Technology plays a major role in education. There are numerous technology trends that have surfaced in this new decade like video learning, Artificial Intelligence and BlockChain Etc.

Some of the major technology trends in education are Big Data, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Although now distance learning or e-learning has taken a front seat and will be a major trend in 2022. Many students could not go back to college and schools, leading to online distance learning as the only option available.

Any hardware and software advancement in technology for modern education is Educational Technology. Edtech is Education + Technology. Educational Technology has revolutionized education by building connectivity and student-centred learning. In a way, students are not going to education, education is coming to students digitally. Any technology advancement in education is edtech and when it gains popularity and has a beneficial impact, then it is a technology trend in education.

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Technology Trends in Education(EdTEch)

There are a lot of new avenues and technological advancements helping in the education system, especially in higher studies. Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, E-learning etc are some of the major educational trends. In, this article we will discuss these educational trends and how they are helping the educational system reaching greater heights.

These advancements are gaining rapid popularity and transforming the education standards. Coming to 2022, these technological trends will disrupt the centuries-old way of learning because of technology adoption.

Many people feel that educational trends are mere advancements in education. But developers built them to increase creativity in education and to make it more student-centred. EdTech handles technological advancement in education. The Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) has defined EdTech as “facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources.”

On the other hand, As per the educators, it is a concept of transforming traditional book teaching and learning to digital form. There are some advantages of technology trends.

  1. Innovative Teaching Methods- The EdTech technology trends promote innovation and better teaching. W
  2. Improve Collaborative Teaching- Collaborative teaching is gaining popularity as teachers take the help of the eLearning educational tools.
  3. Teaching And Learning Process– The teaching and learning process is also advancing with educational technology trends. This will lead to better performance by the students.

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Top Technology Trends in Education

Below are some of the most important education trends required for every educator as essential for education. Even if unable to use them, you all can still get hold of what’s new in education and industry.

Integrated Applications

Nowadays, the student community is very actively using smartphones, having multiple applications for everything from booking a cab to ordering food. Although there can be seen an upward moving trend in the educational applications as well. So if you are someone who is building an education application, keep in mind to make it integrated instead of standing alone. Integrated apps connect with other applications as well whereas the standalone apps that will work do not integrate and connect with any other ongoing apps. Video-based learning is growing rapidly so you should keep in mind to add a contact relevant and in video format.

Video-Based Lectures

As the student community is actively using smartphones, video-based lectures which are easily accessible by smartphones are gaining importance. Video-based lectures are more interactive and as well as informative. According to Cisco, more than 80% of the content available online will be videoed only. Every day, the number of students joining online video lectures is increasing. So if you are a higher education institution, you can adopt video technology as it is one of the major technological trends. There are at the same time tools and techniques available to make the video content easily accessible to all. CA wizards keep track of all new inventions and keep promoting the best in the industry, for instance, they are aware of the best online classes, best, pen drive classes, best video lectures.

Almost all schools have started following video-assisted learning. According to the study, students can grasp more knowledge from the video than they will from reading or listening.


Distance learning or E-learning is done online over Zoom calls or online learning platforms. With the current pandemic, distance learning has gained immense importance and is the most popular way of education today. In eLearning educational content is provided on the internet like lectures, assignments, and furthermore notes as well as study material. It is not only time-saving but can also open multiple opportunities for the students who are willing to learn more than just what’s taught in the school. E-Learning can help you shape the career of the students who are away from education.

Blockchain Technology

Many of us at times lose our important documents like school certificates or graduation mark sheets. Which can create chaos in our lives as these certifications are important in various phases of life from getting a driver’s license to a Job. Through Blockchain apps like Digi lockers, one can keep their entire documents or any other important files in one place. It acts as a locker although since its digital hence are accessible anytime and anywhere. Whenever a new file or data is added, a new block is built, and that’s how blockchain is created. And that way data can easily provide to job-seeking professionals or even students.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is one of the ultimate technology advancements. It will be able to give specialised teaching experience and will help teachers understand what students want to know more about. Artificial intelligence helps in conducting online exams in a simpler manner. Artificial Intelligence is an incredible way of monitoring any malpractices during online exams. At the same time, one can easily provide the question paper fully encrypted from end to end.

Self Paced Learning

In every batch or group of students, every student differs depending upon the ability to grasp the concept. Some students take more time in understanding a concept while some can easily grasp the topics. Self-paced Learning and personalized is some of the driven trends which can be attained through Video Learning and AI. One can prepare the video lectures using an Artificial Algorithm and create unique learning pathways for the weak students.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality earlier was only in the play zones or 3D presentations. Although with the advancement of technology there would be education through virtual reality. Multiple companies are working in building easy-to-use tools to create virtual reality-based content and will soon be in talks. It is more beneficial for practical subjects and for students of Medical or Engineering. The eyeglass requires in Virtual reality is expensive although will be cost-effective with an increase in demand. Not only engineering students but now students of CA or commerce also use new technology in learning, like webinars and podcasts from ICAI.


A chatbot is an artificial intelligence technology mechanism that involves live chat onto the website or social media channels. During the time of admission, parents have similar questions regarding registration, fees, or eligibility. A chatbot can quickly answer all their questions and is time-efficient. It is virtual assistance available 24*7 and provides Quick response. The overall telephonic calls and email queries will minimize. At the same time, ca wizard itself is a well-equipped website that has integrated all feasible bots to enhance students experience on the website.


Technological advancements are shaping a new age of education that is not confined to school or college. There are various technological trends from video learning to AI. The one factor common in each of these trends is the usage of the internet and digitalization. At CA Wizard you can also find other resourceful blogs like career options after 12th or courses after CA.

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