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Download Latest CBSE Class 11 Sample Papers Physics for Free

Download Latest CBSE Class 11 Sample Papers Physics for Free

Physics is the core subject of Science Stream in senior secondary classes. You need to give your best not just to score good marks but also for a better career scope. So, CA Wizard is sharing the CBSE Class 11 Sample Papers Physics for you. The sample papers are available for download for free. You can also refer to the physics paper’s marking scheme and the course books available in this article. We have shared special preparation tips that can help you level up your Physics exam preparation. 

CA Wizard is the best virtual guide for CBSE class 11 and 12 students. It is a free online library with resources like complete and latest syllabus, question paper pattern, sample papers, time table, result updates, etc. We also help 11th, and 12th students choose the correct route to a successful career. Our resource material and information updates are beneficial for all those who aim to become a CA and lead a successful career.

CBSE Class 11 Sample Papers Physics

Solving these sample papers will help you know your strong and weak areas in your preparation. You can give more time to topics where you scored less to ace your exams and get good results.

Note:- The Class XI Physics Syllabus of CBSE is reduced by 30% for this academic year. You should cross out the sample papers’ questions from the deleted topics.

Download Free CBSE Class 11 Sample Papers Physics

Below we have given links to five Sample Papers PDF files for Class XI Physics. You can download them for free right now and solve them once you are confident with your preparation.

CBSE Class 11 Physics Marking Scheme

Here is the marking scheme of the class XI Physics paper for the 2020-21 exam. There is no chapter-wise marks weightage, but you will still know which units you should give more focus.  

UnitsChapters wiseMarks
Unit–I Physical World and Measurement


Unit-II Kinematics

Unit–III Laws of Motion

Chapter 1-523
Unit–IV Work, Energy and Power


Unit–V Motion of a System of Particles and Rigid Body

Unit-VI Gravitation

Chapter 6-817
Unit–VII Properties of Bulk Matter


Unit–VIII Thermodynamics

Unit–IX Behaviour of Perfect Gases and Kinetic Theory of Gases

Chapter 9-1320
Unit–X Oscillations and WavesChapter 14-1510
Practicals and project workFor all chapters30
Total marks 100


All the books for class 11 are from the NCERT. The Physics NCERT books are given below in English and Hindi medium. You can always use reference books, but we recommend completing the NCERT books course first then using any other book. 

CodeEnglish medium PDFHindi medium PDF
042Physics Part 1
Physics Part 2
Bhautiki 1
Bhautiki 2

Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 11 Physics Paper

The Physics subject syllabus is very vast. Even if the syllabus for this year is reduced, other situations due to COVID-19 have raised learning challenges. You must focus on learning the syllabus that is coming in the exam well. (If you haven’t checked the deleted Physics syllabus yet, then read the deleted topics from the syllabus here.)

Here are some of the best exam preparation tips that you should follow when preparing for the Physics exam preparation.

  • First, understand the paper pattern of Physics paper. It is divided into two parts: theory (70 marks) and practical (30 marks). You must refer to the marking scheme and syllabus, both theory and practical, along with the CBSE guidelines.
  • Then you should prepare a study time table. Strategically distribute the topics on the level of your knowledge and aptitude. Keep enough time for revisions.
  • Make notes during your studies so that you can make quick revisions later. Mark important questions which you can go through again later.
  • After your preparations are done, solve CBSE sample papers. Sit down to give it like an actual test. Mark yourself fairly—highlight areas where you are good, where your performance was not up-to-the-mark. You will know which topic needs your attention, where you need only to do regular revisions. 
  • With every sample paper that you solve, try to improve everything- your way of writing answers, writing speed, and concentration level. The written paper is of 3 hours duration, so you need to plan some techniques to solve your paper.
  • There are some general instructions given on the question paper, so read them carefully and follow them. 
  • If possible, go through the answer sheets of previous year toppers from your school or another school.

As you know, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the challenges in learning, so the CBSE exams for 2020-21 are speculated to be easy. However, you should not lack in your preparation. Understand lessons, practice important questions. Don’t forget to solve sample papers for complete exam preparation. 

We wish you good luck with the Class 11 Exams.

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