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CBSE Guide for Class 11 with Complete Study Resources (2020-21)

CBSE Guide for Class 11 with Complete Study Resources (2020-21)

In this CBSE Guide for class 11 by CA Wizard, we will be sharing details on the latest CBSE Class 11 curriculum, syllabus, marking scheme, books for 2020-21. Download links to free sample papers and NCERT e-books are also available here.  

You must also refer to the CBSE Guidelines 2020-21 for class 11 available towards the article’s end. The new guidelines contain detailed information on the changes made by CBSE.  

CA Wizard is the free online library for class 11th, 12th, and CA students. You can find the latest updates and free resources available here. CA Wizard helps class 11 and 12 students build a sustainable and flourishing career. If you haven’t selected your career path, then read about the best career choices. If you choose Chartered Accountancy- a very lucrative career option, you can find all the required guidance and details about the CA Course on CA Wizard.  

Class 11 Subjects and Curriculum

Class 11 is the beginning of your senior secondary education. It’s the phase where you choose your streams and subjects. In the CBSE board, a particular curriculum is followed for subject selection. You have to study five subjects, compulsorily. The selection pattern can be seen from the table.  

Subject ILanguage I: English or Hindi
Subject IILanguage II: Language other than Language I Or An elective subject from the Academic Electives in lieu of Language II
Subject III, IV and VTwo elective subjects from Academic Electives and one Skill subject from Skill Electives Or One elective subjects from Academic Electives and Two Skill subjects from Skill Electives Or Three Skill subjects from Skill Electives Or Three Academic Electives
Subject VI – Additional Subject (optional)One language at elective level or One subject from Academic Electives or Any one subject from Skill Electives
Sub VII to VIII (Subjects of internal assessment)501- General Foundation Course 502-Physical and Health Education

  ** You can see the list of academic electives and skills electives from the CBSE website.  

CBSE Class 11 Syllabus

CBSE prepares the class 11th syllabus for board exams. The syllabus is moderated regularly to provide the best learning curriculum for students. It is important, so as to enhance students’ skills as per the latest industry demands for a bright future.  

For the academic session 2020-21 also, CBSE has revised the class 11 syllabus. However, besides the moderation and updation, the syllabus is also reduced, specifically for 2020-21. The widespread COVID-19 has caused a lot of trouble in students’ learning, due to which CBSE has reduced 30% of the syllabus.  

The revised syllabus for theory and practicals is available on CA Wizard. You can download the new syllabus from the link provided below for all the subjects of Commerce (Accounts, Economics, Business Studies), Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths), and Arts (History, Geography, Pol. Sc.) and all other subjects.  

CBSE class 11th syllabus  

CBSE Class 11 Marking Scheme

With the recent syllabus change for the 2020-21 academic year, the marking scheme is also slightly revised. The new Marking Scheme is available on CA Wizard for all subjects. You can also see the marking scheme in the new syllabus available on CA Wizard. (See link above) .

With the marking scheme, you can know the importance level of topics from an exam point of view. It will help you plan your schedule and manage your time.  

CBSE Class 11 Books

For the CBSE curriculum, NCERT is the authorized body for publishing course books for class 11. CBSE Class 11 NCERT books are easily available for purchase in book stores pan India. The e-books for all subjects are also released by NCERT. You can download them from the official NCERT website. (See link below)

NCERT e-books for Class 11  

CBSE Class 11 Sample Papers

Solving the sample papers and last year’s question papers is very important for class 11 students of the CBSE board. You can download the CBSE class 11 sample papers from here. The sample papers for English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Accountancy, Economics, and other subjects are available.  

Make sure you cross out the questions (from the deleted syllabus) before you start solving them. After completing, check your answers from the suggested answers, if you have it or get it checked from your teacher/mentor if possible.  

After solving the papers, you should also mark the important questions and go through them again. Also, solve questions where you made mistakes or needed extra time to solve it.  

You should solve at least a few sets of the sample papers for all the subjects you have selected in the 11th class. The sample papers will help you become familiar with the question paper pattern, writing style, and ease your nervousness/exam stress.  

CBSE Guidelines for Class 11 (2020-21)

CBSE issues guidelines for the academic curriculum and exams. All the latest notifications and guidelines are shared on CBSE’s official website: Due to COVD-19, a lot of changes have been made in the academic framework. Many students had questions and confusions, so CBSE has also issued new guidelines for more clarity. If you haven’t seen the new guidelines, click on the links below or visit the CBSE website.

Framework and Guidelines for Secondary and the Senior School Certificate Examinations – 2020-21  

Guidelines regarding ‘Eligibility to choose Mathematics in Class 11’ (only for 2020-21)  

Download all resources available on this CBSE Guide for Class 11 now. Remember the changes are made for the academic year 2020-21. If you have doubts, refer to the CBSE website for more information. We hope all the resources and information here will ease your preparation for class 11 exams.

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