The Bihar Board Books are necessary for you as they help in preparing for the main exams. These books are published by Bihar State Text Book Publishing Corporation Ltd. They are available in the market in hard copies and in the form of e-books online. If you do not have the hard copies of the books, you can easily access the e-books. Read further to know-how.  

How to download Bihar Board Class 11 English Books?

The e-books are available on the website of BSTBPC. You can follow the steps below or directly use the links provided below to access the e-books.  

  1. Open the official website of Bihar State Text Book Publishing Corporation Ltd. Website Link:
  2. There will be a ‘Books’ tab in the navigation bar on the website. When you hover over it, a list will appear. Select Class 11 from it.
  3. The books will appear on the screen. You can click the book icons to access the e-books.

Download Bihar Board Class 11 English Books and other Subject Books

Bihar Board Class 11 Book List Books in English Medium Books in Hindi Medium
Bihar Board Class 11 Math Book Maths Book Ganit
Bihar Board Class 11 Chemistry Books Chemistry Book Part 1
Chemistry Book Part 2
Rasayan Vigyan 1
Rasayan Vigyan 2
Bihar Board Class 11 Physics Books Physics Book Part 1
Physics Book Part 2
Bhautiki 1
Bhautiki 2
Bihar Board Class 11 Biology Book Biology  Jeev Vigyan
Bihar Board Class 11 Accountancy Books Accountancy Book Part 1
Accountancy Book Part 2
Lekhashastra 1
Lekhashastra 2
Bihar Board Class 11 Business Studies Book Business Studies Book Vyavasaya Adhyayan
Bihar Board Class 11 Economics Books Economic Development Book
Statistics – Economics Book
Bhartiya Arthvyavastha
Arthshastra Me Sankhyaki
Bihar Board Class 11 Geography Books Fundamentals of Physical Geography Book
Practical Geography Book 
Physical Environment Book
Bhautik Bhugol Ke Siddhant
Bhugol Me Prayogatmak Karya
Bharat Bhautik Paryavaran
Bihar Board Class 11 History Book History Book  Viswa Itihas
Bihar Board Class 11 Sociology Books Sociology Book
Understanding Society Book
Samajshastra Parichay
Samaj Ka Bodh
Bihar Board Class 11 Political Science Books Political Theory Book
Indian Constitution Book
Rajnitik Siddhant
Bharat Samvidhan
Bihar Board Class 11 Psychology Book Psychology  Mano Vigyan
Bihar Board Class 11 English Books Rainbow English Book
Rainbow Grammar Book
Bihar Board Class 11 Hindi Books   Hindi Bhasha
Hindi Vyakaran
Bihar Board Class 11 Urdu Books   Urdu Kahka Sa
Urdu Literature History Book
Urdu Grammar Book
Bihar Board Class 11 Bhojpuri Books   Bhojpuri Vyakran
Bhojpuri Dubidhan
Bihar Board Class 11 Persian Books Persian Grammar Book
Persian Literature Book

Importance of Bihar Board Class 11 English Books

  • The Bihar board class 11 books are designed on the Bihar board class 11th syllabus released by BSEB. These books help you in completing the syllabus prescribed by BSEB for the class 11 exams.
  • The questions of the Bihar Board class 11 exams are based on the content provided in the Bihar Board books. So you must study these books before using any other reference books.
  • Knowledge gained from these books is also beneficial in higher competitive exams and entrance exams.

Are the Bihar Board Class 11 English Books enough for Exam Preparation?

Yes, definitely. These books cover the complete syllabus given by BSEB. You do not need other books to cover the topics from the syllabus.   The language used is simple, clear, and mostly self-explanatory. You will find it easy when you read it yourself. The additional examples, diagrams, charts, tables, etc., add to the overall learning. The books are sufficient for learning the concepts. There is no requirement for reference books to study more.   

Bihar Board Class 11 Books FAQs

Q1. Which books to use for Bihar Board class 11 exam preparation?

Ans. Class 11 students of Bihar Board should study from the books published by Bihar State Text Book Publishing Corporation Ltd.  

Q2. How to download the BSEB books for class 11?

Ans. You can download them from the official BSTBPC website. Link and steps available above.   

Q3. How to get the latest class 11 syllabus of Bihar Board?

Ans. Visit CA Wizard to get the complete Bihar Board class 11 syllabus.

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