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10 Secrets to Sure Shot Success in CA Foundation

10 Secrets to Sure Shot Success in CA Foundation

Hello Friends! You are going to appear for the CA Foundation. The one which is replacing CPT (Common Proficiency Test). A new journey to pursue the most reputed course in Commerce and also the toughest.  Chartered Accountants are only authorized to audit the Financial Statement. Starting a journey to being a part of this course.

Remember SUCCESS DOES NOT LIE IN RESULTS, IT LIES IN EFFORTS. BEING THE BEST IS NOT IMPORTANT, DOING THE BEST IS IMPORTANT. For a successful Chartered Accountancy Journey, you have to work hard. This is not just your dream but your passion and does not matter what the circumstances are or will be, you will clear CA Foundation

Although CA is considered one of the toughest courses.

But don’t worry friends, difficult and easy is all your perception.  Nothing is difficult until you let them. Believe in yourself. Today we are sharing with you sure success mantras that are followed by CA Foundation toppers in  Examination. You will definitely clear this exam if you strictly follow this routine. We can only guide, you are the one who can implement this. And if you are all set and want to score high in CA Foundation this time then don’t forget to read How to score high marks in CA Foundation.


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We are giving you some sure shot tips to clear this exam-

  1. Plan your Study–  Planning is the essence of your study. Until you don’t plan your study properly, you will not be able to complete your course even on the last day of your exam. Try to make a good and effective study plan according to your CA Foundation Time table which you can definitely follow. But the execution of this plan is a more important and difficult task. No matter how much you will suffer, the only goal is a success.
  2. Understand things well rather than learning–   Friends if you start studying from today, then focus more on understanding things rather than learning. Learning will retain in your mind only up to 10-15 days then you will need a sure revision.  However, if you go with understanding things then you can recall it in exams even if you haven’t revised.
  3. Try to take short breaks – If you study regularly, it will frustrate you and there will be an increase in labor hours rather than effective hours. So, give short breaks while studying. After studying 2-3 hours, always relax your mind for 10-15 minutes. It will increase your efficiency. You can retain more things by doing so.
  4. Set Goals – Always set some goals before start studying. It can for a  particular day or a particular number of hours or even of a particular hour. Setting Target will definitely help you in achieving that. Without setting goals there will be more and more chances that you will waste your very precious time.
  5. Start with the topic which scares you most – Friends there is always one or more topic which scares us most. But we also know that these are very much important. So, we suggest you instead of starting them at the last, pick up those topics at the start. This is helpful in boosting your confidence that your major scared part is completed. And now, it is the beginning of the easiest part.
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  6. Stay away from phone, television or internet – These are some basic things which always distract you from your study. Try to strictly say no to them or stay away from them.
  7. Review the things Learning the things is the first step and revision is the second. Always remember that you will perform only the part which you revised before the exam. If you do not revise the things frequently, then it will wash from your brain.  So, Pick a day for a week to revise all the things which you studied during the week or even before.
  8. Prepare your own Notes Do not depend only on the coaching material. The best material from which you can revise efficiently is your own notes. Prepare your own short handwritten notes and revise them thoroughly.
  9. Practice mock test or past attempt papers Before Exams – The best way to analyze yourself is by doing the mock test or the past attempt papers. These will help you in making proper time management, avoid the silly mistakes in the exam. Student should start solving their CA Foundation Mock Test paper once the CA Foundation Exam Form will be released.
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  10. Take the Proper diet and Sleep– Guys, if you want to study effectively, proper diet and proper sleep is the essence. If you compromise in the diet or sleep, your labor hours will increase and effective hours will reduce. So, not to face such a problem take at least 6 hours sleep in a day and have a proper diet.

Guys, remember THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR HARD WORK. To clear the exam, surely cover each and every topic. You have to work hard and you will work hard.

Download CA Foundation Syllabus & Past attempt Exam papers from the given link and start your preparation today!


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