Importance of Articleship in CA

Importance of Articleship in Chartered Accountancy
CA Foundation Sep 2024 New Bactch 26May

We have seen numberless students who are confused whether to complete their articleship by the regular joining of office or taking a dummy.

Is this question bothering you too?

Might be some of the friends giving you suggestions to go with dummy articleship because it will help you in clearing CA exams as you will have enough time to complete and revise your course.

But it is a good idea?

CA Foundation Sep 2024 New Bactch 26May

Dummy articleship will be going to help you in becoming a successful Chartered Accountant, or it can limit you to getting a degree only?

Here, in the given article, We are sharing with you the importance of articleship training which shows why you must be regular with your office –


As you know, registration of articleship training is a mandatory requirement which everyone has to do. It will be the backbone of your career. The purpose of making this training compulsory is to give country true professionals.

This training supports the structure of young Chartered Accountant by giving them practical experience of every aspect either in accounts, taxation or audit.

You must have met some students qualified their CA Exam with the dummy articleship who even after completing their CA could not be able to file ITR. 

Better Job Opportunity

Do you think that articleship experience is less important than clearing your CA Exam?

You will get the answer to this interview question when you go out for your first interview. The person who will be taking your articleship interview is already an experienced person.

They want such a candidate who has excellent knowledge and also experienced in applying them in the practical scenario.

In the first 10-15 minutes of your interaction, They will find out that you haven’t done your articleship properly or have undergone for a dummy articleship.

And the result would be, you will not get the job on a good profile.

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Important to Clear Your CA Final Exam

CA Final, the mother of all the levels. papers in CA Final like Audit, FR, Direct and Indirect Taxes requires your practical knowledge beside bookish knowledge.

Most of the time, students who have taken their articleship seriously the got benefit while attempting their CA Final Papers.

Great Exposure

Articleship is the only period where you get a chance to learn on the cost of others. You get a chance to meet with the top management of companies, create a network with the senior people all of which is hard to get in your initial years.

This experience or strong network also support your career at the initial level. Strong network helps you to gather clients or get a good job.

There are infinite advantages of doing regular and sincere articleship which could not explain in words. You will have to suffer alot while searching for a job if you are not having articleship experience.

The only thing which stops the student to go with regular articleship is the fear that they will not get time to maintain their studies with the office. But answer me, why you can’t manage your studies?

If others can do it then why you can’t do it?

Go regular with your classes, then who can fail you ?

Timely complete your course with the classes, then who can fail you?

Separate time for the revision, then who can fail you ?

Cover the questions from SM, PM, MTP and RTP, then who can fail you ?

If all these things are given in a proper dose, then you will not just clear this exam, you will score very well in such.

Remember, if you sweat more at the time of training, you will have to bleed less in the battle.

“Choice is yours”

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