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Download CBSE Class 12 English Sample Papers 2024 with Solutions

CBSE Class 12 English Sample Papers with Solutions

CBSE has released the sample papers of class 12th with their marking scheme for the 2024 upcoming exams. CA Wizard brings to you all the CBSE Class 12 English Sample Paper and previous year question papers with solutions and marking scheme. You can download the English sample papers from the links provided in the article. 

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Important Details Regarding CBSE Class 12 English Sample Paper

The CBSE board will follow the scheme of English sample papers class 12 2023-24 for the 2024 board exams. 

English Core3 hours80
English Elective3 hours80

Class 12 English Sample Paper 2023-24

The English Sample Paper Class 12 2023-24 for both English Core and English Elective subjects are released by CBSE on its official academic website, The CBSE Class 12 Sample Papers are provided to students in order to help them better understand the Class 12 Board Exams in the updated format. With the help of these CBSE Class 12 English Sample Papers, students can organize their study schedule for the English exams. The marking scheme for the same has also released by CBSE, you can download both from here.

CBSE Class 12 English Sample Paper 2023-24 (English Core)Marking Scheme
CBSE Class 12 English Sample Paper 2023-24 (English Elective)Marking Scheme

CBSE Class 12 English Sample Paper 2023-24 with Solutions

The download links of all the CBSE Class 12 Sample Paper of English Core and English Elective are given below for you. Save the PDFs and start your preparation. 

CBSE Class 12 English Core Sample Paper 2024- Download

Download Solved Previous Years CBSE Class 12th English Sample Papers for English Core

To make yourself more confident for the coming board exams 2024, students are advised to solve class 12th English sample papers for English Core. Given below are the last few years’ sample question papers with solutions and marking schemes. 

CBSE Class 12 English Elective Sample Paper 2024- Download

The latest CBSE Class 12 Sample Papers of English Core and Elective subjects are designed on the 30% reduced English syllabus. CBSE has also made the new exam pattern a lot easier for the students. You must check out the CBSE Class 12 English Sample Papers. Here are some of the important questions from them.

Important Questions For Class 12th English Exam 2024:


Attempt ANY ONE of the following. (1x 5) 

(A) While reading about new places and searching for them online has its merits, the advantages of actually traveling to various destinations far exceed them. Write an article in 120-150 words for the magazine Travel Times, evaluating both these options. You may use the cues given below along with your own ideas. You are Amrit/ Amrita. 

  • Builds confidence 
  • Make friends and memories 
  • Experience new cultures 
  • Expands knowledge 


(B) Ranikhet district, Uttarakhand, on the occasion of Basant Panchami celebrations had organized a three-day cultural festival. You are Bhupinder/ Priyanka Bhisht. Your newspaper had deputed you to cover the inaugural event of this festival. As a newspaper reporter, use the given cues along with your own ideas to write a report about the same in 120-150 words. 

  • Big crowds -main grounds of the marketplace 
  • Colorful decorations 
  • Inauguration-local panchayat member to inaugurate. 
  • Folk dance and songs 
  • Speeches 


Attempt ANY FIVE out of the six questions given below, in 30-40 words each. (2×5=10) 

  1. What does Neruda mean by ‘an exotic moment without rush’ in his poem, ‘Keeping Quiet’? 
  2. Explain the metaphor of the rattrap in the context of the story by Selma Lagerlöf.

 iii. Kamala Das speaks of ‘an old familiar ache…’ What do you think is the reason for this feeling? 

  1. Comment on the significance of the villagers sitting at the back in M. Hamel’s classroom. 
  2. ‘Little has moved with time, it seems, in Firozabad.’ State any one reason why the writer says this. 
  3. How does the poet use the image of ‘fingers fluttering through the wool’ to highlight Aunt Jennifer’s victimization?

Download Previous Year Question Paper of CBSE English Sample Papers for Class 12 with Solutions & Marking Scheme

Below are the complete sets of previous year question papers of English Class 12 CBSE with their solutions and marking scheme. You can download the English Core and English Elective PDFs from the links given in the table below.

English Core

English Elective

Download English Elective Question PaperDownload English Elective Solutions & Marking Scheme
English Elective Paper 1 English Elective Paper 1 Answer Key 
English Elective Paper 2 English Elective Paper 2 Answer Key

General Instructions 

General Instructions: 

1. This paper is divided into two parts: A and B. All questions are compulsory. 

2. Separate instructions are given with each section and question, wherever necessary. Read these instructions very carefully and follow them. 

3. Do not exceed the prescribed word limit while answering the questions.

Benefits of Solving CBSE Class 12 English Sample Paper

The CBSE English sample papers for class 12 will give you a brief idea of the questions that can be asked in the main exams. At times, a few questions from the sample papers can be asked in the final exam. So, you will get an advantage there if you have already practiced it and seen its suggested answer in the CBSE answer key. 

The answer key given with the CBSE class 12 Sample Paper of English has a detailed marking scheme. It will help you know how the marks are awarded in short and long answers. 

Solving the sample papers is also a good way to test your preparation level and identify the areas you need to practice more.

Preparation Tips For Class 12 English Board Exams 2024

The most important thing in class 12 CBSE English exam preparation is self-study and practice. But, before you randomly start your preparation, you should first make a timetable for yourself. Plan the English syllabus topics according to what, when, and how you will study. Then start your preparation.

The English exam papers have different sections- reading, writing, and literature. So your preparation for all the sections will be a little different.

Reading section: The best thing you can do for acing this section is to practice and expand your vocabulary. A good vocabulary will help in all the sections.

Writing Section: Learn the appropriate formats for the writing section. Use the answer keys given above to see what formats are considered correct by CBSE. Practice some questions from the sample papers and any books that you use. 

Literature Section: The most important thing in this section is understanding the lessons and poems. Questions can be asked from any line or paragraph. Then practice the sample paper questions to see how the questions are asked from the literature section.

Many students say CBSE Class 12 English paper is lengthy, and they cannot complete their answers in 3 hours. So you must focus on your writing speed as well. Try to write in neat and clean handwriting throughout the paper.

FAQs regarding CBSE Class 12 English Sample Papers

Q1. Which is the best sample paper for CBSE class 12?

Ans. The sample papers given by CBSE are the best. Instead of using sample papers from any reference books or other places, use the CBSE sample papers.

Q2. Are CBSE English Sample Papers for class 12 important?

Ans. Yes, the sample papers given by CBSE are very important, and you must see the latest ones given by CBSE.

Q3. Are NCERT books enough for class 12 English Core/Elective?

Ans. Yes, NCERT books are enough for the literature section. For the practice of reading and writing sections, you can use reference books. 

Q4. Has CBSE released the sample papers for 2024?

Ans. Yes, CBSE has released the new sample papers. You can get all the sample papers for 2024 and the previous year on CA Wizard.

Q5. Does CBSE provide the Class 12 Sample papers on the official website?

Ans. Yes, CBSE uploads the sample papers on the official website. But you can get the complete collection of CBSE sample papers on CA Wizard.

Q6. Where can I get the solved class 12 CBSE sample papers?

Ans. You can get all the sample papers with solutions on CA Wizard. 

Q7. How to download CBSE Class 12 English Sample Paper 2024 with solutions?

Ans. Check the CA Wizard website to download the English sample papers.

Q8. How many sample papers does CBSE release for class 12?

Ans. CBSE releases a single set of solved sample papers for class 12 every year.

Q9. What is the new exam pattern of the 2024 CBSE board papers of class 12?

Ans. The new CBSE exam pattern is changed for class 12 2024 exams. Refer to the latest syllabus and CBSE English Sample Paper Class 12 term 2 for better understanding.

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