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How to Clear CA Intermediate Both Groups in First Attempt

How to Clear CA Intermediate Both Groups in First Attempt

Hello Friends, are you worried about your upcoming Intermediate examinations. Cracking this exam is a dream for each and every single student, only this way you can get articleship somewhere like BIG 4. But it’s not that easy friends. You will have to work very hard. However, hard work is not enough, you also need a good strategy in addition to the hard work. A weak strategy can jeopardize your complete hard work.

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Without wasting your time, let’s move to the strategy which you should adapt to clear this exam in your very first attempt.

  1. Make a genuine plan – Planning is the first step from where you can start. An audit can be effective and efficient only when it is supported by a good plan. Similar to your studies, Planning is very very important before you start your preparation. Set an Examination time-table that how much you will study daily. Don’t set a number of hours. But make a strategy that how much topics you are going to cover with your class and how much time time you will give for whole revision and how much for solving the past attempt papers.
  2. Execution of the Plan  – Never ever procrastinate your study. Once it comes into your habit, success cannot knock on your door. Avoid thinking, “I am tired today, i will complete it tomorrow”, “It’s party time, everybody is chilling with friends, what shouldn’t we enjoy”, “It’s brother’s birthday, or di jiju anniversary, I should plan something big.”… You always face some situations which will try to take you back from your studies. But you should be focused enough not to get distracted from these things. Remember one thing friends, tomorrow will be yours only and only if you sacrifice your today to achieve it.Coachings are important – Do you think it is necessary to go with coachings. In my opinion, “Yes”. Clarity on the concepts is the essence and that can be achieved by good teachers. There is not a  single subject in Intermediate which you can crack only by rattafication. If you can’t afford coachings or you don’t have enough time for such than you can search on the youtube. You will get good videos, generally for each and every topic of every subject which will help you a lot in getting clarity over the topics.
  3. Stay away from the Social Media – Social Media at your exam time can prove a big disaster for you. At Least three months before your exams, try to uninstall Facebook and what’s app specially. Stay away from mobile or video games. Avoid watching movies in the meanwhile. In order to relax your mind, you can listen soft music. Also, if friends or relatives disturb you so many times then it will be better to switch off your phone and check it during a specific time.
  4. Revise Daily –  Friends, involve this in your habit that you are definitely going to revise the things daily what you have been taught by your teachers and what you have studied. Research says that if you revise the things within 24 hours than you can retain those things much more time than others. When you lay down on your bed at night, give yourself only 15 minutes and orally revise the topics what you have studied during the whole day.
  5. Don’t Ignore the ICAI Material – Of Course, the books you are referring must be good. But CA Intermediate Study Material provided by ICAI covers each and everything, so don’t ignore that. I am not asking you to go with study material and practice manuals and RTP, MTP. But at least you can go through with the practice manuals. The level of question and the way of a presentation given in that is marvelous. By solving it, you will get to know that what you really need to improve.
  6. Focus on Quality rather than Quantity – Some students in order to complete their syllabus just read the topics without understanding them properly or without moving in its depth. They just try to complete the syllabus as soon as possible but when they try to recall them they will not able to write even half of it. So, whatever you are reading, just read it carefully. Set genuine targets and try to stick on it.
  7. Sleep at least 7 hours– If you want to study properly then sleep at least 7 hours. However, you can reduce this to 5 hours during the peak time of your exams. But good sleep is very important for a healthy brain. Whatever time you are studying 6, 7, 8 or 10. The thing is that these hours must be your effective hours. If you are tired due to improper sleep you cannot function effectively. So, take a healthy sleep.
  8. Take short breaks-–  Don’t go for a regular study. After 3-4 hours you will feel tired and want some rest. And if don’t go for it than you will feel sleepy and can’t study effectively and efficiently. So, take short breaks like after studying for 2-3 hours, take 15 minutes break. You can eat some fresh fruits or go for a short walk or listen to some soft music, these things can rejuvenate your mind.
  9. Avoid more intake of caffeine – What most of us do to refresh ourself, we start more and more coffee or tea. But this is not the right way to study for long hours. Higher intake to caffeine can make you ill and sometimes your body cannot digest such high caffeine, so you start vomiting. Instead of go for tea or coffee, you can jump 10-20 times. Trust me, friends, this is very effective way to refresh you.
  10. Do not forget the past attempt papers– Friends, please do not skip the CA Inter Papers past attempt or mock test papers to practice at your home. I am not saying that CA is like a where reading 5 past attempt papers is enough to get pass. This is CA Intermediate, you cannot skip anything. Each and every topic given in the syllabus is important. But practicing the past attempt or mock test papers can help you a lot to perform in the exam very well. Also, it helps in so many ways.

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These are some tips which would surely help you to crack this exam. Stay focused, work hard and All the best to all the readers.

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