Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education (HPBOSE) already provides 12th class student’s syllabus on its official website. Candidates are required to go through the syllabus once before taking any step. In this article, students can take advantage of HP board 12th question papers. Subjects are explained in Unit-Wise with the marking scheme. Model papers are available for all the three streams that are Science, Commerce, Humanities. Solve the HP board 12th question papers to get an idea of questions, which will lead you to prepare better.

After the 12th, there will be a depressing environment around students because they have to choose what they will pursue next. I am here to solve this big issue by sharing simple advice for students. I recommend you select CA after the 12th examination because it has lots of advantages like higher salary, fixed working hours, anyone can choose this stream, etc. There are a lot of job opportunities for CA candidates in every sector of the market. 

Below is the detail of HP Board 12th question papers and marking scheme:

HPBOSE Class 12th Chapter-Wise Marking Scheme for all Subjects

HP Board 12th English Marking Scheme 

Sections Unit/ Areas of Learning Marks
Section AReading Skills and reading unseen prose passages and note-making17
Section BAdvanced writing skills29
Section C (i)English Reader26
Section C (ii)Supplementary reader13
 Total marks85

HP Board 12th Maths Marking Scheme 

Unit No. Units Marks
I.Relations and Functions9
IV.Vectors and three-dimension geometry13
V.Linear programming6
 Total Marks85

HP Board 12th Physics Marking Scheme

Unit No. Units Marks
2Current electricity7
3Magnetic effect of current & magnetism7
4Electromagnetic induction and alternating current7
5Electromagnetic waves3
7Dual nature of matter3
8Atoms and nuclei4
9Electronic devices6
10Communication systems4

HP Board 12th Chemistry Marking Scheme

Unit No. Units Marks
4Chemical kinetics4
5Surface chemistry3
6General principles and processes of isolation elements2
7P-block elements6
8D- and f-block elements5
9Coordination compounds3
10Haloalkanes and Haloarenes4
11Alcohols, phenols, and ethers4
12Aldehydes, and carboxylic acids5
13Organic compounds containing nitrogen4
16Chemistry in everyday life2

HP Board 12th Biology Marking Scheme

Unit No. Units Marks
1Sexual reproduction11
2Genetics and evolution17
3Biology and human welfare10
4Biotechnology and its applications10
5Ecology and environment12

HP Board 12th Human Ecology and Family Science Marking Scheme

Units Marks
Work, livelihood and career, preparation, choices, and selection17
Career opportunities3
(A) Nutrition, Food Science and Technology8
(B) Human Development and Family Studies8
(C) Fabric and Apparel8
(D) Resource and Management8
(E) Communication and Extension8
Total Marks60


HP Board 12th Computer science Marking Scheme

Unit Theory Practical Total
Network operating system77
Network operating system administration (configuration & maintenance)729
Desktop publishing (advanced)729
Elementary server-side scripting through PHP12618
RDBMS concepts and MYSQL10515
Internet business applications1010
Project work44

HP Board 12th Economics Marking Scheme

Unit Marks
Consumer behavior and demand12
Producer behavior and supply20
Forms of market and price determination8
Simple applications of tools of demand and supply curves
National income and related aggregates12
Determination of income and employment10
Money and banking7
Government budget and the economy7
Balance of payments6
Total Marks85

HPBOSE 12th History Marking Scheme

Unit Topic Marks
1The story of the first cities Harappan archaeology5
2Political and economic history: how inscriptions tell a story8
3Social histories: using the Mahabharata3
4A History of Buddhism: Sanchi Stupa5
6Agrarian relations: the Ain-i-Akbari4
7The Mughal court: reconstruction histories through chronicles8
8New architecture: Hampi5
9Religious histories: the Bhakti-Sufi tradition5
10Medieval society through travelers’ accounts4
11Colonialism and rural society: Evidence from official reports3
12Representations of 18578
13Colonialism and Indian towns: town plans and municipal reports5
14Mahatma Gandhi through contemporary eyes8
15Partition through oral sources4
 The making of the constitution5
 Map Work (Unit 1to 15)5
 Total Marks85

HP Board 12th Geography Marking Scheme

Unit Topic Marks
A. Fundamentals of Human Geography
1Fundamental of human geography2
2Indian people and economy4
3Human activities9
4Transport, communication, and trade9
5Human settlement4
6Map work2
B. Indian: People and Economy
8Human settlements4
9Resources and development12
10Transport, communication and international trade6
11A geographical perspective on selected issues and problems2
12Map work2
Practical Work25

HP Board 12th Psychology Marking Scheme

Unit Topic Marks
1Variations in psychological attributes7
2Self and personality8
3Meeting life challenges6
4Psychological disorders7
5Therapeutic approaches6
6Attitude and social cognition7
7Social influence and group processes6
8Psychology and life7
9Developing psychological skills6

HP Board 12th Sociology Marking Scheme

Unit Topic Marks
Indian Society
1Structure of Indian society7
2Social institution: continuity & change12
3Social inequality & exclusion12
4The challenges of unity in diversity12
Change and Development in India
5Process of social change in India8
6Social change and the polity8
7Social change & the economy10
8New areas of social change8
9Social movements8


Himachal Pradesh Board 12th Question Papers in PDFs

Paper Subject Question Paper
11Political ScienceDownload

Click the above link to view the 12th Question Paper of the Himachal Pradesh Board.


At the end of the article, I would like to say Best of Luck to all the HP Board 12th students for their exams. In this, we have covered the question papers and marking scheme of the 12th class. A reminder of my above statement that after 12th, students should choose the course of CA for a better future. If you have the dedication and believe yourself, then no one can stop you from success. 

Students have to fight three levels in Chartered Accountancy (CA) that are CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, and CA Final for a successful life. I hope you will like the article and follow the steps that I have mentioned above.

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