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CA Intermediate May 2025 New Bactch 08July

CA Final Advanced Financial Management 2024- All Details

CA Final Strategic Financial Management

CA Final is the last milestone of a Chartered Accountancy course. After successfully passing both the groups of CA intermediate and your completion of the 2.5 years of the Articleship training students are eligible to appear in the CA Final course. As like the CA Intermediate, there are a total of 6 subjects in the CA Final which are divided into 2 groups of 6 subjects. Among all, CA Final’s second subject, CA Final AFM, is one of the Flourishing subjects where students can score high marks in the examination. 

CA Final Paper 2 Advanced Financial management is also known as CA AFM. Below we have discussed all the details about the CA Final AFM. 

Below, we have discussed all the details about the CA Final Advanced Financial Management. After going through this article, students will be able to clear all the doubts regarding the CA Final Advanced Financial Management.

Why CA Final Advanced Financial Management AFM Paper Important to study?

ICAI has designed the CA Final AFM in such a way that it will help the student in gaining and building a good base of financial decision making. AFM theory helps in understanding the capital Budgeting, Derivatives, and Portfolio. CA AFM is one of the most difficult papers of CA Final Examination. The Advanced Financial Management paper is lengthy as compared to other papers.  

Before checking all the details about the CA Final Advanced financial management, have a look at the other subject of the ICAI CA Final Examination.

  • Paper 1- Financial Reporting
  • Paper 2- Advanced Financial Management
  • Paper 3- Advanced Auditing, Assurance and Professional Ethics
  • Paper 4- Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation
  • Paper 5- Indirect Tax Law
  • Paper 6- Integrated Business Solutions (Multidisciplinary Case Study with Strategic Management)

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CA Final AFM Paper Pattern 2024

Below is the updated CA Final Financial Management and Strategic Financial Management Paper pattern.

Mode of Examination and patternOffline and theoretical 
No. of Question 100
Examination duration 3 hours 
Marks 100
Type of question asked 6 out of which 5 you have to do

CA Final AFM Examination Pattern 2024

Below is the CA Final Advanced Financial Management Examination pattern/ Assessment Pattern. 

  • CA Final AFM Paper of 100 marks, students have to score 40% marks in order to clear the examination. 
  • There is no negative marking in the CA Final financial management Paper.
  • CA Final FM Examination paper is based on the Analytical Skill, efficiency and Comprehensive knowledge. 

Click here to download CA Exam Pattern May 2024 Exam.

CA Final AFM Marks Distribution 2024

Below is the CA Final AFM Chapter wise Marks Distribution. Following the CA Final Advanced Financial management marks distribution you can prepare your study plan. 

Chapters Marks Distribution 
Financial Policy and Corporate Strategy, Indian Financial System, Risk Management5- 10 Marks 
Security Analysis, Portfolio Management20- 30 marks 
Securitization, Mutual Funds, Derivatives Analysis and Valuation20- 25 Marks 
Foreign Exchange Exposure and Risk Management, International Financial Management, Interest Rate Risk Management20 Marks to 30 Marks 
Corporate Valuation Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring10- `15 Marks 
International Financial Centre (IFC)Startup Finance, Small & Medium Enterprises5- 10 Marks 

CA Final AFM Syllabus 2024

After successful Registration of the CA Final Examination along with exam form filling Students are advised to go through the CA Final Strategic Financial Management Syllabus. Going through the CA Final FM Syllabus helps the Student in Knowing the topics and Chapters which are going to appear in the examination. Below we have mentioned the CA Final AFM Old Syllabus and New Syllabus. 

Download Latest ICAI CA Final SFM New Syllabus PDF
Download Latest ICAI CA Final SFM Old Syllabus PDF

CA Final AFM Study Material 2024

Syllabus ModulesChapters
Chapter 1: Financial Policy and Corporate Strategy
Chapter 2: Risk Management
Chapter 3: Advanced Capital Budgeting Decisions
Chapter 4: Security Analysis
Chapter 5: Security Valuation
Chapter 6: Portfolio Management
Chapter 7: Securitization
Chapter 8: Mutual Funds
Chapter 9: Derivatives Analysis and Valuation
Chapter 10: Foreign Exchange Exposure and Risk Management
Chapter 11: International Financial Management
Chapter 12: Interest Rate Risk Management
Chapter 13: Business Valuation
Chapter 14: Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring
Chapter 15: Startup Finance

After properly checking your CA Final Advanced financial Management syllabus students are then advised to thoroughly Check the CA Final Study material.

CA Final AFM Books 2024

Below are the CA Final Strategic and Final Management Books which students can take as reference. 

Check the Best CA Final AFM Books.

  • V Pattaabhi Bala and S D Ram
  • A.N Sridhar 
  • Aashish Kalra

CA Final AFM Question Paper with Suggested Answers 2024

Below are the CA Final Strategic Management Previous year Question Paper. Solving these CA Final AFM Question Papers will help you a lot to Rank in Ca final exam. We have also mentioned the CA Final AFM Suggested Answer. After Successful completion of the CA Final FM study material students can solve these CA Final FM Question Paper with Solution which will help them to score well in the examination. 

Check the CA Final AFM Paper, going through these paper will help you to score well in the Examination.  

CA Final AFM Mock Test Paper 2024 (MTP)

Below is the CA Final Paper Solving CA Final Strategic and Financial Management Mock Tests help the students analyze the performance so that students can work on the areas where they cannot score well. CA Final FM Mock Test papers are based on real life papers. 

Series-1 Paper 

CA Final SFM Question Paper 

CA Final SFM Answers 

CA Final AFM Revision Test Paper 2024 (RTP)

Along with the CA Final AFM Mock Test paper and CA Final AFM Question paper, ICAI also released the CA Final Strategic and Financial Management Revision Test paper. Below are the links to download the CA Final AFM Sample Papers 2020. 

May, 2022 – Hindi Medium

May, 2022

November 2021 – Hindi Medium

November 2021

May, 2021 – Hindi Medium

May, 2021

November 2020 – Hindi Medium

November, 2020

May 2020 – Hindi Medium

May, 2020

November 2019 – Hindi Medium

November 2019

May 2019 – Hindi Medium

May 2019

November 2018 – Hindi Medium

November 2018

May 2018

CA Final AFM Online and Pendrive Classes 2024

Students who are facing any problem or not to understand and solve the queries can prefer to choose the CA Final Online Classes and CA Final AFM Pendrive Classes. We advised the students to do the proper research for the CA Final AFM Classes. In case for those students who do not have the facilities of a good classes around the city they can choose the Pendrive Classes and Online Classes. Attending Coaching classes helps the students clear the concepts of CA Final Subject and helps you to score well in the examination. If you work hard you can easily able to become CA Final toppers. 

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CA Final AFM Preparation Tips to Score well in the examination

It is necessary to follow a daily schedule time table if you really want to score well in the CA Final Examination. Below we have mentioned performance and study tips that students can follow to score well in the examination. 

  • Prepare a proper study plan and time table once you have completed your Registration.
  • Distribute your syllabus and set a deadline to complete your study material 1 month before the examination. 
  • Don’t run on the race to join the Best CA Final AFM Faculty. You are the only one who needs to work hard and complete the race. 
  • Stay Motivated and believe in Yourself you will definitely score well in your CA Final Result.

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