Time Management Tips for Students to Achieve Their Goals

Time Management Tips for Students to Achieve Their Goals
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A command in the time management tips guides students to easily achieve their goals quickly and in an effective manner. If you are a student and find difficulty in managing the time management, then here you will get the time management tips that will actually work for every student. To manage time effectively we have provided here various techniques and tips which students can use to develop time management skills. .

CA Wizard’s time management tips are the most rewarding skills for students that will take them far in their life personally and professionally. Time is a very crucial aspect of every student’s life and students must treat it in a very effective manner. If students conquer the time management tips given in this article, they would experience a good change in themselves and their performance in the exams. 

CA Wizard is a free online educational portal that guides each and every student to achieve their goals in their respective fields. Bookmark this page for the time management tips that work for students in their respective fields. 

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CA Foundation Sep 2024 New Bactch 26May

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What is Time Management?

Time management is nothing but increasing the student’s efforts in the coordination of tasks and activities using adequate time in an efficient manner. Time management will help students to enhance their studies in less time. 

Top 22 Time Management Tips for Students

CA Wizard has provided a few time management tips that work for students to achieve their goals in their respective fields. Students just need to follow these time management tips to excel in their goals. Given below are the top 22 time management tips, follow them in an effective manner to see the positive changes within yourself and in your results.

#Tip 1: Create a Proper Study Plan

Creating a proper study plan will help students in knowing where they have to devote their time throughout the day. Students have to make an effort in planning what all topics they have to cover and in what topics they need to do the revision. 

Students must plan in a way that they do not leave any subject or topic. With the theoretical subject also try to cover up the practical subject. This will help you to easily complete the entire syllabus before a month from the exams. 

#Tip 2: Before Start Studying, Determine the Desired Results

Before starting to learn any topic, students must have known whether the topic is coming in the exam or not. This will save your time in finding a topic again and start learning for the exam point of view.

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#Tip 3: Decide a Time Limit for Every Topic

To decide the time limit for every topic, students have to go back to their study plan and make a note of what all topics will take a longer time than you expect. If students will set the time limit for the topics which they require a longer time than they will focus more and will learn those topics more efficiently.

If you took a long time beyond your decided time limits, then students must scrutinize their workflow and must avoid the time wastage they did earlier. 

#Tip 4: Schedule the Whole Week on Sundays

If students will have a plan for the whole week then they can focus on their studies very well. A five-minute work on Sunday will make the whole week productive for the students. 

Students just have to make sure that they study according to their set plans and this will ultimately help them to achieve their goals.

#Tip 5: Create a Daily Study Plan

Students must create a daily study plan every morning before starting studying. But make sure your daily study plan matches your weekly study plan which you set on Sundays. The topics planned for the day to be completed, make sure you cover it on the same day. If not completed on the same day then the next day finishes the previous day’s topics and then only starts with the fresh. 

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#Tip 6: Create a To-Do List

The topics which are already covered by the students, they should make a list for them. And the topics which are to be dealt in a day or in a week have a different list. This will help students to keep a track on all the topics which are to be covered and have been already covered. 

#Tip 7: Complete the Maximum Weightage Topics First

The topics with the maximum weightage must be covered first. According to the recent survey, students are focused more in the beginning of their preparations. So if they cover the topics which have maximum coverage of marks for the exam point of view, then they can easily cover those topics with a minimum weightage of marks at the end of their preparations. 

# Tip 8: Avoid Distractions 

When you are studying avoid all the distractions such as using your mobile phone, playing games, etc. If you will be distracted, students can not focus on their studies.

#Tip 9: Do Not Do Multitasking

Students must avoid multitasking, which means if you are learning any topic then try to finish it first and then only touch the other topic. This will guide you to easily adapt the concept. 

And if you try to learn various topics at the same time you will end up learning nothing or you will get confused with all the topics.

#Tip 10: Don’t Wait for the Right Time

Students always wait for someone’s motivation and for the right time to start the preparations. Students must start the preparations soon because every time is the right time for studying. 

#Tip 11: Don’t Try To Be Perfect

No students are perfect in their studies. To develop a clear understanding, try to learn from your mistakes. Learn the topics again and again until your concepts are clear. 

# Tip 12: Do Not Get Out of Focus From Your Small Mistakes

Instead of giving oneself up to perfectionism, firstly focus on your major priorities. Cover those topics first with the higher weightage of marks in your to-do list. And do not worry about topics of less weightage. 

#Tip 13: Schedule Breaks Between Your Study Time

According to the researchers, our brain can focus for 90 minutes at a time. Therefore, students to keep themselves focused in the entire preparations must take small breaks after 90 minutes that is 1.5 hours. This will maintain productivity the entire day. 

#Tip 14: Also Keep Your Brain Engaging Other Than Studies

Students other than studying should try to engage their time in their hobbies. This will make your mind more creative and will help students to solve the problems faster and in an efficient manner. 

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#Tip 15: Make a Habit of Doing Regular Exercises

Doing exercises daily reduces the stress level of students. Make it a routine to exercise daily.

#Tip 16: Proper Sleep

Students having proper sleep of 8 hours can utilize the entire day in an efficient and productive manner. According to researchers, students without the proper sleep can not focus on their studies.  

#Tip 17: Remember Your Exam Dates

Students must keep a track of their exam schedules, and try to complete the syllabus before time. And once the syllabus is completed do the revision of the entire syllabus before exams. 

#Tip 18: Plan Your Rest Time

If you want your brain to work in an effective manner, then it is also required to do nothing. Stop overthinking. And just let your brain relax. This will eventually increase your productivity at the end.

#Tip 19: Decide Your Priorities

Students at the time of their studies must learn to say no to distractions. First, they must complete the set target for that particular time. 

#Tip 20: Try to Complete the Syllabus As Early As Possible

Keep track of your exam dates, and try to finish the syllabus before a month so that you can devote your time to the revision. 

#Tip 21: Use Time Saving Mode of Learning

In today’s era students can save their time from learning through online classes and video lectures. This also leads to grasping the concept easily. 

#Tip 22: Study at Your Waiting/Travelling Time

If you are a college student or school student, you can even utilize your time in studying through video classes, online coachings, watch subject related videos, listen to podcasts, etc.

Importance of the Time Management Tips

CA Wizard’s time management tips for students are very effective in achieving the goals in their respective fields. Let’s discuss the Importance of the Time Management Tips given by CA Wizard.

  • Prioritization

The time management tips help students to prioritize the topics which are to be covered first. Students can prioritize the topics only when they have a correct knowledge of the weightage.

  • Planning

Planning is a very crucial step for students to start their preparations. The time management tips will teach you how to plan your schedule for the whole week and for a day. 

  • Stress Management

Students must have the ability to acknowledge the stress level and work to reduce the stress level. Following the time management tips will help students to reduce the stress level and at the end it increases the productivity

  • Goal Achievement

Following the time management tips in an efficient manner will help each and every student to achieve their respective goals. Students must have set the goals earlier at the time of creating the study plan. 

Time Schedule for Students

5 AM. to 7 AM Best Time for learning difficult topics
7 AM to 8 AM Exercise, snacks, bathing, etc
8 AM to 10 PM Appropriate to study subjects like Mathematics, Numericals of science and subjects
10 AM to 12 PM Take a break, listen to music, read letters and magazines etc
12 PM to 2 PM Revise the topics which are already covered by you
2 PM to 3 PM Read letters related to subjects and magazines, watch TV, listen to songs or other fun activities
3 PM to 5 PM Focus on the weak subject 
5 PM to 6.30 PM Go for evening walks, light exercise such as deep breathing, meditation etc
9 PM  Sleeping Time


To achieve the goals in the respective fields, students must follow the given Time Management Tips. This will help students to complete the syllabus with less efforts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I manage my preparations for the exams?

Ans: If students follow the given above time management tips, then they can easily manage their preparations in an efficient manner for their exams. 


Q2. Can I really manage time at the end month of my preparations?

Ans: Yes, if students follow the above time management tips in the last month of the preparations, they will achieve their goals. 


Q3.How the time management tips will help students?

Ans: The time management tips will help students to achieve the goals for their respective careers. 

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