How to Study IPCC Law in One Day Preparation Leave

How to Study IPCC Law in One Day Preparation Leave

Today, we are discussing how to study IPCC law in one day preparation leave. Course of IPCC Law may not be tough but it is vast which needs high efforts to complete and far more the toughest task is to complete such giant course in One day before exam.

Well, most of the students fail in law not because they have not completed their course but they have not properly planned their revision which is the most crucial part of your studies.

Just a few mistakes in your revision can take everything from your hand. The efforts you have done till now will get waste. The revision should be properly planned to complete your syllabus in one day.

Want to Know How to Pass IPCC Law Paper?

Here we are giving you some simple tips which can help you in completing such a wide course and prepare on the one day of preparation leave to pass IPCC Law Papers 

  1. After coming out from the examination hall, you are first advised to never ever discuss your paper with anyone. It can demotivate you and affect your next paper preparation.
  2. Do not start your studies right after coming from your previous paper. Take a short sleep around 2 hours which can rejuvenate you and you can focus on your next paper.
  3. After getting up, start Ethics and Communication, very less time consuming and most scoring part of IPCC law. It covers around 40 marks in your IPCC law paper. Complete revision of Ethics and Communication within 2 hours.
  4. Then you should go with Companies Act, 2013. Well, the entire Companies Act is wide and it will not be relevant to cover such as other topics. So, look at the Chapters weight which is given in Practice Manual, and complete such first. Take max to max 3-4 hours to complete your relevant chapters of Companies Act.
  5. Next day, get up early where you can start with the Indian Contract Act. This is easy to revise as you have already gone through such in your CPT Exams. Take 2 hours to complete it.
  6. Take 15 minutes rest and start with Negotiable Instrument Act, this should be done in around 2-2.5 hours.
  7. Take a short break for ½ an hour and in the meanwhile, you can complete your breakfast. Thereafter go with Payment of Bonus Act 1965, Employees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952, The Payment of Gratuity Act 1972. The whole of such should not take more than 5 hours. In between taking a short break so that your outcome could be more effective.
  8. Now, in the remaining time, you can solve questions from RTP which will help you to revise your course in no time. With the help of RTP, you can also have a look at the amendments applicable to your attempt. Remember, amendments are very important and a CA student can’t afford to skip them.
  9. Practice some questions from the MTP or your book which you have done already and marked them as a good question. So, that you will be comfortable to attempt questions in Exam.
  10. At last, don’t panic. Keep yourself relax as you have completed your revision and prepared for the Exam.

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Some Tips to Revise IPCC Law  –

  1. Start every question from a fresh page and answer all the parts of a single question together.
  2. Do not leave a blank page in between the questions or part of the questions. If you had left any page in between to write the answer later then mark that page by a cut or write PTO, so that examiner won’t get confused that you have ended your paper there.
  3. ICAI has made compulsory to write your answers with a black pen. So, keep your box ready with the black pen.
  4. Do not write any unnecessary things in your paper to fill copies. This is CA paper, not B.Com where you will get marks for filling the pages. The answer must be relevant and to the point supported by the Proper Presentation. 
  5. Presentation plays a very important role in scoring you well and especially in the theory papers. For a better presentation, you can refer ICAI Practice Manual or Study Material or Suggested answers.
  6. At last, keep yourself fit and healthy. Take proper sleep, it helps you to finely attempt your paper. Hope you find these tips helpful.For more information, stay updated with CAWizard

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All the best.


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