Courses of Commerce After 10th – List of Top Courses, Fee, Duration

Courses of Commerce After 10th - List of Top Courses, Fee, Duration
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Courses of Commerce after 10th– Passing 10th Standard and moving towards high school is one of the early achievements of students in their school life. Students are optimistic about high school and consequently excited to be seniors. With growing up, comes responsibilities to decide which course to move on with. For any student having an interest in commerce can choose from multiple commerce courses after 10th with and without mathematics.

Secondary classes have multiple fields to decide from like Science, Commerce, and humanities. Students can study selected subjects from different fields together. Commerce is a finance field and has a diverse curriculum. It involves all important subjects like economics, accountancy, and business studies. Often students choose mathematics or entrepreneurship as optional subjects to add value and open new career avenues.

CA wizard is an online open library available for all students providing useful information and study material resources. Furthermore, you can find the class 11 syllabus for CA final mock test papers at CA Wizard. It is your go-to guide to building a career in the commerce field. Moreover, the information provided here is extracted from the official website and is absolutely trustable. Refer to the website to find answers to all your commerce-related queries.

CA Foundation Sep 2024 New Bactch 26May

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Commerce After 10th Standard

Commerce is one of the most popular streams chosen by the students. It opens a wide range of career options for students. Financial security, as well as an impressive standard of living, is easily achievable with commerce field.

However, students do not acknowledge the commerce stream and are much tend to move towards science. Science is extremely difficult and not everyone’s cup of tea. Average as well as below-average students can study commerce. Students with dedicated effort can easily make a prosperous career out of the commerce as well as humanities stream. Although there are courses of commerce after 10th and career options for low-scoring students as well.

The main factor behind the popularity of the commerce field is its wide range of career options, which involves everything from being a CA or to having your own business. “With commerce, students can do it all“.

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Commerce Stream Boards in India

In India, there are four prominent boards from which provide commerce degree. CBSE is the leading board available around the nation and has a maximum number of schools listed under it.

  • CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)
  • ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education),
  • IB (International Baccalaureate)
  • State Boards

Commerce Course after 10th standard

Once done with the 10th standard, students are given an opportunity to choose from multiple streams. Although if one wishes to do commerce course after 10th, they should choose commerce stream with an optional subject of their liking and interest. Commerce is a diverse field and involves multiple subjects.

Accountancy – In accountancy, students study the accounting principles and fundamentals of bookkeeping. It is one of the major subjects playing its part in almost every business. Accounting and finance are the basis on which any company runs. You need to have good knowledge about accounting to able to manage your own finances in the coming future. Taxation, audit, and asset management are some of the most common fields of accounting.

Business Studies – Business Studies teaches the common principle of management and structure. Even though students find this subject incredibly boring but it has numerous benefits in the future. It teaches the process of planning, staffing, and organizing, etc. It at the same time teaches marketing and sales important to run any business.

Economics – Economics is another important subject of commerce. Micro-economics deals with an individual’s consumer interest. Whereas the macro-economics takes economy as a whole and teaches aggregate demand and supply.

Apart from the aforementioned subjects, you will get to study the following subjects in commerce Class 11 and 12th:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Information Practices
  • Psychology
  • Home Science
  • Computer Science
  • Physical Education
  • Fine Arts, etc

Commerce Courses After 10th Without Maths

Are you someone who never had a way of mathematics? Algebras, permutation, and especially profit and loss can be difficult for students. So do not get carried away with peer pressure, as one can easily have a successful career without mathematics in their skill set.

You can easily take on commerce without mathematics for the 11th and 12th standards. Most schools provide multiple optional subjects like entrepreneurship, IP as well as physical education. Entrepreneurship with mathematics makes a great choice as both subjects go hand in hand.

After the 12th standard, there are multiple career options that do not require mathematics as a compulsory subject like Chartered Accountant, Company secretary, investment banking, etc.

Best Combination in Commerce After 10th

Being able to understand what we wish to do and take decisions without getting influenced by peers is very important. So if you have taken a decision to move into commerce after the 10th standard, then there are various combinations available.

Commerce with Maths– Commerce and Maths is an excellent choice. Commerce gives an edge on accounting, finance and management. While Maths enhances problem-solving skills. There are various prestigious career options available like Actuary, LLB and Chartered Financial Analyst, etc.

Commerce with Entrepreneurship– Commerce with entrepreneurship is one of the prominent career options. Those students who wish to be an entrepreneur or are uncomfortable with Maths can go for this course. With entrepreneurship as well, a student can easily enter in prestigious commerce career options.

Commerce with IP– Information technology or information practices in a growing career option with increased digitalization. Students can further move towards career options like analyst programmer, business analyst or commerce game developer, etc.

TOP Commerce Courses After 12th

As a sought-after career stream, Commerce forms a unique combination of business theories put into practice as the principles and fundamental concepts you learn about the business and management are put to real-world experiences when you get to learn about decision-making and problem-solving in different situations in a business environment.

12th standard is the right time to decide which commerce course to go to after school graduation. There are varied career pathways for students planning to take up commerce after classes Xth and XIIth. Those who wish to prosper in the commerce field can go for some high-value career options in banking as well.

List of Commerce courses after 12th

Chartered Accountant (CA)

Chartered Accountant is one of the most esteemed professions in India and has huge competition. Furthermore, it is listed under the top 10 professional courses of India. The years of completion differ although if a student has passed all exams in one attempt then CA can be completed in four years.

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Company Secretary (CS)

CS or company secretary is a great combination with CA. As it gives a stronghold on corporate law and enhances skills like audit and taxation. After completing CA, one has to just go through CS final examination to get entitled to CS designation. A company secretary gets 3-5 lakh per annum.

CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)– Chartered Financial Analyst gives specialization in finance management and investment management. The job profile majorly includes risk management and portfolio management. Although the employers are majorly giant financial institutions. Furthermore, this is one of the highest-paying jobs in India.


An actuary is a field known to very few but is high in demand. Any actuary with clearance of 6-7 papers can get a job of more than 1 lakh per month. Furthermore, they are known for their far-sightedness in finance. As well as have an upper hand when it comes to policy formulation or research analysis. Also, This is one of the unique career options in India after the 12th.

Legislative Law or Legum Baccalaureus (5 years)-

LLB or law is another popular profession among youth like CA. Legislative Law or Legum Baccalaureus is liked for its diversity from corporate to criminal law. It can cater to your wish to fight for what’s right. One has to clear the entrance exam CLAT to get into the law college. LLB with master’s is a five years long course.

CMA (Cost & Management Accountant)

Through Cost and management accounting one can have expertise in management accounting and corporate finance. It is much easier than CA or CFA and can be completed in 1-2 years. At the same time, the salary of CMA is also less than the other specialized courses.

Bachelor In Commerce-

Bcom is a college degree course that gives general knowledge about accounting and management. Although all the colleges provide a Bcom degree the cut-off for admission differs from college to college. A person can do Bcm in various fields like finance, accounting, economics, or investment management.

Commerce Courses After 12th Without Maths

After taking a decision regarding courses of commerce after 10th, it is important to also plan which career option to go for after 12th standard. Not having mathematics in 12th standard may lead you to go for courses which does not compulsorily ask for mathematics. Below is the list of all these courses available to you.

Courses After 12th Commerce Without Maths

  • B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) …
  • B.Com (H) (Bachelor of Commerce Honors) …
  • BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) …
  • LLB (Bachelor in Law / Legum Baccalaureus) …
  • CA (Chartered Accountancy) …
  • CMA (Certified Management Accountancy) …
  • CS (Company Secretary)


Commerce has a significant role in an economy and is able to create more jobs than any other stream. You can find numerous courses in commerce after 10th like CA, CS, BBA, or Bachelor of Management Studies. Hence, join one of these courses and get to move towards a path of a successful career.

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