Scoring high marks in CA Intermediate Exams is the dream of every CA student. But this is possible only when you are determined to get good marks. You need to stay consistent in your studies from the start. You need to put the best efforts into CA Intermediate Exam Preparation to score high marks. 

There are 2 groups (8 papers) in the CA Intermediate subjects. Your exam preparation will vary depending on whether you are giving only one Group exam or both the Groups exam. CA Intermediate Course is very vast in comparison to CA Foundation Course. You have to change your tactics and put in more effort.

We know you are nervous about the exams yet thrilled to become a Chartered Accountant. So without further delay, below in this article, we have the best tips for your CA Intermediate Exam Preparation.

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Why do you need to focus on CA Intermediate Exam Preparation?

Your studies play an important part in helping you score good marks in CA exams because your results are solely based on your exam preparation.

Seeing the low pass percentage of CA Course, you may feel like scoring high marks in CA Intermediate Exams is difficult. But it’s not. You need to be positive and enthusiastic and not focus on the negativity. 

Doing proper preparation keeps you relaxed, calm, and focused on achieving high marks.

Whatever the level of difficulty is, it won’t affect how much you score because you will be ready with your CA Intermediate Exam Preparation.

If you are consistent in your studies and follow our essential tips, you can score high marks.

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CA Intermediate Exam Preparation Tips

‘How do I clear CA Inter in my first attempt?’ This is a common question students ask. The only way to pass CA Intermediate Exams is to use the right approach to study and stay consistent. Below are the tips that most top CA Coaches and CA Rankers say. These tips are useful, and you will see the results once you implement it yourself. 

Start your CA Intermediate Exam Preparation with a time table and study plan. Make a chart for every day and month till the day of your exams. Divide the syllabus and topics strategically and keep ample time for revisions too. Before studying any topic, you should be clear about what you have to study and how much you have to study. Time management is also essential while CA preparation. Even 24 hours will seem very limited. You also have to take care of your health and not let yourself get tired. 

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Mock test papers or Revision Test papers help you see if your actual preparation is in sync with your goal or not. You should solve the latest ICAI mock test papers, previous year question papers, and special question paper series.

If the complete self-study approach is difficult for you, you need to get guidance for CA Intermediate Exam Preparation. In the past few years, CA coaching has played a significant role in CA students’ success. You can look out for the best CA Institute in India and enroll yourself. You can also choose the CA Intermediate Online Classes from a top institute. 

The most important skill you need for CA Intermediate Preparation is to be consistent. Remember, excuses and procrastination will drive you further away from your dream.

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Below are the subject-wise tips for the CA Intermediate course:

  • Accountancy is a scoring subject. But you should stay updated with the revised syllabus and methods to be used. 
  • Corporate and Other Laws subject is based on theory, and you need to revise the laws and sections regularly. Your scores in this subject will depend on how well you can remember the laws.
  • Taxation is a subject that is also important from your articleship point of view. To score high marks in this subject, you need to keep your concepts clear and follow the exam pattern guidelines.
  • Advance Accounting covers the higher level of accounting concepts. Without clear basics, you will have a limited scope of getting marks in this subject.
  • Auditing and Assurance cover the basic work done by a Chartered Accountant. Studying this subject well prepares you for the work you will do in your Articleship.
  • Enterprise Information System and Strategic Management is a subject that needs regular revisions.
  • In the Financial Management and Economics for Finance subject, you need to focus on the theoretical concepts and formulas. When you understand how the formulas are made and the concept behind them, you will easily solve questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. Is study material enough for CA Intermediate Exam Preparation?

Ans. The ICAI study material is enough for CA exam preparation. You should first complete it before using any other study resources.

Ques 2. How many hours should I study for CA Inter Exams?

Ans. You should study for 10 hours while doing the CA Exam Preparation. 

Ques 3. Are 3 months enough for CA Intermediate Exam Preparation?

Ans. No. Three months is very less time to cover the entire CA Inter syllabus and revise it a few times. ICAI gives students 8 months of study time, which is apt for the CA Inter level exam preparation.

Ques 4. Can we clear CA Inter without coaching?

Ans. Yes, you can pass the CA Intermediate exams without any coaching. However, CA Coaching gives you the right approach to scoring high marks in CA Exams. It is not a requirement but surely recommended for better CA intermediate results.

CA Wizard wishes all the CA Intermediate students the best of luck for the second milestone of the CA Course.

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