Chartered Accountant Motivational Stories in India

Chartered Accountant Motivational Stories in India
CA Foundation Sep 2024 New Bactch 26May

Are you feeling demotivated by the repeated failures in your CA Exams? Maybe you are getting insulted by your parents or your relatives. Or your friends are making fun of yours. But the thing is that you need to be focused towards your goals.



So, let the others do murmuring. You don’t let your efforts came down. If others can do this, then you can also do it. Everyone has the same brain but the thing differs is how to use such. Chartered Accountancy is a tough course, it’s not possible for me… don’t let these thoughts come to your mind. You will get fail only and only if you accept that you are a failure.

CA Foundation Sep 2024 New Bactch 26May

Maybe this is your first failure or maybe second or maybe tenth. Don’t let yourself down. You will be a Chartered Accountant.

Do not blame anyone for any failure. Only you are responsible for your success and your failure.

All you should focus next is on your next attempt and try to avoid these mistakes that most ca students fails to avoid.


You must have heard about Arunima Sinha. A true inspiration for every Indian. She was the first Indian amputee and also the first female amputee who climbed the highest peak of the world i.e. Mount Everest. She was pushed by some people from the running train in 2011 who was trying to snatch her bag and her gold chain. The moment she got a push from those robbers and fall on the railway track another train passed away and crushed her leg. As a result, one of her legs had to be amputated below her knees. But she did not lose hope from her life. She decided to climb all the continent’s highest peak and hoist the Indian Flag. She has started her journey and already climbed six peaks.

There are some peoples who change their destiny…………..

we are going to share with you the stories of some successful Chartered Accountants who faced a lot of challenges during this journey. But they never lose their hope and successfully completed their journey. All these stories are true motivation for any ca student. 

#1 Motivation for CPT Students

Three attempts failure secured AIR – 47

We all know that many of the toppers have become a failure in the CA Exams. But have you heard that a school average student topped CA Exam? This student is Mayank Kothari who used to be an average student in his school but secured AIR – 47 in CA Final Exam. He got 62% in 10th standard and 56% in 12th standard.  He failed three times in CPT  but he did not let this failure heavy on his mind. After clearing CPT, he proved himself. He cleared his IPCC and CA Final in his very first attempt. Besides this, he secured 88 marks in IDT. Got the best student award and Gold Medal for highest in IDT  in Nagpur Division.

The true measure of success is how many times you bounce back from your failures.

#2 Motivation for CA Final and IPCC Students

Six attempt failure secured AIR – 1

Yes !!! Her name is Shailee Chaudhary. She cleared her first group of IPCC in the 4th attempt and second group in the 5th attempt and CA Final in the second attempt. After giving so many attempts sometimes she felt demotivated. Seeing your junior articles completing their CA earlier than you let you feel automatically demotivated. Once you face failure, you started thinking only to pass and when you fail more than once you lose hope and switch to another career options.  But she was so focused that no such failures gave her a second thought of career even in the most difficult times of her life.

She said, “ Gir gaye to kya hua,  Girte wahi hain jo chalte hain….

          Bas itna sa karna ki uth k fir se chalna hain………..

        Aasaan h…. Aasaan h……………………………”.

Her journey was adventurous but the result was worthful.  The level of satisfaction she got after completing CA or we can say after becoming a Chartered Accountant was precious because she earned this title with lots of difficulties. She has become an inspiration to many students. Her effort was far more than other Rank Holders because they are fully dedicated and focused but once you face failure, your focus losses. But still, she proved herself that HUM KISISE KAM NAHI………

Winners never quit…… and quitters never win….

#3 True Motivation for All CA Students

Auto Driver’s daughter- AIR 1

Prema Jaykumar a student from Mumbai cleared her CA Final in her first attempt by securing all India First rank. The biggest achievement. She has created a benchmark for all those students who are pursuing this course. She scored 607 marks out of 800 marks. She lives with her family in a 300 sq ft room.

Besides this, her school and college fees was never an issue for her parents, because she used to get the scholarship in her school days and her college fees were very nominal. She was always supportive of her family. Her mother used to work for a private company but she left her job when Prema and her brother started earning during Articleship.

Her brother also joined CA with Prema and he used to work in a call center to support his studies and he also cleared CA in his first attempt.

Today, where many of the students blame their parents that they do not have any separate room to study or their guidance are not proper, or they could not afford excellent coachings, these students set an example to all those students who blame their destiny and their parents for their failure.

 Wheel Chair bound secured AIR – 10

The girl who was confined to the wheelchair and able to move her right hand only from the full body has not only passed this exam but also secured 10th in the national ranking.

Her name is Neha Bansali. She lives in Delhi and belongs to a middle-class family.  In her childhood when she was playing with her friends, she got a minor injury in her spine but because of the infection, her entire spine got affected.  She even wanted to commit suicide. She has to depend on others for her daily routine.  But the support of her family kept her up. She secured 92% in her +2 examinations which boost her confidence.

After filling with a full enthusiasm she decided to pursue CA and become Chartered Accountant by securing the tenth rank.

Believing in yourself is the first key towards success

Visually Challenged Rushabh Became Chartered Accountant

A student from Mumbai who became a Chartered Accountant has almost 100% vision disability from the birth. He has corneal opacity defect in both of his eyes. But in spite of this defect, he became Chartered Accountant with the great support of his parents. He also secured 80% above marks in other exams like SSC, HSC etc. and he cleared his CA Final in three attempts.

Rushabh’s father is a civil engineer tried to get cornea transplant just after a month from his birth but the operation was failed. He has a little vision in his right eyes due to this, his father did not train him in Braille so that he will not get depend on him. His parents read out his notes 10-12 hours for him. The belief, support of Rushabh’s family and hard work of Rushabh help him to become a Chartered Accountant.

If these guys can pass Chartered Accountancy exams after facing such challenges then we cannot make an excuse that how difficult this is. The passion and dedication can make you do anything. You can achieve whatever you want.

Bomb Blast Victim became Chartered Accountant

Chirag Chauhan who was a victim of severe train blast in 2006. This blast has taken hundreds of lives. A  bomb was exploded on 11 July 2006 in suburban local at Khar Road Station. He left his home early on that day and became the victim of this severe blast. As a result, his spinal cord was damaged and some bomb particles are still in his body close to his trachea. He bound to sit on the wheelchair.

Addition to this, he lost his father when he was 18 and he had to take responsibility for his mother and sister.

Even after such hardships he did not lose his hope and passed his CA in 2008. Today he is working as a senior manager in a well-reputed company.

After reading about the above people what are you thinking that is that even possible? Do these guys really exist? Are they actually done this?

One answer to all these questions is YES. There are some people whose lives played a game with them but they win this game. They did not let their disabilities, hardships, financial/emotional problems, and their failure come across their path.

Friends you have chosen this course. Maybe you are facing failures but once you have become a Chartered Accountant nobody is going to ask you how many attempts you took to become a Chartered Accountant. But if you quit then nobody recognise that you have cleared till IPCC exams or maybe you secured distinction in some of the Final papers.

So, friends don’t quit.

Failures are not those who fail, but those who quit.

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