Students often ask us about the courses along with CA Articleship, so we have written a comprehensive guide for such students!! CA Articleship!! Such a long duration!! We have to give full-fledge three years to complete our practical training under a practicing Chartered Accountant where we work like an ass for our Principal. In such a duration, some of the candidates use to ask whether there is any course we can pursue along with Articleship Training. Well, according to all the top faculties, the best utilization of this time is preparing for CA Final along with learning new things in your Training.

Although, still some students want to pursue other courses along with articleship which can be fruitful for their career. But before enrolling yourself for other courses including graduation, one must read the guidelines issued by ICAI in respect of other courses to be pursued along with articleship. According to such guidelines, the articled assistant is required to obtain permission from ICAI by submitting Form 112 for any other course to be pursued with CA.

Well, there are countless courses you can pursue, but the course you are going to take with CA should match your job profile and proven to be useful to your career. Hence, here we have prepared a shortlist which can tell you about some courses available with the CA Articleship.

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Courses ALong with CA Articleship

CS (Company Secretary) –

After CA, CS is one of the most sought courses among the commerce stream students, and pursuing CS with CA can give you multiple career choices. Although one could not practice both CA and CS together the knowledge and degree can help you in getting priority over the number of candidates.

CS is appointed to handle the Corporate Governance and deal with Legal Matters of the Company. The course has a minimum duration of three years and in addition, candidates who have passed the CA Foundation level get an exemption from the CS Foundation level.

The course has been organized by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. The course structure of CA and CS is much similar which is beneficial for you people. Therefore, doing a CS with articleship is a good option.

ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) –

ACCA is a globally recognized course offering the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification. CA is an Indian recognized qualification while the ACCA has been a globally recognized qualification which means that pursuing ACCA along with CA can open International companies doors for you. The course structure of ACCA is much similar to CA as well as it recognizes your CA degree and grants exemption on the basis of your present completed qualifications.

The ACCA course has a minimum duration of two years if one has to attempt to complete 14 papers. But if you are already an Intermediate pass out, you will be given 5 exemption and require to attempt only 9 papers.

ACCA covers the global perspective, thus it gives you additional knowledge of International GAAP and Laws. However, in India Chartered Accountants are more demandable as they are highly knowledgeable in respect of Indian Laws and standards. But if you are dreaming big, then ACCA can be a nice combination with CA Articleship.

CPA (Certified Public Accountant) –

CPA is a globally recognized qualification offering excellence in the field of Accountancy. This is a high standard accounting degree known for its excellence in accounting across the globe, hence opens the doors for many Multinational and International companies.

The benefit of pursuing a CPA with CA gives you a certificate of excellence in accounting, results in a rewarding career choice. CPA can never be unemployed as every business whether small, medium, or large requires an accountant who can handle the Accounting of the business.

FRM (Financial Risk Management) –

Again FRM is also a globally recognized certification like ACCA and CPA. This course offers the Bankers and Finance Professionals to assess the real risk issues faced by an organization. The FRM job profile is to plan a financial business strategy for a business that can seek a constant upward trend.

As Chartered Accountants are considered highly knowledgeable in Finance thus FRM will be a great advantage to your profession. This course requires five years of professional qualification along with the successful completion of its levels. Hence, need to continue even after completing the articleship. It is one of the best courses to do along with CA Articleship. 

CMA (Cost and Management Accountant) –

CMA along with CA can give you multiple career opportunities in the manufacturing concern. CMA offers a candidate to gain expert knowledge of Cost Accounting, Cost Management, Budgeting, Performance Evaluation, Pricing of the Goods and Services, and also Asset Management within an organization.

They are highly responsive to prepare a cost plan for an organization. The benefit of pursuing CMA with CA is that you will be certified to handle the financial as well as the cost records of the company. You can take part in the financial as well as the pricing decisions of the company. Also, you will get preference over other candidates at the time of placement who are either CA or either Cost Accountants. The difference between CA and CMA is provided in the linked article. 

Conclusion – In the above article we have shared a number of available courses along with CA Articleship.  However, you are advised to focus completely on your CA Final Studies because mainly students have seen facing difficulty in clearing CA Final after a long gap of 3 years from CA studies. Remember, your first priority should be completing CA and thereafter above side courses. Once, you become a qualified Chartered Accountant, your signature on the Financial Statements will have the power to call them audited Financial Statements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is the best course for aspirants that can be done with CA?

Courses like CS, MBA, CMA, and ACCA are all the best courses for the aspirants to pursue CA. 


Q2. What are the courses which CA aspirants can study after the completion of CA?

If CA aspirants want to pursue another course after completion of CA then they can pursue Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Company Secretary (CS), Certified Financial Planner(CFP), Diploma in Taxation Law, etc. 


Q3. Which degree is best for the CA aspirants with CA?

The degree of any course with CA is the best for the aspirants. Aspirants have to just pursue the course in which they have interests. 


Q4. Aspirants who completed the CA can get the government job?

Yes, definitely. Aspirants who have completed the CA can get the government job. 


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