Preparing for exams 2021-22? Here we have study tips for students to become smarter for their exams. Students can not just study a night before the examination day. Students should develop good study habits. The soon students will get into a study phase, it will make the study easier and increase the chances of getting good marks in the exams. 

Educators and researchers have researched the study tips for years. CA Wizard has come up with the top 10 study tips for students to study more in an efficient manner. Students who follow the CA Wizard study tips and methods learn more easily and retain the concept of each topic for a longer period, and they can save their study time. The top 10 study tips for students found by our experts that work is explained in this article. Bookmark the article for CA Wizard study tips and tricks for students to excel in the examination. 

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  • Fix a Study Place and Time

Every student must fix the best study place and their time to study. The study place can even be your bedroom or it can be your school library. Students just have to find a place to study and fix a regular study time that works for them and they must stick with it. 

  • Study Space- Students must find a quiet and peaceful space for study. The place they find must be comfortable and distraction-free. The study place should make students inspired to study and happy. To make the study space more enjoyable, students can decorate the place with their favorite pictures and items. 
  • Best Study Time- Some students can study better in the morning time and some students can study much better at night. Find out the best appropriate time for your study and plan your routine according to it. Students must not study much later than their usual bedtime. If you study late at night then you might feel tired the next day and you won’t be able to focus on the study
  • Continuous Study

Students need to study continuously to keep the concept remembered in their minds. This helps students to easily develop their understanding and avoid the stress of exams of last-minute completing the whole syllabus. If you start your exam preparation at the beginning of the session itself and you study, a couple of hours will be enough for every student to excel out with good results. If students find difficulty in taking out some time daily to study from their regular activities, then they need to cut short their activity time. Students have to prioritize their work and must devote more of their time to studying. If students prioritize their studies more, then automatically students will stop spending their time uselessly. 

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  • Schedule Your Time

Students must plan the study time to make the most out of it. Students can follow the given tips to schedule their study time. 

  • Students must set alarms- Students must set their alarm for a fixed time to study. A constant reminder will keep students honest about their studies and can track their progress.
  • Use Calendar- Students must use a wall planner or a calendar, to plan the topics at that particular time. Students can mark the important dates, for example, exam dates, assignment submission dates, etc. 
  • Create a to-do list- Write down the topics you have to cover in a day or in a week. Students need to start studying with a to-do list which will clear them what they have to complete in their entire time session. 
  • Time Boundaries- Students before starting their studies, should look at their to-do list and plan a time set for each topic. Also, they should use their best time to keep going with their studies. 

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  • Find out Your Learning Pattern 

Every student has their own way of learning. Students must know their most preferable learning style and at what time they are comfortable studying. They must also know their techniques to learn the lesson faster and easier. 

Some students are auditory learners which means they learn by listening. These students learn their lesson by reading out loud or by discussing with their companions. They can even listen to the podcast for better and easy understanding. Students who are visual learners prefer to learn by seeing. These students must try using colors in their notes, use diagrams, right down the key points to easily go through the topics. The best way for visual learners to learn the concepts is that they can even take online classes and coaching for better learning. Some students are tactile learners, which means they learn through techniques like role play, models, diagrams, etc. 

  • Revision

Students at the end of the week must revise each and every topic which they had studied in the entire week. Revising the topics again can help students to have a crystal clear concept and keep the topics remembered for a long time. To make the revision more interesting students can go for a quiz. The quiz is a superb way to increase the confidence level about the topic you have learned already. The other best way of doing revision is to make your own study material. Add the key points of every topic which will make your revision easy. Solve the revision test papers to track your performance. 

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  • Go For Breaks

It is very important for students to take short breaks during their study time. When students feel tired and out of focus or frustrated while studying, then they must surely take a short break. If you try to study long hours, then it will decrease your performance level. Students must take a break and make sure to get away from the place you are studying. Try to do the physical activities in your leisure time. 

  • Take Help

Students must ask for help if they are stuck somewhere or they need clarification on any topic. Students need to consult their teachers about the topics they do not understand. This will clear their concept very well. 

  • Stay Motivated and Focussed

Motivation is very essential for every student. To get the best results in the end, students have to be focused and motivated. Students must decorate their study space with inspirational quotes and poems or photos of a person they get inspiration from. This will motivate students to achieve their end goals with motivation. 

  • Go For Online Classes

There are various online classes conducted for students to help them in all the aspects of the study. Taking up online classes or online coaching classes helps students to enhance their learning skills. Through online classes, students can easily connect to their teachers for any query. Through live examples and demo classes, students learn in a more efficient manner. 

  •  Spend Time On Yourself

Students can only study better if they look after themselves. They need to eat well and take proper sleep with physical exercises to stay healthy. Students must avoid sugary food or unhealthy snacks. Students must keep themselves hydrated by consuming enough water. 

(Note: The 10 tips given above are to take out the most from your studies. Students might have their own better way that works for them. Students can even find out the amazing way of studying by knowing how their friends and companions study. Whatever the way of study students follow,  they just need to keep in mind that it will give them a good result.)

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Key Points For The Above Study Tips 

By following the above study tips and tricks students can increase their learning skills and these study tips for exams helps students to excel in their exam. 

  • Students can develop their best approach to studying and learning in an efficient way. They can come across what technique works best for them. 
  • The 10 tips can be applied to any career students are pursuing. Students need to understand the concepts and its theories of every subject they are pursuing. 
  • These study tips for students will help them to develop their skills beyond their education to their new career. 
  • The study tips for exams will increase the confidence level of the students to appear in the exams. By following the study tips and tricks, students will be benefitted throughout their life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which are the best study tips for students?

Ans: The best study tips for students are as follows:

  1. Planning a Study Schedule. 
  2. Studying in a fixed — Time, Place, and  Every Day.
  3. Keeping your study area with all the necessary items might be required at the time of the study.
  4. Creating own study material for revision.
  5. Keeping track of your performance. 

To know in detail about the best study tips for students, students can refer to this article.

Q2. How can students improve their learning power?

Ans: If students follow the study tips given above on this page then this will help them to develop the learning skills. The study tips given above help students to easily learn the topics with crystal clear understandings. 

Q3. How much time should a student devote for studies?

Ans: Students must study daily for at least four to five hours. This will reduce the stress during their exams. 

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