UP Board has announced NCERT Books as compulsory course books for class 11 from this year. For all the subjects like English, Hindi, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Accounts, Economics, Business Studies, and others. All the students of UP Board class 11 are to study from the NCERT books for the 2020-21 exams. You can either buy these books from the market at a very low price or download the PDFs of UP Board Class 11 Books as an alternative from CA Wizard.

In this article, CA Wizard provides all the download links of the latest edition NCERT e-books for you. You can also get the class 11 revised UP Board Syllabus for all subjects (Eng, Math, Chem, Bio, etc.) and mark the topics in your books.

CA Wizard is a free library of resources for class 11th students. We aim to make your academic journey easier and help you find success in your career with the best professional course (Chartered Accountancy).

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UP Board Books Class 11

The class 11 coursebook chapters build the foundation of your learning. Subject expert teachers conceptualize these books. Every type of content: text, diagrams, tables, etc., makes understanding, learning, and retaining the concepts easy for you.

Download UP Board Class 11 Books PDF (English and Hindi Medium)

The direct links to download the latest edition of UP Board Books for all subjects are given below. Click on the link, and you will be redirected to the book on the NCERT website. You can download the complete book PDF or chapter-wise PDFs. 

UP Board Class 11 English Books (Compulsory)

UP Board Class 11 Hindi Books (Compulsory)

UP Board Class 11 Urdu Books

UP Board Class 11 Sanskrit Books

UP Board Class 11 Accountancy Books

UP Board Class 11 Business Studies Books

English medium Hindi medium

UP Board Class 11 Economics Books

UP Board Class 11 Maths Books

English medium Hindi medium

UP Board Class 11 Physics

English medium Hindi medium

UP Board Class 11 Chemistry

UP Board Class 11 Biology Books

English medium Hindi medium

UP Board Class 11 Political Science Books

UP Board Class 11 History Books

UP Board Class 11 Geography Books

UP Board Class 11 Sociology Books

UP Board Class 11 Psychology Books

English medium Hindi medium

UP Board Class 11 Home Science Books

UP Board Class 11 Fine Arts Books

UP Board Class 11 Computer Science Book

UP Board Class 11 Information Practices Book

Class 11 NCERT Book Solutions

All the class 11 NCERT books have practice questions at the end of every chapter, which tests your understanding of important concepts. The solutions of all the NCERT Books are available online for free, both in English and Hindi medium. You can refer to NCERT Solutions if you find any question difficult. But first, you should try to solve the questions by yourself or seek guidance from your teachers. If you are unable to solve and aren’t able to reach out to your teachers, then referring to the online NCERT Solutions will be a good option.

Importance of NCERT Books

  • The UP Board class 11 question papers’ design is based on the study material of NCERT books.
  • The concepts and questions taught in these books are very likely to be covered in higher competitive and entrance exams. 
  • The NCERT books are a complete package for comprehensive learning. Students do not have to turn to another source while reading from NCERT books.

Are the UP Board Class 11 Books enough for Exam Preparation?

Yes, studying from the NCERT Books for the UP Board exams is enough. It has complete lessons in books, which is the first thing you should study for exams. The content is in very simple and easy to understand language. There are also supportive definitions, examples, diagrams, charts, and tables to make your learning experience better. The books also have important practice questions in all chapters, which cover the chapters’ important points. 

You do not need to read any other book to learn the concepts. However, there are no limits to learning. If you want to gain extra in-depth knowledge, you can refer to other books too after completing your studies from the NCERT books.

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